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– Cavities. What do they look like? How do we fix them? And why you definitely don’t
want to make this mistake. (upbeat music) What’s up guys? This is Dr. O and welcome
to The Dental Drive. I hope you had an awesome day. And today go back to the basics. Hey Dexter, say hello. Or ignore me, whatever. He’s just chilling back there but today we’re going back to the basics. We’re gonna talk about tooth decay so if you have a cavity or you’re like hey, I never get cavities, this one’s for just about everybody. So it’s everybody that I just mentioned, which i think is everybody. I think I just said everybody a lot. Anyways. So moving forward with tooth
decay, let’s talk about it. So if you’re like not in pain and you’re like I’m fine,
my teeth don’t hurt. I’m good, I don’t have any cavities. That couldn’t be further from the truth as far as determining
if you have a cavity. And I’m gonna use an example today that hopefully makes that clear so you’ll be like hey,
I definitely want to go to my dentist regularly
and get a checkup and here’s why. This x-ray, I’m gonna go ahead
and put it up on the screen, it is showing us a cavity. And if we look at the top of this tooth and I outlined it there in blue, You’ll look at that and go man that looks like a nice basic clean tooth,
there’s no cavity there. But you look at the x-ray and
there’s a little bit of decay to a trained eye and with
the proper technology. We use digital x-rays helps
us really see that detail. So going to a dentists that has maybe more updated x-ray technology is
going to be useful for you. But we saw this cavity, we
want to go ahead and treat it to avoid it from getting any bigger. You can see here now, I just basically removed
the top portion of that little bit of enamel over the cavity and you can see there the dark
brown and the chalky white. The chalky white is the
enamel that is demineralized and that darker brown
underneath is where the cavity finally gets into our dentin. The dentin is a softer
portion of the tooth underneath our enamel and it starts to spread kind of rapidly. And we definitely don’t want that to occur because it can get fairly
quickly to our nerve. If you look here I’m using some dye to try to determine if the
cavity is still present because not all cavities
are easy to determine just by looking. So we use a special dye
that sticks to the cavity. You can see there there’s
a little bit left. I go in and I remove that
little bit that’s there. And then we also use some special, now we’ve got the cavity
out of there, right? So the cavity is gone. We went fairly deep there at that one spot and we now need to fill this
tooth with a composite filling and want to make it look
like a natural tooth again. So we go back with a special matrix band, which is like that. You can kind of see that metal band that wraps around the tooth and there’s a yellow
wedge you can see there and those black clamps. That device and system allows us to actually make that shape of the tooth back to its original nicely curved shape. So it gives us a much more aesthetic, pretty, flossible, cleanseable, I don’t even think flossible is a word. I just made that up but
we’re gonna go with it. So that way you can really
keep the tooth healthy and so we use that system. You can see after we
place the filling there and the filling has that nice curved shape just like a natural tooth. And now we can go before and look at what the tooth looked like before, during the cavity removal,
the hole being there, after we remove the cavity, and then I’ll finally
again what it looks like when we’ve finished the filling. So there’s filling material, you can see me filling the tooth right now with this technology
that is called SonicFill. It actually vibrates and flows in the filling material like water, even though it’s more like a
dense play doh type material. So then we use a blue light. There you’ll see us
curing the resin in place before the filling is completely done. So that’s kind of the process
of placing that filling. Thought you might want to see that and hopefully this was useful. I mean, I wanted you to
see this x-ray at the end and see how close that
filling was to the nerve. And the takeaway and the reason I said you definitely don’t
want to make this mistake at the beginning is that if you don’t have tooth pain, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a cavity that might be really close to causing you a ton of money and a ton of trouble. This patient here was
tenths of a millimeter away from going from a $150 filling to a $2,500 root canal, buildup, and crown. And you know, because
of our x-ray technology and a good quality filling,
we’re able to save her a lot of trouble and the
fact that she went to us and did this prior to any sorts of pain, is wisdom and obviously saved her from having to spend a lot of extra money. So if this video can help
one person out there go man, I need to go see a dentist, I’ve been putting it off. I get it, life’s busy, things happen. You have kids, you have school. You know, work’s busy. There’s all sorts of reasons why everything else is kind of pulling at you and taking your attention
but this video hopefully it, created it to give you some encouragement that hey, if you go sooner than later you might save yourself a ton of trouble. And if you go to a dentist
that has amazing technology and ways to fix these problems while they’re hopefully smaller or before they turn
into a a real big issue, you’re gonna be in good shape. So if this video is helpful,
please give it a thumbs up. Smash that like button if you could. If you don’t mind subscribing, if you haven’t already, that’d be awesome. Share it with a friend
that maybe you’re like dude, you got a cavity, I can tell. Maybe you could just sense it. And tomorrow, I don’t know
what we’ll talk about. Maybe somebody can post a
question below in this video and maybe I’ll just talk
about that question. I’ve got some other ideas
but you know blow me away, give me some ideas. And until then, you guys
have an awesome evening. You keep smiling, it looks good on you.

100 thoughts on “$2500 ROOT CANAL/CROWN vs $150 CAVITY FILLING MISTAKE!”

  1. My dentist I went too suggested I needed two root canals and crowns because I wanted fillings for my two front teeth but he said it was to close to my nerves. But I have no pain in my two front teeth. Should I still get the root canals?

  2. Thanks for your precious advice and suggestions, but please don't make videos while driving because it needs lot of attention. The world needs you.

  3. The only way to know if you have this deep seeded tooth decay is to get an X-ray? Is there a special type of x-ray i should be asking my dentist for?

  4. What is your opinion of a dentist having multiple offices, do you feel that the customer service and care of the patient declines?

  5. Question…

    How about re-mineralization of those cavity.. Change health. Food intake. Does it work. Can it save us. From drilling and filling. instead of taking away more enamel the softer part. Dentin

  6. I’m scared it might be too late cause it’s started to hurt around my ear. Along with the top and bottom of my mouth. I don’t have insurance or a lot of money cause I’m only a student and I don’t wanna ask my parents cause they’ve done way too much for me… (I think I infected my left top and bottom jaw already (‘: )

  7. I've been worried I had to have a root canal on my front tooth due to a absess now my dentist wants to do a crown! after watching your videos I'm very worried. I'm only 27 years old what would be better for the long run a crown or just get a partial? They said the crown would be 800 my insurance dosent cover it. I just don't want to pay for the crown and in 5 or even 15 years it fall out
    After seeing how the tooth is filed down why is it worth saving? The absess was in my tooth for over 5 years so it was huge and over one year later it still looks big in x ray what should I do. I've also heard a partial hangs onto other teeth by a wire and the teeth that the wire is hooked to start going bad is that true? I'm lost don't know what to do

  8. I just got my root canal filling done last week it was successful but they want me to comeback and do the crown but its expensive even with Dental isurance..would my tooth get infected if I dont get a crown??

  9. The real mistake here was the patient not visiting a dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup with x ray once a year to catch this before it got so far along.

  10. I have a question, my cavity filling just broke while i was eating. There is a gap between my tooth and the remaining part of the filling large enough to stick part of my tongue in. My dental office is closed for some reason until monday… today is friday. Can i wait that long or should i got to another office and be seen asap?

  11. Poor Dexter..😞😞😞😞 You did say ask a question.
    Can you please leave Dexter at home? I think he would
    be a lot happier…👍👍👍👍

  12. thats exactly what happened to me.. I thought cavity will not grow.. but after one year of ignorance I had to spend 3200$ for 2 teeth

  13. Had a 10yrs old filling on my 2nd, redone because of added cavity and started to feel weirdly sharp sensitivity while biting anything, feeling redone, worked ok for a month and back to the biting sensitivity again, btw, the whole time i had cold (more) and hot sensitivity there although the feeling is bit away from the pulp; last checkup verdict? Root canal… Dry ice test won't calm down for about a minute and even after an hour, was having tingling sensation. I have another filling very close to the pulp but that's quite fine grinding wings!
    I guess my docs are good and suggesting what is really needed!

  14. Just wondering if a visible cavity not hole that is 1/3 the size of surface "size of a BB" of one side or outer smooth surface of a back molar, that has turned the majority above roots of tooth a little dark or blackish when seen on x-ray possibly need a crown? No pain or signs of infected roots on xray . This would be a back molar where a lot of chewing force happens. Tooth itself doesn't look black on outside but dentist recommends crown instead a filling. Endodontist says no root canal necessary fill it. Regular dentist wants to place crown in fear of too big a filling. Without removing cavity/decay and seeing for sure if the xrays are in fact showing more damage inside "dark areas" is it possible to know you need a crown for sure. I have had 3 root canals 3 crowns and the were obviously cracked or larger holes painful etc. So for a seemingly medium to large cavity is it dumb to lose some of the real tooth for the stability of a crown. Also maybe the risk of cracking the molar with a larger filling further damaging the tooth possible irreparably? What would you do for yourself in this situation thx.

  15. I had deep filling and had temporary crown . I moved and was trying to make it back for my permanent crown. Well its a month later and now have to have a root canal. Started having a throbbing pain. On antibiotics. 2 weeks later ill have the permanent. Folks care for your teeth. I could have saved myself the pain and extra money.

  16. Do you have any recommended colleagues in Virginia I need a lot of work Done. Getting a root canal done Thursday. I have 4 or 5 Other ones that need to be done

  17. 4:44 patient was 1/10th inch away from a root canal and didnt even know it, had no pain. question: is that advanced xray high aka 3D xray? higher dose imaging to get that detail?

  18. well what happens if they say you have a cavity and you can see there is a hole and it's right at the gum line or maybe below and they say you need a root canal okay so now she works on you for 2 hours and she can't drill through the crown that's on the tooth and she's yelling and screaming she's frustrated she don't understand why she can't do this she's used the alternative to novocaine and it's already wore off and instead of injecting your job again she drops novocaine in the tooth which runs down the tooth and then down your throat she's got a rubber gasket that they call a damn in your mouth and most people can't breathe through their nose it's a nightmare who are training these dentist and in what country are they learning to put patients through s&m it looks like something you would see in one of these torture magazines so what are you do about this tooth that's got a hole at the gum line or below

  19. That gasket or dam is going to end up killing patients you can't cover someone's mouth they've got to be able to breathe through their mouth most people have deviated septums have you talked to any doctor who works on deviated septums he'll tell you more than half of his patients come in with a deviated septum either both or one of the nose canal is completely closed

  20. you'd be much better off just to leave the gasket off so people can at least breathe it's bad enough they drowned you with water so now you got a gasket in their mouth water is pouring down their throat they can't breathe through their mouth they're getting low oxygen getting light-headed this whole thing is like a torture magazine

  21. Thank God i live in a 3rd world country, filling only costs $10-20. BUT I'm spending thousands of dollar for my orthodontic treatment lol.

  22. That's what happened to me. I had no pain but I knew I had cavities. The doc did some fillings and on one of them it was really close to the root. I was in pain for like a week and was put on antobotics because of that. It stopped thankfully. If i didnt get it done though i would have had it extracted later because i cant afford no root canal lol

  23. I spent over 1000$ for a root canal due to my stupid self for doing nothing about fixing a fall off filling hole that I let rot for 7 years. Lesson learned!

  24. Hello sir. So I got my all ceramic crown now with post cz my RCTed tooth broke after a few years. I just have a confusion. The crown I have now is slightly longer and I think a small part of it is on the Gum. I mean a small part of my gum is under the crown. Is it okay?? or will it develop into any complications? I do not notice any swelling or soreness in my gum till now. Please suggest your views.

  25. Ha…same scenario here…my dentist was great and saved me from a root canal. So close to the nerve. Washington Dental Care in Chicago

  26. Hello Dr. O,
    I've been watching your videos and I like very much what I see.
    I have one of my molars on left side that is beginning to bother me little bit when I bite on some hard foods. I went to a dentist and without much diagnosing he said I need a full crown. The tooth has a  filling that has been in place for years, since I was a child.
    The tooth itself to the naked eye looks fine, plenty of enamel. I would love to come see you, but the problem is I live in Florida. Do you have any suggestions for me. I would love to hear from you.

  27. Thank u for explaining. And Fuck the haters. Just keep being you 🤗🤗🤗🤗and making people happy God bless you 🙏❣️

  28. I just had root canal last week and scheduled for crowning next month. I'm not sure if I really need crown? I'm scared to death especially that tooth looks like there's a crack on the side. Please advise.. really need your response. Thank you ahead !

  29. I am going to the dentist asap. I have a ton of cavities and brush my teeth twice a day… Hopefully this dentist I see this Tuesday can actually do what they say they will instead of me never hearing from them after a consult. I want my oral health back to 100% b/c I do have sickle cell disease so this is a huge issue that I need taken care of thoroughly &&& immediately b/c its really affecting my heart at this point. Its really bad!!!

  30. Do I have a chance to get things corrected if its like really bad? Dentists have given me the run around for 2 years almost. Its horrible. I've done tons of consults yet THEY'VE never followed up. I'm having clots coming out of certain gums which I've always told them plus broken teeth & now I'm VERY worried. Its def affecting my heart & I can tell. I do also have sickle cell disease. Please help. I feel like its too late.

  31. Love my dentist. I got a filling filled today because was an old one and cracked refilled 2hrs after numbing went off I'm in some pain is that normal?dentist said if I'm in pain by tomorow to call them

  32. Hello sir may i ask if its okay to have root canal filling only? Because i have no budget on crown bcoz its expensive to have but i'll make sure to be careful ths time to avoid cracking. Is it okay as of now without a crown ?

  33. I’m nervous because I have a really large hole on the side of one of my back molars and I’m scared that if I go to a dentist they will say I need another crown. And I’ve had one before but it was free because I was under 18. But now that I’m an adult, it will cost to get something like that done.

  34. I went in to get 4 cavities filled a week ago. My teeth were fine before getting these fillings. I had no pain or problems when eating, but I wanted to get them filled so that I don't have problems in the future. Now 1 week later I've had pain everyday, I can't pinpoint which tooth it is, but at times its unbearable. I went back to the dentist 4 days after my filling and she said I might need a root canal. Should I get a second opinion? Is this a common problem after fillings? Why didn't she recomend a root canal in the beginning?

  35. I was told today that I have a cavity on my top front tooth and would need a crown. Was told the cavity is growing horizontal and not vertical toward the root. Question filling or crown?

  36. Is there an email where I can send you my X-rays and see what you think? I’m told rct #13 and potentially another one

  37. Filling came out from upper molar. decay. Dentist wants to either do root canal plus crown or pull out and add tooth to my upper partial. What do I do? Thank you.

  38. Back when I was a kid
    An unlicensed dentist placed some filling between my tooth
    and now, I'm having the worst dental health ever

  39. 2500 dollar rooth canal???? I pay 250 without insurance. You fill your root canals with pure gold and diamants???

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  44. Dear Dr
    Why don't dentists disinfect the infection near the root using Ozone therapy then use fillings for the decay on the tooth instead of root canal?

  45. This was great, thanks, been searching for "natural cure for tooth cavity" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Nelevi Gapify Elimination – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.

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  48. Many thanks, I have been researching "stop tooth decay" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Nelevi Gapify Elimination – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

  49. …..

    Im germaphobic so clinics already are a total nightmare.
    And I'm afraid of drills. And the feeling of them.
    And I'm afraid of needles too.
    And social anxiety.
    And I hate physical contact.
    And I hate not being in control of what's happening.

    This is the nightmare in person ; – ;

  50. Or you can go get a filling when it's not necessary and the dentist drills too deep and now you have a sensitive tooth for no reason probably need a root canal now…

  51. I thought I wouldn’t like you because of speaking while driving but I was wrong. 13 years in the dental industry and you are spot on especially with communicating how a cavity being formed doesn’t have to be physically seen or pain felt to be an actual cavity pressing near the root of the nerve. Would you rather invest $150-300 per tooth afflicted every 6-8 months or wait 2-5 years for a $3,000 investment bill. Take the $150-300 per tooth

  52. What's the cause of such a cavity in a tight area? could it be a hidden food trap? Because such a food trap is giving me a hard time..

  53. A small cavity the size of mechanical pencil lead diameter only needs a quick drill and fill no crowns needed. I got my 2 upper canines drilled and filled back in summer 2015 due to minor cavities and they used a state of the art electric dentist drill which stripped away all my fear of getting my teeth drilled right when they turned it one.

  54. Dental repair is far to overpriced in the U.S… $2,500 for one tooth. It shouldn't be allowed. To many people suffer in pain because of it.

  55. Yes flossable! I just had a cavity filled and he got the composite resin in between that tooth and then next and now I can’t really floss well. Booo

  56. I really feel like this guy belongs in Los Angeles not Springfield MO he’s way too goodlooking to be in the middle of America

  57. Dentist told me if I will go for extraction of my lower wisdom tooth, my jaw nerve can be damaged which can lead to permanent numbness of one part of that area. And RCT is something I don't want to do.
    What should I do now?

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