10 Things You DIDN’T KNOW About Your DOG | Top 5 Countdown

10 Things You DIDN’T KNOW About Your DOG | Top 5 Countdown

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Hey there guys welcome back to Sens Facts! Today we’re going tot talk about 10
things you didn’t know about your dog Number 10. Your dog’s nose prints are as
unique as human fingerprints and can be used to provide identity. I
wonder though how many of you manage to stick your dog’s nose in some sort of ink without making a mess in the whole room
Number 9. When your dog starts digging after he
finishes his “number two” he is not burying anything actually, he is marking his territory using
scent glands in his paws. Number 8. Your dog’s urine can corrode metals. Yep, in 2003 several lampposts in Croatia
collapsed. Investigations concluded that, dog
urine corroded their bases and made them collapse. Number 7. Your dog is a smart as a two
year old baby. According to canine researcher and
author Stanley Coren, a two-year-old child and a dog are
about on par when comes it comes to brains. He also explained that man’s best friend
can count, understand over 150 words and even trick
people or other dogs to get treats. Intelligence
varies based on greed. Border Collies are known as the smartest
breed Number 6. Your dog’s tail wagging has its own
language. If your dog excitedly wags his tail, you might think he’s happy to see you. Right?
Not necessarily. According to Discovery.com dogs
wag their tails to the right when they’re happy and to the left when they’re frightened.
Wagging his tail low means they’re insecure and rapid tail wagging accompanied by
tense muscles or dilated pupils can signal aggression. Number 5. Your
dog only has sweat glands in his paws. Even though they sweat through the pads of their paws,
their main form of cooling down is panting. Imagine how your dog would
smell after a long summer day if he had sweat glands all over his body.
Number 4. Pay attention to your dog’s breath. Did
you ever notice the horrible odour if your dog’s breath. Well, if its
persistent, you might want to get your dog examined
by a veterinarian. This can be a sign of dental disease or
other health problems. Number 3. Your dog can feel jealousy. A 2008 study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that when a dog saw another dog get
a treat for the same trick they’d been performing unrewarded, the unrewarded dog becomes agitated, scratching themselves and
avoiding the gaze of the rewarded dog. Number 2. Vaccinate your dog. While over vaccination is an issue that
needs to be addressed, all young puppies should receive the
proper vaccines for the area they live in. Too many vaccines are problem but we
have them for a reason. The diseases we vaccinate against such
as distemper and parvovirus, are deadly diseases
that pose serious threats to unvaccinated dogs. Number 1. We all love to share food with our dogs, and there are a lot of items
that are perfectly safe to feed. But there are plenty of items that dogs
should not have. We might think all meat is good for our dogs, since it’s the main part of our diet. But But very fatty meats such as bacon or sausage can actually lead to upset stomachs, obesity, and pancreatitis. Alright guys that’s it for this
countdown. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay informed!

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  1. my dog gets jealous when I hug my he run up to me and slap me when in my mind I say KO !

  2. I love my Golden Retriever so much! She's 14 now and when she dies it's going to feel like a person died.

  3. I have a border collie mix with a great Pyrenees German shepherd American Stafford shire terrier and Australian shepherd  he is so smart

  4. the last one no dogs need meat its not actually bad only if you get it hummanfood like a lot but it need rice though the

  5. No 3 – Jealously.  I can't say I agree with the example provided by the National Academy of Sciences in its 2008 study.  I am elderly and have always had a minimum of 3 dogs at any one time since I was in my teens approx. 40 years ago.  I have also bred dogs.   So I have observed jealousy between my various dogs but never because two got treats and the other one didn't.  I have found that when I've had all female dogs, whether de-sexed or not, peace generally reigns and all is harmonious. Two females and one male, all de-sexed, there can be occasional scraps, because male dogs tend to bond strongly with female owners and can become jealous if they think the females are getting more attention.  My current situation however consists of 2 males and 1 female.  I have a 15 year old very quiet, arthritic, entire male, a 10 year old de-sexed female (who is the alpha dog), and a 5 year de-sexed male.  The jealousy between the 2 males is absolutely out of control and the fighting is extreme to the point that I have to crate them separately and only let one out at a time.  The 5 year old will attack the 15 year old at the blink of an eye.  Why are they jealous of each other?  Because while they both accept the 10 year old female dog is the alpha dog, they are both vying for my attention as 2nd top dog and are very jealous of each other.  The 5 year old has driven the 15 year old paranoid over the past 2 years.  Please don't provide advice on how this can be solved, as I've had Vets and Trainers involved without success.  The solution?  Sadly the 15 year old is now totally deaf, almost blind, very arthritic, unable to traverse the doggy door to exit the house when he needs to  (!!), and has bitten me a number of times (dementia) so sadly there is only one choice left and that is going to absolutely break my heart.  Family telling me I have to do it but I keep putting it off.  Yes dogs can be extremely jealous of each other, more so males with a female owner.

  6. how can you know if your dog mad at you? i leave my dog and imiss him😭 can he remember me when i comeback home?

  7. My dog is very jealous… Whenever I pet another dog or play with a baby she barks and becomes agitated

  8. My dog is a mix of a bull mastiff. He is my profile picture and he would like it if you went ro his channel and liked, subscribed, commented and shared. Please. It would really help

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  10. My dogs are raw food diet and they are not fat because their food is regulated. plus you can't let them be couch potatoes or they will be fat.

  11. I found your video very interesting and would like to feature it on my website Pet Central Supply: Hot News About Birds & Animals,http://petcentralhotnewsaboutanimalbird.weebly.com/ if that is okay with you??

  12. My dog is the dumbest one I've ever seen. She goes down to the basement every single day for no reason then thinks she can't go up the stairs without someone carrying her or putting her up halfway lol

  13. a dog can actually understand over 3000 words:) Chaser – the famous Border Collie knows the difference between over 3000 toys + all the words being used on a everday bases.. <3

  14. What happens if the dog wag his tail to the 2 sides. that information is not so clear. put your video better or put something that people can understand it or that is clear

  15. all of mine are awesome, but Dallas is such a happy baby!…always wagging, even when I tell her stop doing something. ..plops down on the floor or couch and all you hear is wagging… (tail banging the couch)

  16. i new them aII xD I've been around dogs for my whoIe Iife and we currentIy have 8 dogs (we are unfortunetIy seIIng 2 of them)

  17. your dog can feel jealousy huh? Every time the cat comes in Stella growls at him xD. She doesn't do it because she doesn't like cats – she's used to them.

  18. I knew #3. I had a dog and when she was four we got a new dog. She HATES the other dog, even though he's twice her size. They always fight and the female dog is SO jealous of the male dog.

  19. Once I was playing with my dog and I took the ball, suddenly my dog pulled an angry jealous face at me. When I gave the ball to him he stopped doing that face.

  20. My dog eats lean meat and chicken (well done/well cooked) my mother cooks for him, and i dunno my dog's breed, i just rescued him. He looks like choco brown mini labrador.. i love him so much. After he eats he wanta to be rubbed and patted

  21. that last one dogs get upset stomachs from all of the chemicals put in store bought meats it has nothing to do with fat duh

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