Challenges Of Dating A Good Husband And Having Him

The reasons are innumerable. Some people date because they’re “interviewing” people seeking a life partner, others may date just as an activity to pass the time and nothing more (like watching TV) – the purposes are endless. If you want to know a specific person’s purpose in dating, ask them.

Casual dating can be fun. That’s the main purpose of it, if you’re not looking for a relationship. You get to do enjoyable activities and spend time with someone you like – it’s much like hanging with a friend, except it also can involve hugging and kissing and sex, which many people enjoy.

If you don’t enjoy doing those things with someone unless you’re committed to them, that’s absolutely fine. In that case you’d want to avoid women who say they’re not looking for a boyfriend and concentrate on women who say they’re looking to meet someone special. Though do be aware that just because you’re both looking doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll click with each other, and it may take several – even many – dates with different women to find one you like, and who likes you back

FINDING A HUSBAND IS HARD, even when you’re dating the right people. I know most of you have come across such kind of people even when you’re not really looking for a husband.

Check them out

You find a handsome man, but his brain is almost empty and likes dating every skirt in town

You find a brilliant one, he looks too serious

You find a rich one, he is disrespectful

You find a hardworking one, he never has time for you

You find a serious one his EX keeps calling him back

You find a humble one, the nigga is broke



You find a responsible one, he is not romantic


You find an educated one, he feels he is always right

 You find an illiterate one, he always gets angry whenever you try to correct him.

You find a smart one, he lies every time when you try dating them

If you get a good one consider yourself lucky

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