100 thoughts on “1 Killed, 3 Injured In Chain-Reaction Crash On I-15 In Temecula”

  1. No one should drive that fast on the freeway and no car should have very cheap, plastic material that can be crushed like a soda can. This is one of the most horrifying car accidents I’ve ever seen in my entire life. That guy driving the Silverado was probably drunk and/or avoiding the cops. Still, where the hell is the highway patrol? It seems that either he was chasing the woman driving the Nissan Altima because the guy sped up really fast. I just can’t believe that this happened. RIP to the woman who died and hope the people who were also affected by this car crash can recover soon. A car is just material object that can be replaced by another car or truck but once an accident takes someone’s life away then there’s no second chances. 💔

  2. Nissan Sentra??? That was a nissan Altima..may she rest in peace. Cried for her after watching the video. Bless her family.

  3. This is a false flag people this guy was drunk he had been drinking and was drunk no one on marijuana goes on hundred miles an hour on a freaking freeway and his other arrest he was under the influence of alcohol marijuana and methamphetamine please get this out this is a false flag to try to criminalize legal marijuana again mark my words you will start seeing more of these accidents on the news and they will be blaming marijuana this is a false flag people and this news channel is part of the agenda

  4. Nicole Comstock liar KCAL news Liars get your facts straight but of course they won't because they're part of the agenda for this false flag

  5. How long was this guy speeding though? Was it a long stretch before he collided with another car? If so, why didn’t another driver call 911 to report a speeding vehicle?

  6. The one guy about to fuck the whole legal marajuana up for. Everybody.. but don't worry.. you'll still be able to get your alcohol

  7. That POS should be hanged from the overpass closest to the accident…and left to rot. Do that a few times and maybe people will start to get the message.

  8. Horrible way to die – so unnecessary. What was the crazy driver thinking? 100 MPH in crowded traffic!? The outcome was inevitable and an innocent victim(s) paid the price.

  9. This man had DUIs from alcohol in Auburn, Washington. Same area I’m from, he tried to leave and crossed the highway but a woman crashed into a wall trying to not hit him. Pretty sure this man was trying to kill himself because of the life he’s been living, if you watch the full dash cam video you’ll see him hop out and fall to the ground like “fuck how am I not dead”. Keep this man off the roads and in jail please.

  10. the original footage is so disturbing. watching the truck fly into another car without even attempting to brake. i cant believe it.

  11. This kinda' crap makes me not wanna be on the roads at all. PLEASE NEVER DRINK/DRUG & DRIVE! No matter how "good" you think you are. The chances of disaster & death are astronomical! R.I.P. to this poor woman 🙁

  12. I wonder if he was illegal or not? Never mind I found out he was not and was fleeing from the law he had been jailed after a pursuit in wa. Sad he wasn't in jail longer may have saved that womans life.

  13. It’s flat out murder you don’t go that fast and cause that much damage and sadden to just call it an accident it’s fucken murder. Weed had nothing to do with his driving he made his choice to go that fast.

  14. High on Marijuana??? Really?? How about let's wait and see what else he was on. I know for 100% fact just being high on MJ does NOT make people do this. Maybe the synthetic crap they sell in corner stores do, but not straight Marijane. This guy was on more than that.

  15. Yo. I know this is a technicality. But in a crash this serious details matter. It’s a Nissan ALTIMA. Not a Sentra.

  16. I just seen his mug shot he’s a alcoholic not weed. He also looks 40 not 25 looks like a cocaine speed user. How come he has a nice truck and suspended license. I’m guessing he work construction.he also has damage to the frontal lobe just like alcoholism.

  17. And so many potheads want weed legalized. Pfft God bless the victims and loved ones of this senseless, horrific…murder and attempt of murder! Prosecute this selfish druggie to the full extent of the law!

  18. Unbelievable. Can they just cut off his hands??? He should not be allowed to drive again. Mofo is just going to repeat this behavior again…they always do.

  19. Which is why I do not drive on the i-15. Winchester road good enough for me. Least I know there is cameras at each light. Yes some people drive on the i-15 like they just robbed a bank. They don't signal to goto next lane. They tailgate you. We need more high patrols on this freeway. Thankfully like I said I try not to take this freeway when I can. I always am staring in my rear view and keeping a look out for simpletons like this that try to drive like a maniac.

  20. Don’t blame marijuana for this. Are you stupid. Potheads drive slow and paranoid. That is meth all day and maybe he smoked weed too but no way just high on pot. I’ve smoked 18 years everyday and I drive and function just fine.

  21. I don’t like when people think they were spared “for a reason” or because “god was protecting me”. What about the person who died? Was their not a reason to spare them? Were they expendable? That kind of logic shows your lack of intelligence. The guy in the white s10 lived simply because the cab wasn’t crushed any further, otherwise he would be dead. It’s all about physics and chance, call it luck if you desire.

  22. The problem is the justice system that will give this pos lifetime meals room and board like most serial killers , not to mention road rage, out of control driver's while the counties make money off of tickets, vote President Trump 2020 or watch our country die like this beautiful woman did

  23. Marijuana doesn't cause people to drive like that. This is a level of negligence That surpasses impaired driving. That piece of shit was driving under the influence of himself. This guy was operating on a completely different level of stupidity. This is beyond impaired driving. Perfect example of a human Oxygen thief. His parents birthed a defective product. Fuc** little punk.

  24. I used to want to be a judge and sometimes I wish I took that route so I could pass out maximum sentences for these types of reckless crimes.

  25. The only way marijuana caused this is if the guy had an IQ starting at 75 before hand. And judging by how he looks and his track record, 75 might be an over estimate.

  26. People, please don't let this lady's
    Life pass without wanting closure.
    I am very concerned about the media coverage, the court date that defense attorney requested has come and gone 6/18/19.
    I'm un-able to find any media coverage of the court proceedings.
    Is this being swept under the rug?

  27. Marijuana??? Gimme a fucking break. Every other news station says multiple drugs. Stupid ass media, demonize pot.

  28. California and the United States of Hypocrisy is soft when it comes to these things. If it was my call I give the order for execution on site by firing squad, no questions asked.

  29. I drove high one time nd I was just cruisin down the street at about 20mph lmao. There's no way he was high on just weed.

  30. If he was on marijuana he would of been driving below the speed limit . That guy knew what he was doing it was intentional..

  31. Feel really bad for Janet & everyone else involved in this crash, except for the driver. Too bad he lived.

  32. Plot twist: he was on his way to see his girlfriend who was home alone. That’s why he was speeding down the freeway 😂😂😂😂

  33. I thought when that guy said he was thankful he got out alive he was talking about the driver that hit the car

  34. Once again I have to ask…Is Javi a resident alien…or an illegal alien 👽? Don't you find it remarkably easy to know the truth based on what wasn't said? There's very little sunshine in this once picturesque state.

  35. Death penalty, when you are driving under,anything you are a MURDER, anybody have storm in they life,this not mine you got too drive,and take other people life.

  36. And yet the POS ex marine white dude who was charged with a dui and hit 7 of us left my grandma in ICU for 6 MONTHS and left my mother disabled only got 16 months in jail. Oh wait! Since he was white and from Texas who served in the military got a slap on the hand. The system is soooo fucked Up.

  37. Why the Hell was Javier Caldera not in prison from his lengthy prior criminal record? Frequent DUIs, a 17 mile police chase, violence, etc. Once again, the judicial system screwed up. This violent act of murder would never had happened if he was behind bars in the first place. Pisses me off! 😡🤬😤

  38. And yet, politicians are all screaming about opioids. But alcohol is far far worse than opioids, and is freely available to buy in any amount you want from the grocery store.

  39. Gtfoh with that marijuana bullshit that's report is just so they can start pushing DUI on marijuana I'm 100000 percent sure he was drunk asf

  40. I read in some news article that the murderer was trying to get away from an earlier crash that he had caused.

  41. I know you guys do not understand they ran that typo on purpose. Because of all the marijuana issues coming into the states whether to Legalize It or Not. That was the only thing they needed was to hear one fatality due to marijuana and it's going to push it back off the table again. And hurt those who need it medically like the CBD oil or drops to help sustain a balance or decent life. Everybody reading this who smoke weed know that it had to be something else like meth.

  42. Most of the commenters here are more concerned about the reputation of marijuana then they are about the victims. No one should be driving a car while using any drug that alters their perception. Marijuana does, and that is the only reason people smoke it.

  43. That’s where I live it was aweful to everyone in our town, sending prayers to the families involved -Galaxy
    Edit: they never mentioned that there was an 11 year old died in the crash, my friend knew her…

  44. It was NOT marijuana. FUCK this news station spreading misinformation! Ridiculous. There is absolutely no way what so ever to prove that he was high on marijuana. It’s in your system for 30 days +, and your only high for a few hours. I’ve read other articles and it says he was drunk. This is news station pushing their paid agenda on anti marijuana propaganda.

  45. he was NOT stoned, you are lying, he was either tripping on meth or drunk, people who do pot, dont drive that fast, there is no way, still trying to criminalize a plant… go after the man, not the thing you believe he was on

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