100 thoughts on “🤔Does our skin get used to skincare products? Why is my skincare product not working anymore?!”

  1. Hi liah!!! I am currently in my teens, and I love your videos! Many other beauty you tubers make me think that I need a lot of products, but you have help me realize that I don't need all these products, and to realize that our skin is wonderful on its own! Simple is actually better. Can you recommend a moisturizer that is suitable for dry teenage skin please? 😊❤️

  2. love you so muchh!!! hope you have the best day i'm studying pharmacy in uni atm and you made me literally fall in love w skin care!! its something i wanna do in the future and have a job related to thanks to you!!💕💓💌💌

  3. Please give us a chance to get wonderful products!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 캐나다에서도 제품 사용 할수 있게 해주세요!!!!!!! 부탁드립니다!!!!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  4. Any good cleanser for combo skin ?the matcha hemb cleanser from krave beauty makes my skin dry I don’t even know why but the great barrier relief is amazing and I’m about to buy the moisturizer and the sunscreen !!!

  5. This might sound weird but when did you start getting into skincare? I started in 2019 ( I’m 14 btw).❤️❤️

  6. Thank you for this video because these days I have been thinking that my face cream for redness is not helping anymore. I have been using the same brand for 3 years, and with using the day and night cream I had minimal redness on my nose and cheeks, almost invisible redness because both creams kept my redness under control. During the last 3 months I have been experiencing redness on my nose, cheeks, chin and even forehead, and it is so visible that even my foundation cannot cover it. My skin is sooo soft, without any acne, but this redness is bothering me a lot 🙁 Should I introduce a new step or a skincare product into my routine?

  7. Just a random sidenote, I Iike the background music but when suddenly it‘s beeping so loud it gives me so much anxiety and sounds like my doorbell lol

  8. I've been wondering if it's necessary to change to an AHA with a higher % after some time? Would love a video on that topic!

  9. Not even one minute into the video and she asks me to like it. OF COURSE I"ll do it. Liah never disappoints me 😌🥰. She saved my skin and myself way more than just physically. ❤

  10. Why do products pill so easily on my skin? I’ve experienced this with some serums and moisturizers and sunscreens, even ones that people say don’t pill. Specifically the ordinary’s niacinamide serum pills like crazy for me and I worry because of that it’s not doing it’s job

  11. I agree. There is nothing in our immune system to “get immune” to products. This is what the exception to acne.. which can become immune to products such as antibiotics. But, yes, there are changes in our hormones, especially as women, that change the sebum production, and how our skin behaves! Love this topic!

  12. Love Liah so excited when you upload!

    When that happens to me (the plateau phase) I use ACV + Aztec clay to “resurface” I’ll look brighter and healthier in less than a week and go without makeup for a while let my skin “breathe” a bit

  13. Liah please ship krave beauty to Vietnam!!!! ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ) or maybe you can look into working with Watson or Pharmacity to sell Krave beauty through their stores. We’ve been dying to try your products

  14. This has been my question these past few months as I noticed these tiny bumps won't really go away. Thank you for this video Liah! This has been really helpful ❤️

  15. I'm a teens, but i got acne. Do i just need an acne spot treatment or plus toner, serum, essence?
    Actually, i just used cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen

  16. Hormonal changes are def real in reflection of skin conditions and no matter what I use would not help with it and most importantly is to give it time. And I would like know is there an alternative product of AHA that could be used during laser treatment. Help me out if u have any ideas❤️

  17. Omg thanks for this video Ms Liah.. i think this what happened to me with Klairs. Though i really loved the product, my skin got used to it 😔 and it didnt work anymore

  18. Your videos are so informative always! Can I use vit c products in the alternate days of using Cosrx Aha 7?

  19. Is there a preferred method to applying skincare? I'm what some might consider savage and I would like to know if my… savagery could cause more problems. Am I supposed to use specific fingers or apply in a specific direction? When do I pat vs slide…glide? Apply. I need help. Please and thank you in advance!

  20. Liah, do skin care routines not work for people like me who have hormonal acne? I'm kinda hesitant resorting to oral medications 🙈

  21. Hi Liah,
    I've been watching a lot of your videos lately, and I really liked your philosophy behind your skin care line, and your overall skin care tips. So I followed what you said for about 2 months now, and my skin has never been this healthy. I just wanted to say thank you for making quality content. 🙂

  22. Thank you for this. I actually have always wondered this! Also…. I love the natural light in the video! As always, such amazing content from you!

  23. Hi Liah, you are such an inspiration! You have inspired me to take much better care of my skin and really question gthe ingredients of skincare products.
    I'd love to know if/when you are planning on allowing Australians to access Krave Beauty products! I would really love to try out Krave Beauty but cannot access it from anywhere.

  24. This happens to me. It's still happening actually. My skin used to be smooth and soft but in the past 6 months it's getting really worse. I have been having breakouts all over my face even though I'm using the same skincare products i used before. It's really stressing me out and the stress is adding another problems to my skin then i get even more stressed out. I really don't know what to do at this point

  25. I agree.. u described so well…absolutely makes sense I hv noticed that the changing season from winter to summer;in between time is the most critical for my skin… plz tell do u recommend dermarolling to minimize acne scars!

  26. One more question. I used argan oil that was so good on my skin ..my skin got so clear with glowy look but then I saw gothamista and couple of other videos saying that argan oil may go really bad,so one should be cautious and I got over conscious n stopped using..what's yr opinion about argan oil,if it's doing fine one should continue.. what's the right amount to use and how often one should use

  27. I really like your videos, I gain so much knowledge about our skin and products in general !! These kind of videos are much needed

  28. I read that Vitamin C in its pure form is clear versus Drunk Elephant and other Vitamin C serum. And because Vitamin C in its pure form is more effective than the ones that are colored orange like DE?

  29. Why does skincare not work ? Does our skin get immune to the skincare we use ?
    NO !!
    1) your skin constantly changes
    2) your skincare has already re-balanced the damages
    3) your product is simply losing
    its effectiveness
    don’t use expired products !!!

  30. Speaking about expiry date, may i know general shelf life for the skincare? The recommendation on how long should we suppose to finish the products before it degrades its eficacy? Annndd love u liahhh 😘

  31. 1. Your skin changes
    2. Your product has already"re-balanced" your skin
    3. Your product is losing its effectiveness
    "Your skincare is more like a supplement, not a medicine"

  32. I really needed to hear this because for the past few days I felt like my skin care product not working .Thank You

  33. That's what makes me sad! I don't know how to cope with my skin on my period. I get a lot of breakouts before and during menstruation and all of my products would not work.
    Liah unni, SOS!! Haha.

  34. I recently started using the Krave beauty skin barrier relief and the oat so simple cream and I want to say thank you soooo much for these products!,my skin has never felt better!💕💕❤️💕

  35. I'm currently drinking vitamin b5 (bcs of acne). Turns out it has been helping me a lot than the skincare routine i've been using. My skin is clear from acne atm (left with tiny, almost unnoticable whiteheads) and my sebum production has decreased.

  36. This is bugging me for a long time. Whenever I find a good product I can only use of for a limited time before it won‘t work anymore. Especially when it comes to moisturizers. The work great in the beginning but start to irritate my skin after a couple of weeks/months…😩

  37. I’m 22 and my face just looks so dull and rough, I use fragrance,sulfate, and paraben free products that are gentle along with serums, oils, BHAS and AHAS yet I barely see change I feel like my skin just needs that 1 ingredient to rly have a change but I haven’t found it yet idk.

  38. Does anyone have suggestions for a sunscreen that is fungal acne safe, and suited for overall acne prone skin? I know Liah recommends Elta MD, but that one is too pricey for me.

  39. If only i can thank you enough for changing my skincare game by these informative videos. I always goes back to archives to learn what mistakes I'm committing or if i want to start something new

  40. I have a question about milia… I am starting to get a lot of them… I have very oily skin and in the process of changing up my skincare routine to address the sebum production. I would love to get rid of the milia… is a visit to the dermatologist necessary to have them removed?

  41. If the skin products are not working probably the skin is not conditioned properly. Maybe massage is needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEFpDqzF2zg&feature=share

  42. if you cant eat it you shouldnt be putting it on your face.
    your skin can absorb vitamins from sunlight, it will absorb all the toxic bullshit in those beauty products.
    that and if everyone stopped using them then those billion dollar companies would stop dumping tons of not-bio degradable waste into the ocean and one the problems of global climate change due to pollution could be removed.
    but no yall wanna be pretty.

  43. just like how your body becomes reliant on drugs and vitamins you take in excess… the same would apply to skincare products I would think… like xanax… after taking the same dose for long periods of time… you need to up the dose in order to calm your anxiety… and the moment you stop taking it your brain goes into panic mode… you end up having the worst panic attacks of your life… way worse than before you took the drug… and the insomnia kicks in hard… and you end up with seizures and could even die as a result… because your body became so reliant on the drug for gaba release in the brain that it forgot how to do so naturally… that applies to every drug in the market… I dont doubt it's the same with skincare products you apply

  44. Can u make a video about cystic acne? Like those acne that's caused by allergies?
    It's very hard for me to cure or prevent them

  45. But why my skin is worse. Before, i used aqua+ toner, ordinary niacinamide, and ordinary salicylic acid for my acne.
    My skin was soooo great for over a year.
    I didn't change my routine,but suddenly i have breakouts until now….. And i didn't know what to do anymore to my face because salicylic can't help my acne anymore…
    What can i do??

  46. Hi Liah, I wonder if you can get me some suggestions on my skin, since my face skin tone is darker than the rest of my body?

  47. Liah : ( I really need help with eye-creams and your opinions/videos are always the most helpful to me (I've followed as you've said mostly in the past videos and my skin really improved for 2019) !! It'd be so great and helpful if you ever make a video about eye creams? : ( I'm starting to introduce this into my routine but I'm just so, so lost with it and might have even made some bad decisions over it 🤧

  48. I appreciate you, I’m sure I’m not the only one. The amount of time and effort you make for us is truly appreciated.

  49. I felt a lot like this when I was younger. That my skin would get "immune" to a product. Now that I think about it, it might be because I used very drying products, scrubs etc. that I felt tightened my skin and reduced oiliness and acne.. for a while. Then there would be a "backlash" and I would get flare ups and redness. Now that I've realized I actually have sensitive skin that needs a lot of moisture and treat it as such I do not experienced this anymore. Does that make sense?

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