100 thoughts on “5 Cool Facts about Leopard Geckos | Pet Reptiles”

  1. Hey guys I got a leapord gecko named Ozzie and I am keeping him in a five gallon until he gets older. I'm not sure how old he is but he is 4.5 inches in leingth. When should I move him up to my 10 gallon? Also what is the ideal amount of crickets I should feed him a day? Thanks!

  2. I use to have one in my 3rd grade class. She died, though, from an eye infection near the end of the school year.

  3. Ha ha the other reptile in the background, its like "dude can I be in the video….right screw you im gonna climb up a bit and make a drama out of getting back down!" Had to rewatch it like twice for that guy lol

  4. no sand only lepord geckos that have adapatated to sand like mine they spent most of thir live in it

  5. I tried looking everywhere and looking up on the internet but dose anyone know how to make a black pearl gecko

  6. I see that in the description you say that there is lots of sand where leopard geckos come from; this is certainly not true, leopard geckos come from rocky places

  7. Why are they sooo dang adorable but still scared to ask my parents because I've done o match reserch on them and then my parents will say no and I'll be so sad

  8. not be that gut but this was not the most helpful video. love howcast and its helped me learn a lot but this did not really help to learn about the gecko

  9. Great video; very well done. If you like to know more about reptiles and amphibians in Afghanistan go here:

  10. Leapard geckos number 2? I mean bearded dragons are cool but I don't think they are easier then a leapard gecko.

  11. I really like this book >>> https://plus.google.com/u/8/117522598472173541692/posts/SEdGqQ5uHh7  I bought it because I recently purchased a Leopard Gecko and because I am a first time owner I thought it would be best to learn a little about them. The book has been very helpful in making sure my Leo gets what he needs for nutrition and also he recently had a problem with shedding his skin and the book told me what I needed to do. It is a good price and a smart buy for the beginner!

  12. Actually I'm pretty sure that the leopard gecko does not live in sand but more rocky terrain and its dangerous for them to live in sand cause they could get a impaction if they eat it

  13. I have never seen yellow Geckos but I'm looking them up because I have a tribe of them in my backyard. They catch bugs underneath my porch light on the wall. So pretty.

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