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Dog Food Contents And Brands To Look Out For

Dog food is just food specifically produced for consumption by dogs. Though their digestive system is built to mainly digest meat, dogs have over time managed to eat meat and non-meat food including leftovers from human beings. The best food for dogs is made commercially. Their owners spend up to $8.5 billion annually on dog food in the United States only.

Dog Food

Commercially made food for mans best friend is made with quality animal feed ingredients and is either packed in dry, wet or canned form. Dry dog food contains about 6 to 10 percent moisture against 60 to 90 percent contained in canned and wet food. There is also semi-wet food that contains about 35% moisture. Most dog owners are in preference of dry food for purposes of convenience and cost. Wet food usually has higher levels of proteins and fat. There is also a variety of alternative food that comes in different forms. Some of these are frozen that comes raw or cooked, dehydrated, homemade, vegetarian and fresh. Some of the ingredients commonly used to manufacture dog food include meat and bone meal, animal by-products, offal, sugar sweeteners and animal digest.


Nestle Purina PetCare Company have recently unraveled a dog food brand going by the name of Beneful. Their food is made with the best ingredients including meat, vegetables rich in vitamins and much more. Their dog feed is made in such a way that it has the best of taste and nutrients that are meant to nourish your pet from the inside out. They have a 100 percent balanced diet.


Some of the nutrients they use are ….. Corn which is inexpensive and has high energy content to keep your dog energetic all the time. Chicken by-product meal which basically contains up to 300% more protein than is contained in the whole chicken. It also contains necessary amino acids needed for development and bodybuilding of dogs. It also contains corn gluten meal that has about 60% protein and it boots the total protein level in the food which is a very important factor to consider when choosing the right type of dog food. Their food also contains animal food that is essential for a balanced diet to be achieved. There are also meat, soy flour, meat and bone meal which all help boost the protein level in the food. On average this food contains 31% protein, 14% fat and 47% carbohydrates.

Dog food to make your dog super


Taking a look at the ingredients it is clear that Beneful is a quality dog food product that can be fed to your dog.
The packaging of dog food is quite similar to human food. Regulations state that it should be properly sealed to take away the risk of contamination. Dry food is mostly packed in multi-wall paper bags and sometimes a thin plastic layer is placed. Wet food is packed in aluminum and steel. Before buying any dog feeds make sure it is properly sealed and that it has the best ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet.

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So between the three kinds of dog food which one would you recommend


Beneful is my preferred choice


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