40 NEW Ways to Play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

40 NEW Ways to Play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today I want to talk about 40 brand new ways
that you could play Legend of Zelda breath of the wild now I’m not gonna lie
some of these are gonna be a fun variation of a way to play the Legend of
Zelda breath of the wild and some are gonna be a little bit more of a
challenging way to play it you could also choose two or several of these new
ways to play in the same play through generally you want to avoid a find a way
to do all four divine beasts and also as many shrines as you can before going
after Ganon I’ve also given all of these some really
fun nicknames so you can kind of pretend that there are achievements since you
know Nintendo still doesn’t believe in those putting all this together took
quite a while and we released it on the 32nd anniversary of Legend of Zelda
breath of the wild so just for all this hard work I’d really appreciate if you
dropped a like it really helps support the channel takes to two seconds while
I’m rambling and with no further ado let’s get into it
number one is gonna be a three heart only run this includes new temporary
hearts or me for a stew be active you’re also allowed to swap for some hearts to
get the Master Sword but then exchange it right back at the statue at head Tino
village number two is to remove the safety net of what happens when you run
out of Hearts you die so no me because grace or fairies to help prevent that
ever inevitable death this is a bit more of a challenging one and a little bit
more for people who are pretty experienced with the game is no extended
stamina this includes temporary stamina so you can want to have to be real
choosy on what Clips you want to scale I also recommend upgrading your climbing
gear cuz that set bonus is really helpful or forget about climbing all
together no climbing is allowed you can run up a mountainside but as soon as you
grab a wall you have to tap be immediately to let go although I guess
you can run up almost every mountain thanks to a video buy this one
handsomely bearded youtuber how bad you take away the four most overpowered
things you have in the game the champions abilities so no help from
kirbo Samhita or ravioli ravioli is not gonna give you the Galle Olli
number six is pro mode I know it seems a bit silly but enabling this in the menu
you get so much more screen space and you’re also blind to the weather the
time of the day the mini-map so it’s kind of like you’re actually adventuring
in the wild ah what a breath of fresh air let’s kick it up a notch for Pro
Mode and never ever hit the minus button this means you’re essentially never
gonna look at your map you’re gonna have to tell from the environment where you
are it also makes you appreciate the terraforming quite a bit more a fun
twist of gameplay style would be no item pickups basically if you see something
on the ground don’t touch it that’s not yours every
item that you’re going to get in the game has to come from a chest or you
have to purchase it it’s up to you if you want to include or deposits and not
being allowed to touch them number nine is a good old pacifist playthrough
the only enemies you can defeat are the blights and any other enemies that are
absolutely necessarily needed to advance the game have fun trying to do a shrine
with a guardian Scout slowly chipping away at 1/4 heart with its low laser
shot if the full pacifist run is a little too brutal for you you could do a
run that you’re only allowed to attack by doing a shield block it might even be
possible to beat the blights with somehow someone let me know in the
comment section down below if you ever played most RPGs or minecraft or
anything of the sort you might be familiar with this drop your inventory
on death so if you die you have to drop all of your weapons shields and bows
every time that you get that game over screen and you reload from an autosave
this is a fun one this called Eventide so basically what you want to do is one
whole tower region and when you’re done drop your entire inventory this makes
your plotting of what to get from every region very very important and getting
all the shrines there before moving on is an absolute must this one is quite
simple don’t spend any rubies yes people may
call you frugal or thrifty or penny wise or just flat-out cheap but don’t spend
any of those precious rupees that you found
number fourteen is a survivalist and which you’re not allowed to buy or sell
items to or from anyone in fact try not to be talking to anyone
only info and maybe the old man and this pretty much means that the only armor
that you’re gonna get in the game is gonna be from chests you’re not allowed
to buy it from anyone because then involves talking to people and I’m a
little too socially awkward to talk to people this one is a slightly different
way to play your game in which no horse can be registered at a stable this
morning impact you too much unless you also mix it with number 16 which is no
fast travel everywhere you want to go in the game you have to go on foot this
won’t be very interesting because you’ll start to see more NPCs and more random
generated events take place you might even see some more weird game physics
stuff happen you only have one life link one life to live one life to die just
like the rest of us if you get a game over screen that’s it game over I
recommend not mixing this with the three heart challenge unless you’re that
hardcore I’m not gonna be focusing on play styles that affect your inventory
throughout the game all that armor you got well you’re not allowed to upgrade
it only Stark armor for you so no unlocked abilities for this set
the nice part is you’ll be saving a lot of rubies and you don’t need to pay
those price gouging fairies number 19 is a full-on nudist run not like that not
how you’re imagining it it does take a very skilled player to do a game without
the Zora armor for going up waterfalls so that’s one piece you’re allowed only
when necessary but without resistance from the cold or heat you’re gonna be
making a lot of tonics also you can get the gorilla outfit only to go into town
but if all of that is a little too annoying with all the tonic crafting
then you could do a handicapping you’re also allowed jewelry from Gerudo town
since that’s technically not clothing want to put that giant amiibo collection
of yours to good use the only armor you’re allowed to wear in your
playthrough must be obtained from amiibo drops while we’re doing all this amiibo
scanning how about the only items you could pick up in your inventory can be
from amiibos and doko save spamming either or perhaps you only have one
amiibo great you can use only the items and/or armor from it now that’s a little
bit more hardcore you know what really grinds my gears getting to a rare
far-off place and I thought there was an awesome item for me but no there’s only
a rock with a little forest dwelling creature under it who hands me his poop
so no poop the stock inventory you have stick with it and never increase it and
the nice part is you could just keep Hester’s maracas in your inventory the
entire playthrough mmm it’s so much more satisfying than a giant poop number 24
is no shields you’re not allowed to pick up or use any shields for any reason no
blocking nor deflecting no outfit customization and of course no shield
surfing maybe you’re not a fan of full-on frontal attacks how about
playing like an assassin the only kills you’re allowed to do are
going to be stealth kills also you find yourself traveling at night a lot more
you can also die the sheikah stealth armor white and grain sort of do a
cosplay of Ezio out the third ray from Assassin’s Creed you know who’s a good
boy wolf link is a good boy yes he is yes he is
you should let him come with you on your adventure he’s man’s best friend have
wolf link with you the entire game this means soon as you leave a shrine and he
despawned you re summon him and you never ever ever let him die so you just
feed him lots of sticks he likes steaks he’s a good boy the next
one is also a way to make your playstyle a little bit more immersive you think
that while you’re fighting that mob ‘ln he’s just gonna wait for you to strip
down and change your clothes mid-fight nah dawg so for this one once you enter
a fight you can’t pause your game or change clothes or recover or any of that
you can still use D left ins D right to change weapons but just essentially no
pausing the game you will go with timings and predict an enemy movements
main you real good then the only attacks you can do are flurry attacks
yeah obviously the enemies that you cannot flurries such as Keis or to
choose well they’re not even really anything to worry about pretty much all
the mob lends the lizalfos the bobgoblin’s flurry attack all of them
now this is going to handicap a few shrines but try doing an entire
playthrough with no bows whatsoever you’re gonna get a real fun appreciation
for the spears with the long throw upgrade I guarantee it
number 30 is no upgraded runes and that’s because your shaky slate is a
very old model and it’s not compatible with the new operating system so because
of that Apple doesn’t support it anymore this means that you won’t be able to
have those strong bombs or freeze enemies or worst of all you won’t be
able to use the camera app no selfies for link now there’s a real fun one
you’re only allowed to play with one class of weapon just pick one class and
that’s all you could use one-handed swords or two-handed swords or Spears
but if a single class of weapon is a little too mainstream for you you want
to do something a little bit more niche you magnificent ramen eating hipster you
then let’s take it one step further you only allowed to have one single type of
weapons such as rusty weapons only or only ancient weapons only amiibo weapons
only axes I like to call that one lumberjack flame based weapons or ice
base or electric based or Eagle weapons only or household item and farming tools
only only enemy weapons such as bow Copland weapons or only lizalfos or
stall weapons like Noblin arms tribe weapons only such as Garuda weapons or
Zorro weapons the list really goes on and on and I know I could have filled
the list with like 20 different types of weapons but that’d be bloatware and we
don’t like blow we’re right you PC master-race creating hipster you and if
all those categories of weapons is a load too confusing for you well my head
hurt just trying to write it and read it out loud how about just nice simple bows
only I’m pretty sure you could do it you’ll probably just need to stock up on
arrows quite a bit but wait I think I can complicate bows
too so now you’re not allowed to use regular arrows only elemental and bomb
arrows good thing I know a video by a guy who shows you how to stock up on
those arrows even without glitches wow that guy is awesome you should drop him
a sub if you haven’t already number 35 on our list is going to be a bomber man
so let’s have a little chaos only bombs and bomb arrows are allowed nothing else
just make sure you avoid rainy areas with those bomb arrows let’s take a look
at all those things that link shoves into his rathole the first way to switch
things up is you’re only allowed to eat uncooked food in fact no cooking at all
this immediately makes it so you won’t have options of buffs from cooked food
or tonics let’s be a little bit more health-conscious than eating all that
uncooked chicken there link how about let’s go vegetarian so no birds or meat
or fish or snails or crabs and no tonics from bugs either this is technically
called a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet as you can
still have animal byproducts such as eggs and milk have fun with a diet of
mushrooms and mighty thistles hmm you know what let’s go full vegan everything
that vegetarians abide by put also no animal by-products this includes no milk
or butter and no dragon parts either so forget about the three spring shrines
also a quick note a vegan friend of mine said that honey is fine because it’s not
really animal by-products it’s more like insect to vomit so I guess that’s fine
also we’re gonna consider monsters as monsters and not animals so I guess
Monster extract is all right although I’m still not technically too sure about
what it is oh that reminds me you also really shouldn’t be using the snow quill
armor or the climbing gear or the barbarian gear or the radiant gear or
the snow boots and sand boots or any of the wild sets or the any of the Lynx
sets or any armor that has any animal parts or bones or leather etc wow going
vegan is harder than I thought make sure you tell everyone that you’re going
vegan every single time someone says how are you playing breadth of the wild also
you’re still allowed to eat rocks and trees since that’s pretty much what
vegans eat anyways you know it’s even more hardcore than being vegan no food
at all only Sonic’s full cleanse diet for you the
nice part is all the food can be sold to beetle and by small insects and animals
from him here’s a helpful hint the only tonic that’s going to recover
hearts is cooked with a hearty lizard native to the Gerudo desert and then
included see now know what you’re thinking it’s not hardcore enough bro
and you’re right no food or tonics the only way to recover hearts is sleeping
in a bed or collecting spirit orbs our hearts and divide beasts obviously you
can’t mix this one with no armor because you wouldn’t last two seconds in Death
Mountain without bursting into flames and for a bonus one I’m gonna call it 41
I’m gonna call it link’ll as soon as you can buy the gorilla outfit and wear that
for the rest of the game guys that’s gonna be wrapping up 40 brand new ways
for you to play Legend of Zelda breath of the wild if you beat it if you’re an
absolute ace of the game pick up a few of these mark it down is this is the
type of run that you’re doing and have a lot of fun if you haven’t done so drop a
like on the video and if you’re new to the channel I’ll be sure to subscribe
and turn on notifications until next time Austin John out

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  3. My first run I didn't get anymore stamina so that one is down my first run all my shrines went to hearts now I still have only one wheel of stamina but I made a different save and on there I have maxed stamina

  4. Okay so about the not talking and buying from people thing you can’t to the gerudo divine beast cus you need the armor to even start it

  5. #36 only raw food
    Me: well the last time I cooked something was for a side quest a week ago so I think I’m good

  6. Well my wiiu disc isn't working so we're gonna bring it to gamestop and if it doesn't work I'm just gonna buy it for the switch but I'm trying to keep sane by watching these videos.

  7. Don’t talk to people that means no getting gerudo veil from the person from Kara Kara bazaar

  8. But they don’t let you go through the desert on a horse with no name because the horse doesn’t want to feel good out of the rain

  9. I have an idea, try beating the game taking photos of everything that can be registered in the hyrule compendium

  10. I actually played through without extending my stamina and, I must say, it REALLY changed the game entirely for the better. Everything has to be thought out, cooking stamina regenerating foods is a must, and you have to have better timing with everything stamina related. Really fun, highly recommend it.

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  13. Hipster run: vegan, pacifist, only wear colorful clothing no armor, you can’t beat horses

    Can anyone think of anything else

  14. No-mo: no parries, flurry rushes, arrow focuses, etc. Keep the game at its normal pace, don't screw with the space time continium.

  15. i thought about a challenge called gaurdian enthusist.

    once you complete the great plateau you have to make your way to the digdogg suspension bridge east of the great plateau you have to kill the gaurdian scout in there to take its items and the thats where the challenge begins.

    Armor such as the gerudo vai outfits are allowed but only to enter the town once you leave the town you have to put the gaurdian armor back on right when you leave. same goes with the flamerbreaker, snowquill and the zora chestpeice.

    Since there is only one Ancient bow you can carry only up to 2 non gaurdian items if its melee weopons or sheilds. another requirment is to get the camera rune because every gaurdian you see that isnt destroyed you have to take a picture with or of it. along with any gaurdian items.

    If you have the DLC you can only put the Ancient Saddle and Bridle on your horse. or only you the mastercycle zero.

    going to akkala is also a reqirment to get he aincent gear or other items.

    you can put your own twist to it when you try it

    Or if you want to start the callenge and going after the divine beasts after getting the gaurdian armor is another way to start it.

  16. Pfft, I already do the Walker run, I like to use my horse a lot! I kind of feel like I’m cheating when I use shrine, tower, etc. teleports.

  17. 32nd anniversary of Breath of the Wild??? Are you from the future, cuz where i am, it's only two years old, so…

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  19. I have my own idea for a run. It’s called the true amnesiac run. Link has slept for 100 years and forgotten many things. How about he goes on an adventure only following what the game says to do? If the game says Link can do something then that’s is what he knows how to do. You must only follow the prompts given and do each of the quests to the letter. No sidetracking.

  20. Here some additionnel challenges:

    Night owl: you can only explore at night except at the start.

    Boogeyman: you can only explore during day and must sleep at night

    Realistic meal: you must/and can only eat 3 times a day: 1 dessert, 1 salad, 1 hot dish. I dont care if you are full life.

    Health problems: you simply can't run

    Barbarian: when you see an enemy, you must kill it no matter what. This dont apply to lynel and minibosses but you can add the crazy barbarian rule.

    Next level vegan: you can only eat rocks (yes you can do that)

    intended master run: if you play master mode, you're not allowed to go to the hyrule castle until you do all other main quest (including DLC)

    Oooh Shiny: on master mode, your're only allowed to take weapons from flying platform. And traveller weapons minimum. monsters class weapons are forbidden. Bye boomerangs. Bye wooden bad weapons, and rusted weapons.

    Ultra Hardcore run: Master Mode, 1 life , you can't regen health by all means. The only ways to regen health: hearty meals, potions, fairied. You can have a Maximum of 10 hearts.

    Realism run: no magic, no elemental arrows or weapons. Technology weapons allowed.
    You are allowed to put your arrows in flame and fire them. Ancien arrows allowed

  21. These were never new. People like to challenge themselves and all of these "new" ideas you had have already been used by people who played the game. But also nice video I like how you used the idea of wasting peoples time to get money.

  22. Tribal Barbarian Challenge
    – Master Mode
    – kill all enemies you encounter, this includes the white maned lynel on the Great Plateau
    – The only tower you are allowed to unlock before starting the challenge is the Great Plateau
    After that, you have to get to the Three Lomei Labyrinths as soon as possible and get the whole Barbaric Set
    – You are NOT allowed to take the armor off at the end of the game
    – The challenge ends when all 3 barbarian armors are 4 Starred from Great Fairies

  23. The game over that's it one would be really hard I mean Thunderblight… I would just give up by that point. Windblight on the other hand do that with 3 hearts easy

  24. I accidentally activated pro hud mode after completing the great plateau an had to find every village without any easy orientation

  25. I came up with my own challenge it is were you drop three of everything and choose one outfit the find your items on the ground

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    Edit: maybe you can damage him with the explosions from the immediate explosion

  27. 2 challenges I came up with are to either manually snap every photo for the Compendium, or to purchase every photo and keep the Compendium full of the default pictures, save for the forced Sunshroom.

  28. Lmao my first playthrough was no fast travel/ no horses
    I really wanted to explore the beauty of the world and take it all in
    If you haven't done it yet, it's definitely worth it.

  29. How about a challenge called environmental where you not only have to change clothing based on environment (flamebreaker for lava, mountain climber for Rocky area) but change weapons there as well(thunder weapons in rain, ice weapons in cold, etc)

  30. there is a other be a insane lumberjack and cut every tree in ur path……no just me okay grabs axe and keeps swinging at trees (2 hours later) ahhhh all the trees are gone wait is that global warming…….oh well sorry everyone u dealing with this by yourself love ur vids bye :3

  31. I got the cheap amiibo card thing for hero of time link, so my next play through, Im only wearing the hero of time armour and only using elixirs, no other armour or food. I also want to only use the hylian shield, master sword, sticks, hammer, boomerang, and a long sword. Im sure this isnt an origional idea but im excited to do it.

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