الصحة: تفسير مكان الحبوب على الوجه وعلاجها

الصحة: تفسير مكان الحبوب على الوجه وعلاجها

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Today, I will talk about face mapping and acne. Face Mapping is the concept of linking where you get acne on your face to your body and lifestyle. Before we get started, if this is your first time watching, I’m Joseph! This channel is called SkinFits. SkinFits are a series of exercises
I’m creating on social media to train people on the most effective ways
to get your skin to the optimal level. Let’s get started on face mapping. No matter how much you take care of your skin, you will still be susceptible to the occasional breakout. This is normal, because of various factors
such as the weather, the environment, our overall health, and of course
stress also plays a big role. All of these lead to pimples. So what is Face Mapping? Face Mapping originates from old Chinese medicine. The idea behind it is that specific areas in
our face are linked to our bodies. I should tell you this is not a science but rather theories. However, it will still give you
an indication on your overall health,. If you getting pimples on your cheeks, it means there you have a poor respiratory system Clogged and enlarged pores, bumpy, red skin, and an overall congested appearance? If this describes the look of your cheeks, chances are you live in a polluted city. City life is full of pollution in the air and dust which will affect your respiratory system Breathing in polluted air day after day results in dull, irritated and rough-looking cheeks. You can protect your skin in two ways: Antioxidants and sunscreen. Antioxidants protects your skin from
environmental pollutants and help improve it. The most proven and studied antioxidant is
Ascorbic Acid, as in Vitamin C Apply a serum with Ascorbic Acid every morning As there is a lot of false advertising, Always check the ingredient list to make sure it is listed when buying Vitamin C products I’ve done a 1-minute video
on SkinFits’ IGTV on Vitamin C And I demonstrate what Ascorbic Acid
product I use and how I use it every morning. If you want to learn more on Ascorbic Acid, head over to SkinFits’ IGTV. And please do follow on instagram
for daily training tips and videos! The second thing you can do to protect your skin from pimples is using a sunscreen. I never leaving the house any day without putting out sunscreen, 20 minutes before going out. This will create a special barrier on the skin to keep out fine dust particles and other environmental irritants It will also protect my skin from UV rays which accelerates our skin’s aging. This is why protecting your skin
from the sun is so important. My sunscreen of choice is
The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF50 If you should ever try this, you’ll see it’s super lightweight, and feels like a feather. It’s very soft and gentle, you don’t feel it sitting on the surface of your skin. Just pass by The Body Shop and try it on your hand. You will see what I mean! Since I love this so much, I always wait for offers from The Body Shop. I always wait for the “Buy 2 Get 2” offer and then get 4! Another thing you can do is to try to make the air in your home better for your respiratory system There’s 2 ways to do this: 1- By adding air-cleaning plants to the rooms 2 – By adding a diffuser packed with
antimicrobial essential oils like tea tree, lemon or eucalyptus, Not only will these help to purify the air around you and make your home smell and feel fresher, they’ll also give your mood a happy boost too,
and boost your skin! Pimples on the forehead=Poor Digestive System Face mapping links the forehead
to the digestive system. A sluggish digestive system means your body isn’t eliminating waste fast enough and so breakouts might be sticking around longer than you’d like on your forehead! Make sure you’re eating a well-balanced, plant-rich diet with plenty of fiber and super-foods to ensure your digestive system is working to its full potential. Chin and Jaw=Hormones Stress can aggravate our hormonal systems and bring on breakouts along the jawline. When life gets hectic and stressful It will create a hormone imbalance
and you notice that your skin suffers The only thing you can do is to destress your life. I know life isn’t easy and it won’t happen with a click of a button. Try to take a portion of your day where you destress. Try to turn off your brain and to take a minute to calm down. Everyone does this in this own way, you can go for a walk you can disconnect all social media, close your phone and spend some time with yourself. You can try Yoga, you can try meditation Again, everyone deals with stress their own way. What I like to do, is to take a portion of my day, usually at night. I spend that time doing sheet masks. Aside from the skin benefits,
I find sheet masks to be therapeutic. I feel like I’m pampering myself, like I’m at the spa. I forget the world and find myself at ease. Again, try out different things and see what fits you personally. This will help you calm down the pimples on your skin. If you have chronic acne, you should definitely find a personalized solution for your case. This concludes our talk on face mapping. I hope you enjoyed this training. Let me know in the comments below where you’re getting pimples most, and I’ll try to guide you on how to treat them. If you haven’t already,
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with every new video, every Monday! I’ll see you at the next training, bye!

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  19. YouTube kept suggesting this video so yes I did watch it and love the way you explain things and make em so simple and flexible! Also I could find the motivation part of the video. Thanks for sharing these useful info. Your effort is absolutely appropriated.

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