2 Years Later… Zelda Breath of the Wild & Austin John Plays

2 Years Later… Zelda Breath of the Wild & Austin John Plays

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up world
Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna talk about the two-year
anniversary of Legend of Zelda breath of the wild by the way guys be sure to stay
tuned to the end of the videos we’re doing a giveaway for a Nintendo switch
every 50 K subs to the channel this video is going to kind of be a very
ad-lib look back at the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild and my channel and
things like that because there’s a very good chance if there’s anything you
wanted to learn and Legend of Zelda breath of the wild I made a video on it
that’s how much I loved this game how much content I pumped out when this game
came out so I feel like that’d be like a fun way for me to look back at two years
of Legend of Zelda breath of the wild The Legend of Zelda breath of the Wold
released March 3rd 2017 memory it was the first game for the Nintendo switch
and the last game for the Wii U it was it was surely one of those pinnacle
moments and it’s like guess what we’re done messing around we’re actually gonna
make good stuff now before breath of the wild was released my channel wasn’t that
big I think we were around 50k and I was doing some content for Pokemon Sun and
Moon that’s actually how I got my start here on YouTube which was you know
November 2016 and then five months later this game is coming out and before the
game actually came out there was some content that I made about it as far as
what the amiibo functionality is gonna be the data mining finding fierce deity
and a whole bunch of things that haven’t even been released yet which then led to
the anniversary Legend of Zelda amiibos like this one here from Twilight
Princess that was fun thirty new facts for The Legend of Zelda
breath Walt I should probably in hindsight get rid of the word new now
because well it’s no longer new facts so this video was actually me going and
looking at all of the e3 and all the previous information that came out
or Legend of Zelda breath of the wild that was a fantastic video a quick
little thing on how to convert wolf link from Twilight Princess HD into amiibo
functionality right here between all the different links being confirmed and then
my first actual video on the game anyone who made a Nintendo content knew that
right then and there it was very difficult to get any Nintendo content
without them flagging it for breath of the wild anything from the great plateau
any of the very light background music if you’re fighting a stone talus
cutscenes so many things got flagged it was pretty much impossible to show
content in the first couple hours of the game granted
Nintendo’s actually lifted those restrictions as of late last year 2018
so now actually some of my videos that were flagged are now no longer flagged
so thanks Reggie and then before I even made my first video I think I spent like
30 maybe 40 hours just playing the game just kind of getting a grip on how the
game plays I remember I wanted to do videos for all the shrines and I I did
hang on we need to pull this up probably a good good amount of people watching
this video right now have seen shrine hunters I did the first two episodes and
it was two of the shrines on the gray plateau two of the other shrines on the
gray plateau and I realized this is a horrible rate of making these videos and
then I kind of put that on hold a little bit and then I went back to making
regular content I did little videos on the statue that exchanges hearts for
stem and how to get the Master Sword the how to get links house oh that was such
a great video the Hylian homeowner quest and then finishing it all the way
through to the end and seeing the wedding beautiful and then it was at
that time that I had all the regions unlocked in my first 40 hours and I was
like okay let’s do these shrines by region for the next 14 regions I started
splitting it up between doing pekes attina linear ooh Farren lake
Gerudo Acala Eldon wasteland central hey bruh
Ridgeland woodland and to vanthu also called this herb oh I think everybody
hope you have your snow quill armor ready because we’re gonna be doing a
herba tower so I started the shrine hunter series and it got no momentum
whatsoever and I think about halfway through it put that on hold but then I
made the video on how to get Dark Link and while a lot of other YouTube
channels and publications were covering it they were dancing around it because
they considered it to be a spoiler and it would just ruin your experience a
viewer to know that Dark Link was in this game but I saw it as having
literally no value whatsoever the bonuses aren’t great it can’t be
upgraded each armor it has like the lowest defense possible so I was like
let’s just make a video about it and that video was featured on a whole bunch
of websites I can’t remember exactly which sites but this was my first video
to actually like do really well Brazell des on youtube 1.2 million views now ah
that’s nuts and then we started getting into this was actually the first exploit
video I ever did on amiibo spamming I mean it’s it’s not that new of a concept
but I applied it to Legend of Zelda breath of the wild we got a whole bunch
of stuff and then right here was actually right before I went away on a
vacation and I just needed some content to get out I just did so then I made
these 5 videos before I left and I set them to release every day and while I
was gone these videos started getting so much so much momentum
I think I’d had to do a lot with people seeing the Dark Link video because it
was featured so many places and then they came and they stuck around for
these the best recipes video took me so much time and I wasn’t that great at
editing back then so like I actually used Excel visibly in
the videos in hindsight I shouldn’t have because that’s not good content to see
here on YouTube but how to get Ganon’s horse mounting a Lionel and breath of
the wild which was a fun sort of Crocodile Dundee documentary style video
that I did I recorded all of the footage here while narrating it and I didn’t
like the narration so then I went back and redid it again in the Crocodile
Dundee style and everyone’s like oh my god he’s not actually playing the game
that’s that’s like some of the most like controversial comments on that video
Austin John plays here and right now we’re going to be sneaking up on a
Lionel this is the very large gray trinkets that are one of the most
difficult sub AUSA’s that you can find in the wild then the video on the
hundred percent rewards so I didn’t get all of the shrines done and this video I
forgot whose content I used and it accredited them I know that I featured
them getting the complete rewards and it was basically a video of me ranting
about how much time you put in and then you’re just getting armor which is just
the tunic of the wild will the whole set and it was weird because that’s the
first set of armor that you get in every other Zelda game in fact that’s the only
armor you get in every other Zelda game from here I started reading back a lot
of content from the community and videos that you guys wanted to see on how to
farm rubies the best people didn’t know where the Hylian Shield was or that you
could buy it after it broke which I was stuck in that conundrum for a while and
then that video did great and then a video essentially on 100% completing the
game and then you get links to Nick the horse fairy okay right here was the
first how to get infinite arrows in the game this wasn’t covered by a lot of
people I think the only other person to cover a video on this was a
allas smash and I don’t know if I’m saying his name right he and I have
never actually spoken but I’ve seen his stuff I assume he’s seen mine beard bear
started putting out content and he started doing just non narrated versions
of pretty much the same content I’m doing sometimes I’m first sometimes he’s
first that’s totally fine that’s the way YouTube works it’s essentially a news
outlet people covered the same news a lot of the problem is that when people
were doing the memory locations they were including the memories which they
consider to be spoilers I made mine slightly different is that it was just
the locations in that video that video did pretty well correction it did great
1.40 dang I learned that Stoll horses were in the
game and like I played the game for so long hang on when did I actually post
this his video came out March 27th I was literally playing this game for eight
hours a day for almost three and a half weeks before I learned that there was
this in the game a skeleton horse this one was a game changer how to get the
fierce deity armor people were posting videos of having fierce deity in the
game but they weren’t explaining how to do it literally no one you would see
these videos and people are like how do you do this and I believe most of it was
hacked Wii U or just hacked NFC chips for the switch no one explained it and
that’s when I did some digging I learned about the 25th maybe 30th anniversary
god I should probably know this I’m making a video about it like the
Twilight Princess the Wind Waker my favorite being the majora’s mask link
this was actually the amiibo that you needed to get fierce deity in the game
but this didn’t exist yet instead it was just NFC cards or chips or they actually
got really stylized at one point and it looks really fantastic so uh I made the
video I linked some one on eBay and then like this video blew up so much so much
everyone covered it maybe with Zelda universe or Zelda dungeon one of those
elder guys they link to it so many outside people link to this video and it
actually got trending on YouTube and just how many views it got in such a
short period of time was insane and then I remember the person who I featured in
the video who I bought it from on eBay they were like can you please take the
video down I’m getting too many orders that was a fantastic fantastic
conversation but that was that was the first time that it was like a lot of
people who didn’t know about my channel for Zelda content started coming around
and it was right here that like my subs grew exponentially this was March 30th
and at March 30th was right here that’s when I started getting so many
subscribers 2,000 almost 2,000 and that day alone and like any time I put out I
think this was the Dark Link video right here 1700 and just all of this was still
within the launch month of this massive game that people were still discovering
granted the switch was kind of hard to come by at this point so only really
early adopters of it or if you had it on the Wii you were playing it I had so
many comments from people who were saying like I’m watching these videos I
don’t even have this game yet I hope to get a switch for Christmas that was like
seven eight nine eight months away from that point in time and that’s when I was
like ah this is fantastic after the amount of views and subs that
I got from this I felt sort of a psychological bull line that I had to
cross with every video so then the first one was the Beth method for dragon
farming and breath of the wild and then all three of the dragons and then how to
farm star fragments and then while I was doing these I was building up content
for 35 things to do post story and breadth of the wild and then it was
actually this notebook right here which I I don’t know I think I got this from
Luke crater some
something I sat in my chair and Casey was next to me and we started jotting
down all of the things like every single thing you could possibly do postgame and
just like having all this in here and just being able to help to spew all
these things and then organizing it into a full video that was my first time
coming up with like a real long tutorial on stuff that you should do to even
consider yourself complete for the game then we got updates coming out for
breath of the wild version 1.1 and then one point one point one one point one
point two and then that started to patch out all of the methods for arrow farming
so then there’s a new method and then I made that video and I think Abdallah
smash also made it this one didn’t do nearly as well as the first one only at
three hundred and four and then it was right around here that I started
learning about a medi 333 who he makes some very interesting content to say the
least I’m sure we all saw the video on the the metal flying machine which that
was him that’s purely him beautiful stuff I saw this video and leaving the
great plateau early and his methods for it so I wanted to try it out and the
video did fantastic I give him credit in the video and it really did some great
stuff he died believing on each other’s channels
shoutout to Mehdi as well as everyone else I mentioned in the video and then
then there was a meme on ready of link dyeing his clothes and looking like
Aquaman and then I was or no Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Sponge Bob so then
I did link does cosplay Aquaman and the video did so well so much better than it
should have over a hundred thousand views and has just me dying closed and
then people wanted more so then I did Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed then
I did Robin from Batman and Robin whales did Deadpool sonic the hedghog scorpion
oh god I forgot who it was someone else who was making Zelda Conn
and it was a smaller channel he was doing a live stream and I showed up in
there and his kid was playing the game and it was like I was at Austin
I love dyeing my clothes just like him and I’m like oh great
there’s definitely an audience for this type of video I didn’t want to do any
more than that because it felt like a little it felt like I was milking it too
much and I didn’t like that idea I went back into nice compilations the top 12
rarest dishes you’ve never seen that was me reading the guide and trying to find
stuff that like I’ve never even experienced after months of playing the
game then we found out about DLC pack 1 and all the information coming out as
far as all the new equipment that we’re gonna be getting and then then the crazy
duplication glitch in the desert someone from a some Asian country I couldn’t
remember and they did this and it was just nuts this was also the same thing
that made the Master Sword return to the forest
I never experienced that but then just having all this I was like let’s make it
for American audiences and actually break down how to do it if anyone knows
Blanes he was streaming breath of the wild and he was doing speedruns for a
hundred percent completion of the game I was a big fan of his we chatted a bunch
I wanted to get him in a video so we made a video theorizing what Majora’s
Mask is gonna do in the breadth of the wild DLC and the crazy part is is like
this video got views months and years after the DLC actually came out it’s
currently at 800,000 views and like it was nowhere near that number this video
came out and the DLC came out I just find that nuts
shout out to Blaine’s the top 13 hardest core exceeds once I started doing Korra
hunting this was the bane of my existence
most of these 13 that’s the reason it’s such a weird number like I felt like 15
was too many cuz I couldn’t find two extra one so I I was trying to make my
lists very organic so I did top 13 hardest core exceeds this video still
still gets comments of people manipulating the physics in the game to
change it to do things differently the top 5 best shrine quests oh I did
another link cuz link does cosplay oh they finally released all the new
amiibos for Skyward Sword Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask that’s when
they started physically coming out and then we got in game screenshots of what
all the new armor is for the DLC and then it was right around then that I was
live-streaming and I did my 100% completion of the game this was actually
one of the videos that got flagged by Nintendo and it was removed later my
favorite part about the way I did oh my god my room back then back when I lived
in Union KC and I got this horrible apartment and it only two of the rooms
had heat there was this huge fee for having hiccup in the building even
though he’s a tiny tiny dog this room because of my computer
he was actually warm enough so it didn’t need heat in that room
funny enough which how are you gonna have a bedroom without heat in it and my
requirements for our hundred percent completion weren’t just like the map
saying 100 I’m one in all the memories the picture is the core rocks the shrine
quest the side quests the medals of honor
ah that was nuts that was a great time rip marshmallow the Zelda website
started doing countdowns until the DLC came out and I was covering that we were
chatting about it daily and then it finally came out I remember was late at
night I don’t remember exactly when but then I was like alright need to make
videos on how to get all of these things how to get Majora’s Mask Sako rock mask
madness helmet travel medallion phantom armor tingles armor and I think it was
my Twitter community a whole bunch of people were helping me out with this I’m
like actually finding all the pieces shoutout to everyone who follows me on
Twitter you guys are the best and then trial of the soul
okay this is by far one of the most viewed videos on my channel best
strategy for child of the sword I believe it’s over two mil yeah 2.1 mil
my strategy for doing trial of this sword I wrote it down floor-by-floor and
it kind of came up with it and then I condensed it and I wanted to test it out
because a lot of people were streaming it so what I did was I went to people
who were streaming it who were having trouble I was like hey do you mind me
giving you some advice I’m making a new video I want to see if with this advice
this level becomes much easier for you and they’re like absolutely so I did
that I think it was about four or five youtubers that I went through my
favorite part though is when I went into those chats people knew who I was
because I was the one making all of this content for the game months after it
came out during the DLC and then I put so much time into this video and it paid
off that’s a beautiful video I’m still not
gonna do in a master mode that’s that’s mad bad stuff right there we got
information as far as DLC – and that it was confirmed for being after Ganon and
then durability tested the Master Sword the best travel locations the rare
chests respawn glitch oh this was trial of the sword the trial
of the sword glitch so I’m sure you guys know who watched the channel for a long
time the trial of the sword glitch was if you had an incomplete divine beast
wall in trial of the sword you would leave to go to an uncomplete divine
beast and then you would teleport out and then it put the world in this
constantly refreshing state that it doesn’t supposed to be in so everything
constantly responds and doing that you were able to get infinite diamonds you
were able to get infinite Guardian parts and then something that was important to
me was to always make sure when things are patched I try to always put that in
the title so no matter what months years later there’s always like it’s the worst
when you go to a YouTube video for a strategy on something and you don’t know
if it’s still this in the title says this no longer
works and that was something that I decided to do to make sure that like I
don’t want to seem like like I’m trying to bait you or anything else and like
also I’ll link the old strategy to the new strategy in the video so that helps
everyone out how to climb in rain exploit which is the the horse whistle
exploit but up a mountainside which works great this is the number one video
on my channel seven ways to get max arrows one in twenty four minutes that
some of the methods used the trial of the sword strategy some of them didn’t
and I wanted to make it so that after trial of the sword was patched it would
still be a viable video shortly after trial to the sword is patched then I did
sort of a very sarcastic video breath of the wild in five minutes then we got a
look at the new champions armor coming out and some hints about DLC part two by
this point I was no longer making constant Zelda content I was drawn
between the new Pokemon games coming out ultrasone altra moon so pretty much
anytime a new update came out I went over what it was the great plateau
challenge that was just a fun video that I made because some people were still
streaming it or people who used to stream it kind of were in a lull of
things to stream so i was like i’m gonna make the great plateau challenge and so
many people did it they tagged me I watched I’m pretty sure every single one
of them great stuff big youtubers smaller youtubers everyone did it the
update that made it so you couldn’t buy your shield once it broke then it came
back and then we found out about the December 12th live event announcement so
that was the game Awards and at the game Awards they said that the champions
balla was now available first thing how to get all the armor and all the hidden
things next big strategy video on the one hit obliterator and then all of the
champions quests these were so much fun to make my favorite part is I was able
to use the cut and get four screenshots that kind of
all worked together I remember looking at these for when they were my newest
four videos and I was like these just looks so good so good then we realized
it you couldn’t hold all your armor at the same time a long time later DLC pack
twos Easter Egg with the bananas I never believed in doing tutorial on how to
complete the divine beasts because like I wanted to leave it as that’s the
challenge I don’t want to help you with that if you do everything else I tell
you those are gonna be easy but like I never wanted to go over and be like okay
the fifth divine beast here is everything about it many weeks later 40
new ways to play Legend of Zelda breath of the wild these this was inspired by a
reddit post of someone who came up with a new way to play and then Commons
changing it and then i theorize 40 different ways actually looking into
different Zelda games and challenges for those five most opie weapons and breath
of the wild of course it’s the tree branch and then one final video just to
link all of the shrine hunters videos because a lot of people would tweet me
and say like hey I don’t know how to find the shrines I’m missing and well
first thing I always say is use the Zelda dungeon interactive map chat it to
those people it’s a fantastic tool but I just wanted to have one video reference
so everyone on my channel would be able to see it and because some people may
look on YouTube instead of reaching out to someone and that was in my new house
oh my god this has almost 800,000 views so yes this video serves as a table of
contents or shrine hunters there was a long break the Mater started really
doing work as far as the zelda showcase trial of the sword skip that isn’t that
old of a video I made that not long ago boughs that in breadth of the wild we
got new DLC hinted out it’s not coming 45 things you want in the next sell the
game I took your own personal opinions and then they creating a champion
came out and I literally have an entire shelf dedicated to it right there and
then I recently got into modding the Wii U version of breath of the wild and
that’s been a lot of fun it’s a game that if you were to erase your save data
and go back into it you would love it and you would experience him in
different way than any way you’ve already played it it’s been fantastic a
fantastic ride but now it’s pretty much official that we’re getting no new
content for Legend of Zelda breath of the wild and it’s all gonna be for
Link’s Awakening coming out 2019 has a very like questionable art style so I
don’t know how I really feel about it I guess I should start making content on
it I’m gonna be wrapping up this video this has been the two-year anniversary
guys we just hit 650 K subs to the channel thank you so much for that so I
want to do to a switc per 50k giveaway between now and the release of legend of
zelda links awakening we’re going to be giving away a switch every 50k subs to
the channel first of all be sure to subscribe that’s super important for it
because that increases how quickly we’re going to be giving away these switches
so once we hit 700 I’m gonna release we’re gonna choose a winner 750 800 850
950 900 I’m not singing it in the right order that’s fine every 50 K subs to the
channel we’re giving away a Nintendo switch or if you already own a switch
you can get $300 every shop credit also the winner will also receive a copy of
either Link’s Awakening Pokemon sword or Pokemon shield winners choice in order
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till next time Austin John out

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