Стейк Мачете (Skirt steak). Влажное и сухое вызревание (Dry Aged) на газовом гриле.

Стейк Мачете (Skirt steak). Влажное и сухое вызревание (Dry Aged) на газовом гриле.

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Hello! My name is Pavel Potseluev and we are cooking Skirt steak today. Skirt is one of my favorite alternative
steaks it is often mistaken with Butcher steak, but this is two different steaks, they are both delicious but different. This is the diaphragm and here you see two mouth-watering pieces, the first one is a CAB (Certified Angus Beef) wet aged; and the second steak – this is dry aged. Let’s remove the excess fat, it is not so much, but still, it is present. So, cut this piece into two parts. Often this cut is used not only as a steak, but also as a filling for
fajitas for tortillas because meat is very fat, very aromatic, with a cool structure. Of course, it does not melt in your mouth,
it’s not Filet Mignon, but believe me, we appreciate meat is not only for this. I, for example,
I love to chew meat. If the meat is soft, like Filet mignon, it certainly melts in your mouth, but it is devoid of that charisma. Often they say “spineless meat,
spineless steak’. This is not for us, it’s not about us.
The steak that we cook today skirt steak, it is very
brutal, it is very tasty, it is very juicy. Therefore, it can be used and … as I said, not only as a steak, but also, for example, in a flat cake. Well let’s leave this piece, it is, in fact, of very right size. This is a good portion for one person. And the meat that I cut, with a big amount of fat, you can use then, you know, for stuffing, add to the cool burgers, you definitely do not need to throw it away, because it isn’t sinew, it’s just the extra fat that I don’t need right now. But it’s very tasty, because, like
I have already said, if the meat is lean, this meat has no taste.
Because all the taste is in fat. Therefore, definitely keep it. Well, I think that’s enough, let’s cut from here, just a little bit. We have two pieces of meat, let me close this. We have the first CAB steak, the second wet aged CAB steak and this piece I will fry it in one piece, this is our DryAged Skirt. I want to go deeper and add some more flavor. For this I use Montreal
spices, from Montreal, my good friend Greg Butcher presented them at one time. As
you see, I use them quite a lot, left just a little bit. This is a spice mix with seeds of mustard, onion, garlic, salt, pepper. There are a lot of everything tasty, but fractions are large enough, so we
use a mortar to grind them. For 3 steaks, give a handful, here, such a confident handful, that will be enough.
We throw it here, and a little more. Take a mortar and grind. Not for long, but so that the fraction becomes so smaller. And sprinkle generously with spices, that’s fine. A little more from this side and from the other side. These spices will burn a little on the grill and reveal their aroma. And now our meat is a little marinated. Rub a little. More more more… We sprinkled our steaks with spices, now I propose to fire up the grill, heat it well and start cooking. So, we take the meat, I’ve prepared some vegetables here, yet, as I said, a sufficient amount of fat, you need to smooth it all out with something. Let’s go! Our grill is already well warmed up, the temperature of 330 degrees gives me confidence in that the crust will be excellent. I will fry some vegetables. I have zucchini here, bell pepper By the way, most of all I like zucchini on the grill. So, here I have a grill with 4 burners, I now cook on 3. And of course, I left the two most hot burners under the steaks. So, vegetables are cooking, it’s time for steaks. The Maillard reaction immediately went on, we see that the meat hisses, squeaks, it means it fries. Close the grill lid and
wait, wait about a minute or two. That’s what crust means! Look how juicy and fat it is. Turn over to the other side. And let’s see what with vegetables. Well, great. Our vegetables also have such a caramel color, a characteristic imprint of the lattice. I love to cook Al Dente vegetables so they crunch a little. Close the grill, cook about another … about 4 more minutes. Skirt steak needs to be roasted
medium / medium-well, so it’s much tastier, because, after all, meat is fat enough. And if, in the first episode, we were cooking rib-eye till rare / medium-rare,
now we’ll cook it a little higher. This steak is almost ready. Great, so I’m moving it upstairs. So that it rests and reaches. Look what a crust such a rich color such brown color of meat. See, it didn’t burn out, it just browned well, that’s what you need. Put up. And we shift this meat. The one that is thicker. So let’s see how things are here. Machete is already lightly browned. So, great, no strengths to endure! By the way, let’s show how to cut Skirt steak properly. It’s fibers are of this form, they are long, they go to
this direction, therefore, what we do: Always cut not in fibers – against. We make a cut. Turn the meat over. And you see, we go against the fibers. In one motion. Watch how it is cut! Look what a roast! Well, who will say that this is bad, huh? Great medium. A bit of salt. Smoked salt, I love smoked salt. This is magical … I have no words! My favorite zucchini and my beloved Skirt steak. Who will say that this is bad – throw a stone at me! I’ll go take off the meat, it’s already ready. Feast of the belly! So, let’s move it aside already. Look, two more pieces. So, I’ll also put this one on the side, we are interested in this comrade. Oh la la, look – medium-well. Look, it is cut like butter, of course I have a very sharp knife, but … Two roasts: medium, medium-well Damn, this one is even tastier … There are no words! Be sure to try Skirt steak, if you have never once paid attention to him in a butcher shop. This is your omission! It is very tasty, I have no words! If you want more meat – subscribe to my instagram, to my youtube channel and we continue!

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  1. Брали у вас фарш для бургеров праймбиф. Получилось просто шикарно, очень вкусный фарш из мраморной говядины!

  2. Ну как же огонь обжигает мясо. Прям жир внизу надо почистить

  3. Я ем, когда смотрю Обломова, я ем, когда смотрю Покашеварим, теперь еще и этот канал: я скоро в дверь не пролезу!)

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  7. и да, приготовить сочный медиум вел и велдан это тоже надо уметь.

  8. Очень качественный контект, сегодня увидел рекламу на канале Алмедиа, сразу подписка. Павел, Вам всего хорошего и Вашей семье, счастья, здоровья, доставка и долгих лет жизни.

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    Что это за соль такая-копченая?)Вы ее сами делаете или покупаете?

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