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Care for Dogs and Puppies

If you fail to spay your female dog, you may find your pooch expectant. Although puppies are very adorable and cute, there’s a lot that entails the care for dogs and puppies in their first weeks of development. Below are a couple of things you need to know if you were to have an expectant dog and newborn puppies.

Build a secluded den
The newborn puppies and their mother need to have a separate den area from the rest of the park. A proper den should have the basics of a pillow and a blanket which are supposed to provide comfort and warmth. During this first weeks, cleanliness and proper drainage should be highly maintained as most of the time the mother and her puppies will be in the den. Changing the bedding’s should also be a daily routine.

care for dogs and puppies

Puppies should be kept with their mother so as to keep warm
Puppies which are kept under the care of their mother are very likely to survive. They’re not supposed to be put apart from their mother under no circumstance during this period. The mother is allowed to take a rest with her puppies because she is from giving birth. She is supposed to breastfeed her puppies with her breast milk which contains a lot of nutrients that help the puppies boost their immune system and the development of strong bones. The puppies will only be feeding on milk till their five weeks old. The mother usually breastfeeds her puppies after every 2 to 3 hours. Newborns which are 5 to 8 weeks old can be introduced to feeding on a mixture of milk and dry food. With time, they will start feeding on solid foods as the mother reduces the number of times she breastfeeds them. In the event the puppies are abandoned by their mother, one should seek veterinary advice on what to feed the puppies.

Look out for warning signs of any kind of illness
If you see any kind of abnormalities in their behavior or appearance, then it is advisable that you seek a veterinary immediately to fix the issue before it goes out of hand. Some of the traits that you should look out for are excessive crying, vomiting, diarrhea, the puppy is not nursing with the rest and rejection by the for dogs


Contact your vet in case you see any changes
The supervision of a vet is highly recommended so as to provide a good start for the mother and the puppies. Lots of people are unaware of the many risks associated with newborn puppies and their mothers. The care for dogs and puppies is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as most people are not aware that newborn puppies are unable to see, hear or defecate on their first week. They’re also very vulnerable to diseases or health complications.

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Teach The Puppies A Bathroom Routine
Puppies will definitely not take wearing diapers kindly, so, house training should be quickly introduced at their tender age. Prior to your puppies have all their vaccinations, you will have to find an inaccessible place outdoor for them so that they can get enough vitamin D. This segregation helps in reducing the spread of diseases and viruses. You should always praise your puppy whenever he or she learns to use the potty or go outside.If sysmptoms persists please call a Vetinary Doctor


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