पेट में गैस बनने के कारण और उपाय | Stomach & Intestinal Gas Reason & Remedies |

पेट में गैस बनने के कारण और उपाय | Stomach & Intestinal Gas Reason & Remedies |

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Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode we were talking about indigestion and we’ve made some powders for that People suffer from Gas? What is it actually & people complain about bloating In reality there is bloating in our intestine not in our stomach There is a gastric attack on the intestine, when an intestine press the diaphragm then we feel bloating Sometimes the symptoms of gastric attack is just similar to heart attack When our intestine touches the diaphragm then heart gets more pressure Though we feel it as heart pain but in reality its a gastric attack So how to prevent from gastric attack. Firstly we need to know about the items which creates gas Chewing chewing-gum can cause gastric attack and can create gas problems Or when you drink water from the height then lot of air goes in your body, which can be one of the cause of gas But an undigested food is the main cause behind the gas Such food which wasn’t digested but went ahead towards small intestine We have 25 feet small intestine from where he move towards large intestine It moves for about 6-8 hours Our some intestine basically absorbs the nutrition of the food But here the small intestine kept that food on hold because of inability of absorbing its nutrition The proteins hasn’t converted into peptones, the starch and even carbs hasn’t converted into glucose But they are in small intestine Small intestine takes glucose only not carbs similarly it takes peptones not protein So for that our intestine keep on trying for absorption But just because the food is undigested hence it couldn’t absorb In result this food start getting rotten This rotten food release gases and that is called gastric attack At times the movement of the gas is downward which is ok but sometimes the movement is upward This upward gastric attack is more painful, we feel uneasy and unable to breathe Because it press the layer of diaphragm Which is between lungs and all other important organs layers in between the stomach When it touches diaphragm then we feel like having heart attack But in reality its gastric attack, so how to prevent from it There are lot of effective remedies which you can do at home for its prevention Let me tell you the recipe of a powder, Carom seeds works wonder in gastric Asafoetida & Harad also works wonders in it. So let’s make a powder for its prevention Take 50 gm Harad, you’ll easily get this at any herbal product shop, also take 50 gm carom seeds Dry roast them also add 50 gm Cumin Seeds, it also works really well in acidity too Cumin seeds increase the secretion of pancreatic enzymes Here you have taken Harad, Carom Seeds & Cumin Seeds now add 25 gm Black Pepper Add 10 gm Rock Salt, 10 gm Black Salt & 10 gm Asafoetida Just dry roast Harad, Carom Seeds & Cumin Seeds only for 1 min & let it cool but don’t roast any other ingredient Once its cool down, put them into grinder and add Rock Salt, Black Salt & Asafoetida Grind and make its fine powder You can consume this powder before and after the food but its must to have this powder before sleeping Its not addictive and very good for your digestion It is highly helpful in curing the problem of gas What if you try to give this powder to kids, they will not take it because they like tasty food Now a days kids observe stomachache after having their food So we’ll make a powder for kids which they can relish and helpful in curing stomach and gastric problems How to make that powder, I’ll share this in my next episode Right now I wish that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us And yes, if you want to stay healthy then you must subscribe to this channel Also press the bell icon so that you get the notifications of our new videos Also don’t forget to share and like our videos as much as possible. Thank you

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  1. Hi Sir, mughy 2 months se har waqat left side chest main halki pain hoti hai aur ribs main bhi, khansi bhi hoti hai, khansi main sufaid balgham ati hai, galy main jaisy koi chez katati hai phr khansi start ho jati hai, neck main bhi pain hoti hai,left leg main bhi kisi kisi time pain hoti hai, weaknes hai..doctor k pas gaya tha usne chest x ray aur ecg kia, ecg normal tha lekin chest x ray main left lung main opacity aai hai… yeh kia prob ho sakta hai aur kia treatment hai, main kafi upset hun es wajeh se..kindly reply..

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