Museum of Knowledge students come to us to understand and take advantage of the techniques that will enable them to learn a language and really excel. In order to reach a high level of competency and to be able to speak English like a native within a set period of time, grammatical skills and syntax proficiency is key.


The Museum of Knowledge has developed a number of immersion courses that enable the language learner to practice speaking with a specific topic in mind. Audio downloads are also a feature of the Museum of Knowledge speaking module so that students can play back their session and therefore perfect their skills. Repetition and listening skills are also great enablers of perfecting English-speaking skills.

To reach a level of competency with the English language within three months requires a level of deep immersion and daily practice. There is no other way around it and unfortunately no real short cuts to this process.


The Museum of Knowledge would suggest 3 hours a day of intensive practice with structured content for the full period of three months. Defining an objective is also incredibly important. If the objective is to reach a high level of competency for knowledge of the technology industry for advanced language learners or for intermediate language learners, the desire to reach a high level of fluency for topics covering travel or ordering in a restaurant, the student can attain these objectives though the museum’s structured programs.


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