💦 How to Find the Best Gentle Facial Cleansers for Your Skin Type 💦

💦 How to Find the Best Gentle Facial Cleansers for Your Skin Type 💦

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  1. Hi lovely people! We found a lot of comments in previous videos on essential oils and thought we address it in this video.

    We want to make it clear that we do acknowledge that EOs can be irritating to the skin depending on the type and what percentage they're used, but not everything is as black and white as it seems. There are studies out there that also talk about EOs that are beneficial due to their antimicrobial and antibacterial abilities (and as a reminder, we have a list of the sources we used in the description box.) What we also found out is that the EU and Korean cosmetic regulations are very strict with what is added into the product. Chances are that the products you see on the shelves are approved by these regulations.

    At the end of the day, we don't aim to "shame" anyone for using products containing essential oils or highly discourage anyone from doing so because skincare is so personal. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another, even if you share the same skin types. So we really want to encourage you to try products for yourselves and test to see what works and what doesn't work for you.

    Hope this clears things up for you! As always, thank you so much for your amazing support! We love you guys! 😘😘

  2. the aveeno sensitive foam cleanser is my absolute favorite gentle cleanser!! it's so nice and soothing and comforting for my skin, honestly even better than the gel formula

  3. you really gotta try the holifrog cleanser. it's one of my fav! they have different type cleanser for different type of skin too!

  4. Cleansers aren’t that big of a deal to me. I just switched to cruelty free. I did enjoy Cere Ve hydrating cleanser prior to going cruelty free. Now I am using something similar called Ceramedx extra gentle natural cleanser. It is $10 on Amazon.

  5. Ive started my skincare routine just 4 months ago and tried a bunch of products since (most from your recos).. my skin never looked and felt this good (no jinx) you guys have been in my journey since day 1. Binged all of your vids and still couldnt get enough😊 love you guys! 🧡🤎🧴

  6. Both of you like the angel of Skin Care. 👼 What I love about two of you is that, you girls are being transparent about your skin. That's bringing up my confident on experimenting new and better technique to gain a healthier skin.
    Thank you for the updates.

    P/S: Btw, I do have applied some tips from previous video. Fourtunately, it works! Alhamdulillah 🥰

  7. I love how i got home after work and found the video is up for this WEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!! and my fave gentle cleanserrr these days isssss La roche posay! I should try cerave next or then i met you.

  8. When you talked about The Ordinary's squalane cleanser and said you recommend that we "double cleanse with this," did you mean that this should be the first (oil) cleanser or the second (water) cleanser? I've seen differing opinion as to whether squalane is an oil or not (e.g. The Ordinary doesn't consider it one but The Derm Review calls it one).

  9. i personally love foaming things (body wash, hand soap, face wash, shampoo), lmao, makes me feel clean….as for my favorite cleanser thus far, it would probably have to be drunk elephant's jelly cleanser (out of everything that i've tried this past year on my more in-depth skincare journey)

  10. I’ve tried Cosrx one before and it’s very drying me out !! I have sensitive oily skin. It’s really bad for me 🤣

  11. Started trying out the ordinary line including squalene cleanser. It's the first time for me to use an oil type cleanser and omg it's amazing!! It leaves my skin soft and hydrated. The fact that its6so affordable is just cherry on top. Always love your videos

  12. My cleanser recipe for my combo skin: 1st cleanser, Biossance's Squalane and Antioxidant Cleansing Oil (so lightweight and soothing!!!)
    + 2nd cleanser: Belif's Aqua Bomb gel cleanser my favorite!

  13. My favorite cleanser is the kiehl‘s ultra facial cleanser. It’s really thoroughly cleansing my dry acne prone skin without leaving a tight feeling

  14. at this point, i don't even know what my skin type is anymore. like i have acne-prone skin that's usually oily but there's dry patches so like good luck to mee

  15. The holy grail for me is the Derma E Deep Pore cleanser since I have oily skin. I'm thinking to try the Elf Gel Cleanser since it's a "Dupe" apparently for the Drunk Elephant Cleanser. I think I prefer gel cleansers for my sensitive skin. I am currently using again the Bliss Pore Patrol Clay to Foam Purifying Cleanser and it's too rough on me so trying to finish it before I buy another cleanser.

  16. Have been using innisfree blueberry cleanser and simple micellar wash. Works well for my skin and wallet friendly (less than 10 dollars)

  17. hiii. if you have sensitive combination acne prone skin, the inkeylist’s salicylic acid cleanser has done wonders for me. doesn’t dry out the skin at all, it lathers up, but does not foam. just putting it out there if you’re looking. 🤓

  18. The Simple Micellar Facial Gel Wash (blue tube only!!!) is great AND drugstore; only like 5 bucks. Just as the name says, it’s simple, hydrating and does the job! My dehydrated, dry combo, acne prone skin loves it. Also, LaRoche Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser!! IMO better than the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser. The LRP one has Niacinamide-which my skin LOVESSSS- and BOTH are fragrance free!

  19. Can you guys do a burts bees skincare review and like a breakdown of the ingredients and weather it’s actually natural like it explains.

  20. I just bought the Rules of Mastic mild cleanser and haven't used it yet. Though I have started using the other products in that line. I'm wondering what yall think of this line and the Too Cool for School brand.

  21. all my combo friend, buy the hada labo foaming cleanser!! very cheap and goog! the foam isnt from the formula but from the pump mechanism within the packaging and it's veryyy gentle

  22. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and 90% of products tend to break me out. Very frustrating and stressful just to try new products to deal with the breakouts that occur. I need to just completely change my products and this info helps so much. I'm slowly putting products on my list to try.

  23. I loathe the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I broke out with really HUGE pimples the next day after using it. After they subsided, I tried the cleanser again because I thought it was a coincidence, but nope. Broke out again. A cleanser that I found super gentle for my skin recently is Youth to the People. My ultimate HG gentle cleanser tho was LRP's Physiological Cleansing Gel which my dermatologist recommended to me. Sadly, it's been discontinued and I'm heartbroken.

  24. Omg, since I am watching your channel I soak up the videos and I am sooo happy how my skin has changed 🙏 I used to clean my combo skin with a wet towel and a harsh foaming cleanser, it was constantly stressed and red. Now using TO squalane cleanser and just rinse it with water, my skin is so soft, clear and nourished. Love you guys.

  25. My gentle cleanser would be Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Facewash from Kiehls . It really helps me with my oily combination skin care .

  26. i have been using the cosrx morning cleanser as a dupe to krave, but IMO, i have to agree with felicia that it’s slightlyyyyy drying. i have oily combo skin as well and my hg cleanser is the krave beauty one 😊

  27. Hi Rowena and Fel:) thank you for changing my life in skincare; I wondered if maybe you guys could check out the Kitao Matcha + Chia cleanser, and maybe their other products? I have inflammatory/cystic acne (it’s way better now but still flares up) and I washed my face with it once, following up with its moisturizer and when I woke up from my sleep all the redness was gone! It was so crazy. It’s such a creamy cleanser and my face had never felt so hydrated and soft before

  28. Hiii.. plss share a sink care routine for hands and legs to make them softer, smoother and brighter plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss……..
    Lots of love from India ❤❤❤

  29. from what I 've heard, essential oils are not toxic. the issue is their compounds (such as citronellol, limonene, etc.) which can be very sensitising. Also, 1 product containing EO in your routine isn't the same as having a whole routine full of EO as the concentrations can add up

  30. My dears ♥ I need you to make new video for undereye area care + product recommendation 😀 im in serious need :3 L♥ve youuuu

  31. The simple gel cleanser is amazing and only 7 bucks at walmart. Make sure it's the gel one! I have dry skin and I love it. It should work for all skin types.

  32. I'm confused. The CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser is for normal to dry skin (not normal to oily like their Foaming Cleanser). Or am I wrong?

  33. Disagree with your stance on fragrances, especially in leave-on products. They trigger autoimmune responses over time and some citrus oils cause hyperpigmentation in the sun. I’m siding with dermatologists and staying the hell away from fragrances. If you want a sensory experience then burn a candle or dab on perfume.

  34. It cosmetics confidence in a cleanser is my number one favorite also amore pacific enzyme cleanser there is some fragrance in amore pacific but its not too strong feels soft in the skin

  35. I have acne and eczema, I think I'm just being screwed over skin wise, I can never find something that can help me, I need help.😂

  36. I am loving the Kitao matcha cleansing cream which helps remove my layers of sunscreen. I also like the Tune Makers cleansing gel which has AHA plus cermaides. I also like the Elemis pro collagen balm and the DHC cleansing oil. I have dry skin and I find that foaming cleansers strip my skin

  37. My favorite lately has been the CeraVe Foaming facial cleanser. It has hyaluronic acid in it, but it’s still very light and the hyaluronic acid is listed more towards the middle so it’s not so much it’s drying but just enough my face feels clean after wards. This also has 3 essential ceramides in which I have noticed since started using has helped calm my skin in areas that tended to be red

  38. Love watching you guys review products and am always blown away with how well you both dress! 💛 would you guys ever make a look book of clothes you wear? I know it’s not the typical style of videos you make but just curious 👀

  39. I used Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Cleanser, I had oily skin type and Cosrx helps reduce my acne breakouts, and it doesn’t even strip too much oil hehehe 😇🙃

  40. Gotta mention the mother of all gentle cleansers that consistently makes your skin feel nice every wash — Clean and Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Wash. Been using this for atleast 15years already! 😊

  41. For about a year now, every single type of cleanser I've tried (some of the brands' mentioned in this video too) broke me out, to the point that bar soaps are the only kind of cleanser that doesn't break me out: for example, I've tried two different dr bronners liquid cleansers and they both broke me out, whereas the bar soap versions of them didn't. I am well aware that bar soaps contain more germs than liquid cleanser, but it's like my skin refuses any kind of liquid or gel cleansers. Is it common? Is there a common ingredient that liquid cleansers contain and that is absent in bar soaps?

  42. This is not that much product example. Why aren't you showing more brands like la roche posay, eucerin, vichy,, oneoseven, round lab dokdo line, holika holika less on skin line, tiam etc?????

  43. I love my Resist Anti-Aging Hydrating Cleanser from Paula's Choice. I'm surprised that one wasn't on the list. It was a really good cleansr!

  44. I tried the soy cleanser since you guys recommended it but idk I have oily skin and I feel like it didn’t cleanse my skin as good as noxema, cetaphil or my soap and glory products. Honestly it didn’t really feel like it cleaned my skin at all is that just me? I went through three mini bottle to see if I was crazy

  45. I use the cosrx as my second cleanse after makeup. In the am it is too drying for my normal to oily t zone. I use the cerave hydrating cleanser in the morning. My favorite oil cleanser for first Stepp for makeup or sun screen right now is from dhc.

  46. Can this be a series and you do this with all skin care steps like toners, exfoliants, masks, moisturizers and more.❤️

  47. I became allergic to lavender essential oil after using it for many years in a variety of products (like hand soap).

  48. I love the Nourish Organic moisturizing cream cleanser, which I use as a second cleanse. I have combo oily skin and I find it to be very gentle and effective. Plus it's fragrance free, inexpensive, and all of the ingredients are organic.

  49. The Cerave one is my favorite but I wanted to try another gentle one first bc the CeraVe lasts forever lol so I think I might try the Ordinary or COSRX one!!

  50. Thank you for teaching about exfoiliators and all do's and don't ..now by use of Paula choice flaky skin is all shedding as well as new skin coming ..suncreen routine is taking religiously..thank you for making such beauty with all sorts of knowledge and applications and also removing all myths of skincare …bless you beauty within and team

  51. Cosrx low pH good morning cleanser also dryed my skin a little bit, I have oily and sensitive skin and wouldn't recommend this product even thought it is people's holly grail.

  52. would the products mentioned for oily skin type be a good duo for double cleansing?? if not, what recommendations do you have? thanks!!!

  53. Cleansing is my favorite step of skincare, and I find learning about them so fun! The Ordinary cleanser really is excellent, but it does burn my eyes so I don't like it when I'm wearing makeup. Makes you feel like you don't even have to put any other steps on after! I love a good unscented product, but a nice smelling cleanser also creates a nice experience. I really want to try Krave's and the new Good Molecules cleansing bar.

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