10 Toothpastes in India Ranked from Worst to Best

10 Toothpastes in India Ranked from Worst to Best

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Oral hygiene is an integral part of our overall
health. But which toothpaste are you brushing your
teeth with? Have you been using Colgate? It is very important to use the right toothpaste. Now, the thing is that there are n number
of toothpastes in the market. Every other month there is a new toothpaste
been launched. How do we decide which toothpaste to buy. Well, I can help you with that. For this video, I bought 10 most popular toothpastes in the Indian market. I will quickly analyse each of them and by
the end of this video you will know if you should continue using your current toothpaste
or is it the time for a change. So, without any further delay, let’s get
started. Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. I have
segregated them in 8 major categories on the basis of similarity of ingredients. Even if I have missed the toothpaste that
you have been using, I assure it would fall in one of these 8 categories.Starting with
category number 1 which includes Colgate, Pepsodent and Close up. These are commercial toothpastes which are
so popular that for a major percentage of people toothpaste means Colgate. These are the toothpastes that include all
chemical ingredients some of which are extremely harmful. Sodium Laureyl Sulphate is one example. If you see sodium laureyl sulphate in the
list of ingredients of your toothpaste, please consider changing it. It is because of SLS that you taste everything
bitter just after brushing. SLS also causes skin irritation and mouth
ulcers. SLS has been registered as insecticide and
is used in detergents. Regularly brushing teeth with a toothpaste containing
SLS may lead to its deposits in the heart, liver lungs and brain. Next point of contention is the amount of
flouride in these toothpastes. Yes, there are many dentists who claim flouride
to be the best defense against tooth decay. Many studies have also proved the same. However, there have been some recent studies
which suggest the contrary. Is flouride in toothpastes justified or not
may be debatable but one thing is for sure that flouride is poisonous. Ingesting just 2.8 grams of flouride can kill
a 50 kg adult. These toothpastes contain enough flouride
to kill a small child within 2 to 4 hours, if ingested. The warning that children under 6 years should have adult supervision and should not swallow this toothpaste is written for a reason. We must understand that our mouth is highly
absorbent, so the chemicals lurking in the toothpaste get fast track into our blood stream. Specially children, who swallow a large amount
of the paste that they put in their mouth. If flouride is so poisonous regularly brushing
with a flouridated toothpaste can definitely harm you in the long run. One more thing which should be taken into
consideration that the water we drink is flouridated. I wouldn’t say you should stop or continue
using flouridated toothpaste. You are a better judge for yourself but personally
I don’t use it neither will I recommend it. Specially when there are better toothpastes
in the market which we will discuss in this video. So please keep watching.As for these commercial
toothpastes, forget flouride, they have so much more which should be avoided. Category 2 is that of the toothpastes like
Sensodyne which have almost the same chemical composition as that of toothpastes in category
number 1 except that they do not contain harmful chemicals like Sodium laureyl sulphate. Just like the toothpastes in category 1, they
also have artificial colours, preservatives and flouride in them. In category 3, fall toothpastes like Himalaya’s
Sparkling white toothpaste which have chemical composition without harmful ingredients like
Sodium Laureyl sulphate. Himalaya’s Sparkling white toothpaste also
does not have flouride in them. Surely, the toothpastes in this category are
better than those in category 1 and 2 but still they are far from best.Toothpastes like
Meswak fall in category 4 which are non flouridated but have almost the same chemicals as of those
in category 1 including the harmful ones like sodium laureyl sulphate. Apart from SLS, they also contain Triclosan
which is another extremely dangerous chemical already banned in soaps. Triclosan is linked to breast and testicular
cancer. You will rarely find Triclosan in any toothpaste. Meswak and Colgate Total are among the rare
ones. It also contains artificial colours and preservatives. In category 5, are the toothpastes like Patanjali’s
dant kanti. Another extremely popular toothpaste in India. This toothpaste is much better than the ones
we have discussed till now. It is made from no chemicals but herbal ayurvedic
ingredients. It also does not have any artificial colours. However, the only thing which doesn’t let
me recommend it to you is that it has flouride in it.Category 6 is that of the toothpastes
like Ayush’s rock salt toothpaste. It has all herbal ingredients and does not
even has flouride in it. It however has artificial colours and preservatives
in it. One thing I want you to know is that not all
toothpastes made by Ayush are non flouridated. For eg the clove toothpaste has flouride in
it. So before you buy this brand, please check
for it once. In category 7, falls Dabur Red toothpaste
which has herbal ingredients, no flouride and not even artificial colours. It is a great choice. The last category includes toothpastes like
Vicco Vajradanti which is a complete ayurvedic toothpaste devoid of any chemicals, flouride
and artificial colours. It is the only toothpaste among the ones we
have discussed that does not even uses any preservatives. It is a perfect blend of 18 Ayurvedic herbs
and barks. It is totally safe for kids. It is also very cheap in comparison to other
commercial toothpastes. In my opinion, it is the best toothpaste available
in the Indian market.So according to me, Vicco Vajradanti stands on top of the list followed
by Dabur red, Ayush and Patanjali. The commercial toothpastes like colgate, close
up and pepsodent being the least preferred.So friends! That’s all for this video. I hope now you got an idea if you need to
change your toothpaste or not. And as I said if I did not talk about the
toothpaste that you are using, please check it’s ingredients and it will surely fall
under one of these 8 categories. Let me know in the comment section which toothpaste
do you use regularly and would you now be changing it or not. If yes, then which one would you buy. If you found this video helpful please do
give it a thumbs up and also let me know what more content would you like to see on this
channel. As always, please do remember to subscribe
to my channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for

100 thoughts on “10 Toothpastes in India Ranked from Worst to Best”

  1. Just one question.. Ingredients of vicco vajradanti includes all ayurvedic herbs but at last it mentions 'excipients'. Now excipients are things like coloring agents, preservatives and fillers. Can we know what actually the excipients used in vicco vajradanti toothpaste.

  2. I changed my toothpaste from Colgate to Patanjali
    Patanjali to Dabur Red Paste
    Dabur Red Paste to Neem's Natural Stick 😊

  3. Fluoride is needed to minimize the chances of caries . By brushing we are not ingesting it , it is just absorbed by our teeth. 1000ppm is necessary for our teeth . If you are from area where fluoride content in water is excess like bathinda and some other then we have to take care as it leads to fluorosis otherwise fluoride is necessary to minimize the chances of tooth decay 👍👌

  4. Hiii bro I'm using Neem active tooth paste can you please give a review about this tooth paste and your all videos are very useful to change us in a good way thank you for your all videos 😊👍 and Plz give a review about my toothpaste 👍

  5. Hi fit tuber,
    I have one concern.
    If Sodium Laurel Sulphate is not secure for health them that types of toothpaste should be banned by government.
    But that are more popular than are others.
    Eg. Closeup.
    Please let me know then why these are not banned?

  6. Great information.
    Sir you are really doing great work.
    Million thanks to you for making us aware about the products to be used and products not to be used for long term health. 🙏

  7. Hello,
    I have followed most of your suggested products and they have been much better for my health. Can you suggest which chocolates are best to consume? I am an addicted chocolate and incecream consumer and would like to turn to something good for my health.

  8. i am useing patanjali dantkanti..but recently i have visited dentist.he advised to use colgate because he told that aurvedic toothpaste destroy enamel..

  9. From last 25 years i used Colgate & i had bad pain to my teeth & swithed from last 4 years to miswak but it helps to my teeth pain & i thought it was a good ayurvedic toothpaste
    but now i will switch to vicco

  10. Hey . You have made a mistake . At 3:40 check the list of Ingredients. It shows Sodium Lauryl.Sulphate in Himalaya Sparkling White

  11. Colgate is worse toothpaste… I face many problems because of this… that's y dentist like this paste because …it gives them patients…
    Dant kranti is fine…I m using it..
    Don't know about dabur…

  12. I am using Neem toothpaste, which has SLS… and flouride too… I will change to VICCO …. ur info is great… Thank u…

  13. Even I use vicco… I tried all the toothpastes but trust me vicco Is best among all and all my teeth problems are gone.

  14. I have been using colgate all my life.. but I will surely be changing it to vicco, dabur red or ayush- whichever I like. Thank you very much for all the efforts and valuable information.

  15. Ill throw away my colgate toothpaste and buy vicco…….never took seriously after watching ads in cinema halls,but only after yr explanation & comparison..thanks man

  16. Bro, can you make a video on effective and quality toothbrushes ranking them from worst to best which you do very beautifully?

  17. डॉ राजीव दिक्षित जी को श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित
    कृपया वीडियो में मातृभाषा का प्रयोग करे

  18. Well i would really suggest about all the groceries and products that are produced in our country India to be used by maximum…..according to Rajiv Dixit jii….So kindly make a video on these products!

  19. I am so disappointed. 1 Am getting Red dabur in my country Mauritius but it is manufactured in Uae. N it has the common ingredients like sulfate fluoride etc cant get the one made in India

  20. हिमालया के टूथपेस्ट में sodium lauryl sulfate है और आप बता रहे हो नहीं है वीडियो में नजर आ रहा है गलत मत बताइए

  21. i shared my experience with u all..
    phle m colgate toothpaste use kiya krta tha and trust me osne mere teeths m problem create krna start kr dya bleeding start ho gyi thi
    and mjhe nai pta maine bs aise he vicco paste use krna start kr dya and from day 1 my teeths problem were gone… trust me vicco is best nd today i found this vdeo… fit tuber pr bhrose bdh gya mera vo sch m shi chez btata hai

  22. I'm dentist and I have experience of almost 10 years now, please rethink on your research because flouride is essential element for preventing tooth decay and and almost all toothpaste maintain safety amount of it, so please provide true information if possible

  23. koi ye batayega ki SODIAM LARYL SULPHATE ke bina kya jhaag/fash ho sakta hai kya vicco patanjli me jhaag kese hoga

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