[스타★봐야지][ENG] 박보검 씨..(Park Bo Gum) 얼굴 너무 재밌다.. 사랑해요.. #효리네민박2 #JTBC봐야지

[스타★봐야지][ENG] 박보검 씨..(Park Bo Gum) 얼굴 너무 재밌다.. 사랑해요.. #효리네민박2 #JTBC봐야지

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[Hiring short term part-timer for the B&B]
Hello. You’ve come a long way. [Part-timer candidate.
Park Bogum(25) / Occupation: Actor / Note: Very shy] [Q. Reason for applying?]
First, I am a huge fan of Lee Hyori sunbae. And the overall scene was so lovely. That’s why I thought about going for it (B&B staff). [Q. Are you a good cook?]
Yeah, I love food… I really do. I like tofu rice balls. I sometimes make rice cake soup myself. And also curry. I’m also good at cooking rice. What do you think you will be good at
if you go to her house… Cleaning. I’m good at cleaning. [Q. Do you know how to use the coffee machine?]
I’ve never tried it before.
But I went through it in my head when watching the show. [Part-time candidate, preparing and reviewing the program]
– Oh, you simulated it?
– Pounding several times like this, then, twist, and brew… Stuff like that. I believe I’ll be good at everything. [Accepted for all his passion] – Would Hyori sunbae know if I go there?
– No, she won’t. – At all?
– No. [In my opinion]
It would be better if I make a surprise appearance.. like ‘tada’ [Spinning… and he’s here!] [He’s coming.] [Hesitating in front of the doorbell.] [Pitapat,
So nervous] [The door finally opens.] [Sudden rays of sunshine with the staff’s arrival.] [New staff Bogum finds everything new.] [The sky seems so high today
And light footsteps to the first day of work.] I’m nervous. – Youngest, you’re the youngest, right?
– He’s adorable. – Yes, I’m the youngest. [Feeling happy just by looking at him..]
He’s so fine. Such a scene in our house. Oh, not at all. [I somehow feel happy as well.]
It’s so nice. You’re happy too? [Heartwarming B&B]
Thank you. [By the way
this fried rice is really good…] [The soup is so good too…] [So happy] [Wipes the plate] [Clears up the kimchi-fried-rice.] [about to finish a whole bowl of soup] [Chef Hyori is also very content.] I’m I digging in too much? It’s yours. We serve a whole bowl for a newbie. – I’ve had it like that too.
– Oh really? [Phew] [Carefully]
I’ll give you a ride. To Gwakji? How about I take you there? You are okay with it? [Definitely] [While Bogum is giving them a ride]
It will be better for me to show him. [Sang-Joonggi(?) will be guarding Sogil-ri] I’ll be back. Be careful. Bogum, be careful. [Bogum’s first driving service!] [Drives the wheels like a pro
New staff working hard] Steer all the way. [Under the commands
Of the parking attendant of Sogil-ri] [Ready to roll] Okay, I’ll go like this. [Staff’s Wishlist No. 3, Yoga Class]
Are we going have a yoga class as well? [Anticipating]
Want to try? Have you ever tried yoga before? – I’ve tried pilates.
– Are you flexible? – Think I’m flexible.
– Yeah, he seems so. [Smiles]
Don’t smile at noona like that. You’re making noona blush. How did he smile? [Surprised] – Like that.
– Smile at me. [If you are to smile, try doing it at me sweetie] – Think my heart will flutter too.
– That’s what I mean. He looks into the eyes. [Clear sky just in a day]
Bogum won’t be able to imagine
how the weather was like for the past two days. Only heard of it from the news. With you, the sunshine came
Bogum. [Hey..?] Oh my god his face. [Gasps] When you smile, smile at Yoona
No matter how funny it is. [Staff on the hot seat] They keep watching you. [At the age when new things grab his attention] [At the age when giggling is fun] Cool. Guess it’s 360 degrees. [(Camera: Thought my neck would break…)]
– Can’t see me here. I don’t think so. There’s one over there too. [Pure vibes(?) flowing]
It’s so scary. [But he is a strong hand for Yoona] [For someone like you… I’ve lost my heart.] [A bundle of silly-cuteness from
the new heart shaker of B&B] I mean, these cameras are fun. No I just cleaned up the poo. I was going to do it. It’s okay. Thank you so much.
But the cats’ stuff are pungent as well. [Not only cleaning up the B&B but also taking care of the cats’ potty]
It’ okay, it’s okay. – People usually have hard time doing it.
– But… If it’s not cleaned,
They won’t poo there, won’t they? – Because they think it’s dirty?
– Correct. How do you know that? [Amazed]
– Have you ever raised cats?
– No. – Then how did you know?
– I just have a lot of interest in them. They say that cats don’t do it when it’s dirty… Thank you Bogum. [The CEO’s totally into him] [Em…Embarassed] [Now time for us to meet (via facetalk)] Hi. I’m Park Bogum. [OMG] – Don’t you think I look similar?
– What’s with that disappointed face. Nope! It’s not… [Keep looking… Then you shall see me as Park Bogum]
Don’t I look like Park Bogum? [Step 2 of keeping in a yawn
2. Sealing mouth] [But the sunshine is too warm at the B&B
To not yawn] [Warmth] [Bogum also takes a nap…] [Bogum drifts away to dreamland] Let’s have a listen to his voice. [I have a lover/ Lee Eunmi]
Are you still by yourself He asks
I just smile I am in love I am in love with someone You have no clue
That I too, have a wonderful lover So precious that I hid him deep inside Only I can see that person Only seen in my eyes
I will keep him forever behind my lips Only the filling tears from time to time Know That he is you It’s so good. You’re good.
No strain at all. You’re good because
You’re not trying to be good. So good because he just lets it flow. Ouch, it’s hot. Think I’m fine. How about having this on, noona? [Passes the apron] [Here comes Bogum..] [A nice donsaeng that’s good at tying strings]
Thank you. You have no clue, don’t you?
You just think you’re a nice guy? You’re a really bad guy. You’re a really bad guy. – How come?
– Because you make ladies’ heart flutter. You’re a thief.
Because you steal hearts. What’s wrong with you. [Seals]
You thief. You silly Lee-Jumma [Lee-Joomm: compound word of ‘Lee Hyori’ and ‘Ajumma’]
Lee-Jumma We should take a ID picture and stick it there. [Since the camera is in his hands
Also takes a photo of Bogum, who is to leave today] One, two, three. One… Good, good.
One, two, three. Their faces can by totally covered by their hands
Both of them. [Sorry and feels bad that he has to go first
Because of his schedule] – Bye Bogum.
– Thank you. Don’t forget noona. I’ll never forget. – Me too.
– Goodbye. Goodybye. Love you Park Bogum~ Love you Park Bogum~ That Ajumma is really being silly!
Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. 애인있어요 부르는 박보검 넘 좋다 이효리 말처럼 힘 하나도 안들이고 편안하고 담백하게 넘 잘 부른다 이 영상 보고 있으니 저절로 힐링되는듯만 느낌

  2. 박보검 진짜 설레게 잘 생겼다 말 행동 다 멋있고 귀엽고 상큼하고 설레ㅠㅠ 꿀잼이야 보검

  3. 박보검님이 그냥 앉아서 머리긁다가 잠만 계속 자도 재밌을듯 그게 5시간짜리라도 난 재밌게본다

  4. 어떻게 하루 24시간 1분1초 빠짐없이 잘생기고 귀여울수가… 보검이도 일상 유튜브 브이로그 같은거 하면 좋겠네요ㅜㅜ

  5. 아 뭔가 박보검이 남친이면 좋겠다 생각하면서도 내가 너무 쓰레기라 같은 공간에도 못 있을꺼 같아 너무 깨끗하고 천연기념물 같은 존재…………………….

  6. 이와중에 박보검 윤아 외모적 이미지가 진짜 잘어울린다 ㄷㄷㄷ
    근데 둘다 너무 바른타입이여서 안어울려….

  7. 제가 잘못본거겠지만 박보검님 닮은 사람이 버스탔는데 복장이 너무 연예인 복장인거예요.. 연예인이면 얼굴가려야 되서 거의 검정색으로 입는데 그 분은 검은 마스크랑 검은 후드티를 입어서 좀 의심은 되지만 버스뒤를 돌아보니 언제 갔는지 없어졌더라구요.. 아쉽다 확인할수있었는뎅

  8. 진짜 좋았던건 굳이 윤아랑 박보검을 억지로 엮지않고 딱 누나동생 으로 표현하고 서로 남매처럼 편하게 대한거….

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