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Do You Have, A Job Or A Career?


Do you think there’s a difference between a job and a career?

If yes, why do you do you say so and if no, why do you think that.

Let me share with you what one of my career coaching clients told me the other day…

“I make over 260K a month plus incentives so I actually take home close to 350K. While the money is great and I am able to take care of my bills as well as save, I absolutely hate my job! I feel like a robot; all I do is work and without purpose. I have held the same position for 7 years now. I have stagnated in my career because I am no longer growing. My roles have become repetitive and work is really just routine. I would rather work for a lower salary but do what is in line with my passion and be fully utilized. At this point what I really need is a career mentor who will show me what I need to do for my career to take off”

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So having looked at what my client was going through, I think it’s safe to assume, she was working to pay bills and make ends meet and not so much to grow her career.

But now she was at a place in her life where she felt it was time to make a change.

And maybe you are in the same situation; a place where you feel your motivation doesn’t stem from a good salary or a great boss but from an internal drive to do what you love!

So today I’d like us to look at the key differences between having a job and having a career.

If you are not sure which of the 2 you have, these 4 pointers will give you clarity.


Difference #1: A job has short-term goals and a career has long term goals

If you work at a job where you are forced to stay as you await for something bigger to come, then you have short-term goals.

For instance, you could be working to keep yourself busy, gain some bit of experience or make some form of income

A career on the other hand has long-term goals. Here you are aligned to your career goals, you are gaining experience in the right field, you have a picture of what you want your future to look like and you are working at it.

In its simplest form, a job is short-lived, a career is a journey.


Difference #2: Working for money vs working for purpose

A job is one that you only do to make money. You don’t really love what you do but the money is good enough to sustain you.

A career on the other hand is about purpose. It’s about working to grow your professional expertise and build a wealth of experience.

A career positions you to align your passion, a good salary accompanied with purpose and ultimately satisfaction.

Difference #3: In a job you lack identity, a career gives you identity

Have you ever heard people who speak so lowly of their jobs?

Ask them what they do and they are quick to rubbish their position. They dread it. They realize it has nothing to do with what they want and worse still their career goals don’t align to those of the company.

If you ask them what exactly they do in the company, they speak very lowly of their contribution.

But if you have a career, you have an identity in a company; you speak highly of your position, your role and contribution.

Difference #4: A job requires technical skills, a career calls for expertise

At a job, you need to have the academic backing and skills to excel at the job. You need to be technical and competent in an area.

In a career on the other hand, you need to build expertise; you become a professional, a master of your own trade.

So which one do you have?

Having a job is definitely a good thing because it gives you a form of footing even as you wait to transition into your career of choice.

So never despise small beginnings.

But just in case you feel you are stuck in a job that is no longer growing you or is not your passion and you want to transition into the right career, then here is a solution…

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