10 Surprising Reasons to Eat More Celery

10 Surprising Reasons to Eat More Celery

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Celery’s an amazing and versatile food that’s
full of vitamins and minerals. It’s amazing because it strengthens our
joints, fights inflammation, and defends the body against cancer. It’s versatile because you can do so many
things with it: eat it just like it is, dip it in things like hummus or peanut butter,
or you can add it to your favorite soup or smoothie. Take a look at ten reasons to add celery to
your everyday diet if you haven’t already. 1. Heals Bladder Infections
As natural diuretic, celery allows the body to rid itself of gallstones and other bacteria
in the urinary tract. By flushing the bacteria, any bladder infections
are treated. By eating celery you’re promoting good health
in both the digestive and urinary systems. 2. Reduces Inflammation
Luteolin is a phytochemical that has been proven to reduce inflammation in various parts
of the body. Surprisingly enough, that includes inflammation
in the brain. Celery is rich in luteolin which makes it
a great reason to eat it daily. 3. Strengthens the Joints
Both gout and arthritis are conditions associated with inflammation in the joints, but that’s
not all they have in common. Their symptoms can be reduced by drinking
one celery smoothie per day—reducing swelling and inflammation as well as stiffness in the
joints. 4. Reduces Cholesterol
Celery also contains another phytochemical called phthalides. This chemical compound produces bile acids
which in turn reduce the bad cholesterol—or LDL in the blood. By eating a few sticks of celery a day, you
can effectively lower your bad cholesterol levels. 5. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
Those same phthalides that reduce LDL levels also work to relax the muscles around our
arteries. This allows the blood vessels to dilate and
lower our blood pressure. In addition to the phthalides, celery is rich
in potassium, an important mineral that also assists in managing blood pressure. 6. Helps in Weight Loss
One great thing about celery is its very low caloric count. One stalk contains only 15 calories. Since celery contains a high amount of fiber,
when we eat it, we feel full longer. That keeps us from snacking which leads to
weight gain. 7. Defends Against Cancer
Celery contains certain chemical compounds that help us fight cancer. If you’re thinking that one of those is
phthalides, you’d be right. The other cancer fighting compound is called
polyacetylenes. Together they take the poison out of cancer
cells in the body, preventing several kinds of cancers. 8. Relieves Stress
It could be the satisfaction we get by crunching into a fresh celery stick that helps reduce
stress, but it’s most often attributed to the magnesium that celery contains. This powerful mineral has a calming effect
on the central nervous system. Try eating celery as a bed-time snack to take
away the day’s stress and have a more restful night of sleep. 9. Treats Halitosis
When bacteria gets lodged in between our teeth and gums, it causes halitosis—commonly knowns
as bad breath. Celery’s texture works to remove food that’s
stuck in our mouths—giving us fresher smelling breath. 10. Improves Digestion
Celery is high in both water and fiber. Since our digestive tracts don’t breakdown
fiber, it keeps us regular—while fighting constipation.

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  1. i never eat vegetables before. what make me wat is, i always send my parent to clinic for medical apointment. i saw too many people who older suffer too many disease.
    now i start eat healty. i eat celery. and you know what happen, i get 10 inch poop. and it easily poop out from my body…that awesome..

    i eat 10inch celery, i get 10 inch poop

  2. Hi now I drink celery n green apple every day I would like to know can drink before bed time or must be drank in the morning for best results thk u.

  3. The best vegetables are celery cucumber and asparagus cause they are green diuretics. Other veggies cause gas and inflammation.

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