5 Items That NEED To Return in Breath of The Wild 2!

5 Items That NEED To Return in Breath of The Wild 2!

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The main protagonist of the Zelda series,
Link has been around for over three decades now and during his many adventures over the
years he has built up quite the arsenal of items. Ranging from magical enchanted boots that
allow Link to run and glide across open gaps that would normally lead Link to a fatal end,
basic but brilliant bows that the hero has used in an assassin like fashion to take on
his enemies to more technical items like the remote control grabbing Beetle device found
in Skyward Sword. That list could go on for a while but I’d
say it’s very fair to say that Link is spoiled for choice when it comes to his items, but
sadly for Link in Breath of The Wild the items took a complete 180 and went a lot more basic. There is however a sequel to Breath on the
way and this offers the opportunity to bring some of his classic and loved items back into
the series and given the reception on my recent Breath of The Wild sequel videos I thought
I’d continue the trend as I still have plenty of ideas, so I put together a list of five
items I would absolutely love to see make a return to the series in the Breath of The
Wild sequel. So without further ado here is my list of
5 items that our hero Link has used over the years on his adventures that I would like
to see return in the Breath of The Wild Sequel. Getting the ball rolling at the opening number
5 spot is, the Mirror Shield. This item is one that has appeared in multiple
games over the years but in my opinion it’s best and most iconic appearances came in The
Wind Waker, Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time. The Mirror shield is one of the most unique
items as it takes what would normally be an everyday essential to Link and gives it a
complete makeover that comes with an extremely clever mechanic. The name really speaks for itself here. It’s quite literally a mirror shield and
offers some of the coolest puzzles in the series. Some great example would be having to deflect
light around a room and make it bounce of other mirrors or reflective objects in order
for a beam of light to reach a specific location. Now whilst puzzles took a bit of a holiday
in Breath of The Wild I could see the return of the mirror shield having a role in the
combot of the sequel. Unlike its counterpart the Hylian Shield,
when projectiles are fired or spat towards Link and blocked with the mirror shield they
just break away and turn to rumble, with any other regular shield these objects would often
be fired back which thinking about it now, it would make more sense for that to be the
other way around. Either way I think it would be really cool
to see some enemies in the sequel that will shoot beams towards Link. Similar to how the guardians hunt Link down
with laser beams and their beams can be parried back, but with a mirror shield on Links side
deflecting those attacks would become effortless. I feel like this item should be more of a
reward for fairly late in the game to avoid making the majority of the story a walk in
the park. This would depend on how puzzles are done
in the sequel but it would also open up the chance for the developers to bring back some
light manualiption puzzles a kin to The Stone Tower Temple in Majora’s Mask. So that’s my first pick, the Mirror Shield. Coming in at number 4, The Fishing Rod. No I’m not joking, I seriously want to see
the fishing rod make a return to the series. Call me weird if you want but I can’t tell
how much time I’ve spent fishing in Twilight Princess specifically. The Fishing Rod has appeared many times throughout
the series, it can be found in Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Phantom
Hourglass and Majora’s Mask 3D but the version I would love to see make a return is the one
found in Twilight Princess, well I should really be saying varieties. In Twilight Princess we get the more basic
Bobber Fishing Rod which can be used anywhere in the game and then later in the game we
can rent the lure fishing rod from Hena’s Fishing Hole. My main reason for choosing the Fishing Rod
is because in Breath of The Wild I was seriously surprised and disappointed to not see the
fishing rod. The game was filled with ponds, rivers and
open seaside shores but the only way we could actually catch fish is through hand catching
them, shooting them with and arrow or electrocuting them, to me not including the fishing rod
was a huge miss. In my personal opinion, it was so fun in Twilight
Princess just rowing about the pond and well, fishing. It’s relaxing and offers a fun break from
the main quest that other breaks like mini games wouldn’t. Twilight Princess even had a little depth
to fishing, you could collect different kinds of lures through a mini game and also find
a lure hidden in the water. The Breath of The Wild sequel could take this
to a whole other level and maybe be as in depth as say the ship customization in Phantom
Hourglass. Feel free to call me basic but taking my number
4 spot if the fishing rod. Now for the middle of the pack number 3 spot,
The Iron Boots. Staying around the element of water the iron
boots are a very unique and funciatal item to the series. These bulky boots can only be found in three
games, Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. They more or less serve the exact same purpose
in all three games but being a Twilight Princess super fan, we will use the boots in that game
as our example. As you can imagine from the name, they are
boots made of iron and if you have enough common knowledge on iron and metals you will
know they can be heavy. That is the soul purpose of the iron boots,
to be heavy and weight Link down. The main usage we get from the iron boots
is for underwater exploration, something that was again, surprisingly not in Breath of The
Wild. They help Link get to the bottom of the body
of water very quickly. A good way to describe how they work is by
imaging Link with an anchor tied to his feet dragging him down to the lakebed or seabed. Being a Zelda game, logic isn’t too present
and Link is still able to walk around just a much slower pace, this offers some really
fun and at times scary underwater adventures and with the sequel to Breath very likely
being open world seeing the return of the iron boots would instantly give the game a
whole new world to explore below the waves of Hyrule. I’m actually very scared of large open water
and it still scares in video games but I love a good fright or something to put me on edge
so I would love to be able to venture the seabed of the Lurelin shores or the lakebed
of lake hylian, and who knows what we might find down there [*Cough* A dungeon? *Cough*] Well we can only wait and find out. So taking my number 3 spot if the Iron Boots. Now for the runners up, number 2 spot. The Lens of Truth. Now this pick is an interesting one. The Lens of Truth is an ancient Sheikah Artifact
that holds powers anyone would kill to get their hands on. Like a few other items on this list, the name
really tells us all we need to know. The Lens of Truth is a magnifying glass but
with a unique ability. Whoever holds this mysterious relic and gazes
through its eye will see the real truth behind everything. The Lens of Truth only appears in Ocarina
of Time and Majora’s Mask but is undoubtedly one of the most iconic items in the series
due to it’s extremely unique and powerful abilities. Some great examples of just how strong this
piece of glass is would be when Link uses it to see hidden platform in order to make
his way across a deadly drop, allowing Link to see hidden openings in the wall and even
hidden chests. I actually have a bit of an idea as to how
we can acquire this relic in the sequel. I would love to see us finding and digging
up this old relic, maybe a sheikah person from Kakariko Village knows some info on the
long forgotten relic and we go on a bit of a scavenger hunt to locate it, then once we
have it we can see things in the world of Breath of The Wild and whatever new areas
we get to explore in the sequel that we wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye. Similar to what I said with the Iron Boots
this item could even open up an amazing opportunity to reveal a dungeon hidden within Hyrule. So taking my runners up number 2 spot is the
magical and long forgetting Sheikah Relic, The Lens of Truth. Before I reveal my number 1 pick, here are
a few honorable mentions. The Ball and Chain from Twilight Princess,
The Skull Hammer from The Wind Waker and The Beedle from Skyward Sword. Number 1, The Clawshot. This was a tough one to pick, I could of said
the hookshot or longshot but I just personally prefer the clawshot and one of the main reasons
for this is because in Twilight Princess you can find a second clawshot to create the double
clawshot and in their Skyward Sword appearance we find them already doubled up. In the sequel to Breath I would be so so happy
if we can find the double clawshots somewhere in the game. If you know your Breath of The Wild travia
you will know that the developers did try to work in the hookshot originally but it
wasn’t really working without essentially breaking the game and making it way too easy
but I feel like the clawshots could work in the sequel if used realistically. By that, I mean don’t allow us to grab onto
anything within the world, make it so that they can only grab onto stuff like wooden
objects and metal fencing like in Twilight Princess. I will admit, it will be a challenge to bring
them back but I feel like if they could definitely work for whatever new lands we are given to
explore in the sequel and within some of the existing Hyrule but they aren’t just for
traveling, they can be used in combat. In Twilight Princess they were used to draw
enemies closer to you and then attack them, this proved very useful for airborne enemies
and enemies that are heavily armour. The clawshots made for a fun mechanic in combat
which in my opinion was really clever. They took what the hookshot did and added
in some combat mechanics. I could see them being primarily used in dungeons
but with some open world usages too. So the item I want to see return in the Breath
of The Wild sequel the most, is the Clawshot. Thank you so much for checking out the video,
I really hope you enjoyed it and if you did be sure to drop a like and maybe even subscribe
to see future videos. What do you guys think? What items would you love to see make a return
in the sequel. Those are my personal picks, be sure to let
me know in the comments what your 5 items would be. A massive thanks goes out to all of my wonderful
and amazing Patreon supporters for your generous support to the channel. So special thanks to Hexovian, Lenerk01, Kaytala,
Kerika, Sephira Skye, Danile Killman, NayrusLove13, Barky Doggo, Arli Quinn, Em, Kris Simpson,
Andrew and Brett Harris. Your support is very much appreciated and
I can’t say this enough but thank you. Again I hope you all enjoyed the video and
until the next time, I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.

68 thoughts on “5 Items That NEED To Return in Breath of The Wild 2!”

  1. They could do the Mirror Shield like they did the Hyljan Shield and give it high durability but have a way lower defense stat to make up for the mirror effect

  2. I like how there's actually a bit of a mirror shield in botw.
    If you get an ancient shield from Robbie, you dont have to parry a guardian's laser to send it back.

  3. I would really love to see the dominion rod return… It was one of my top favorite items in twilight princess! I just loved using the rod to posses giant statues to move through puzzles, use on enemies, and kill armoghoma in the temple of time

  4. How good would a 1080p ocarina of time/ majoras mask with added extras be on the switch? With maybe remakes of the other games that already have hd versions on their own cartridges? They've done links awakening so maybe a few ds titles aswell

  5. Doesn’t matter to me actually, just give me more legend of Zelda on the switch. My first Nintendo console since the n64 so I missed a lot that I couldn’t get on emulators..

  6. I kinda just want to fish in a Botw environment with a fishing rod and not always kill an entire coral reef with electric arrows

    It is preaty fun to shoot an arrow into a lake and see fish float up

  7. I think it would be interesting if transformation masks made a return (or were upgraded)! That could just be me comparing this sequel to MM since the developers said it'd be darker. 🙂

    Awesome video as always!

  8. I just don’t want to be able to walk in a dungeon and already have everything I need to beat it. BOTW is good but the sense of wonder disappeared fast.

  9. If they include the claw shots, perhaps making them almost impossible to collect would make the player feel like they earn them, while also discouraging not so serious Zelda players.

    I really would like them for solving a few puzzles around Hyrule, it would be fascinating.

  10. I think the ocarina of time would be a cool dlc bonus weapon are make a cool rune. Maybe be able to play a song that causes a 35s rewind or play song of storms and create instant rain (for whatever reason). I think it would be a cool and fun bonus just like majoras mask.

  11. -The mirror shield is probably my favorite Zelda item. Might be the nostalgia I get from the Spirit Temple in OOT. Also, I like items that can be seen on the character model while playing.
    -The fishing rod is a great inclusion that I did not realize the game needed till Hyrule Gamer mentioned it. Jumping into the water and grabbing a fish is kind of dumb. Using the fishing rod would make acquiring the fish more rewarding, and they could make a small mini-game out of it. Different baits for different fish. Fish that have a higher quality of benefits in cooking could put up more of a fight while on the hook.
    -The lantern needs to make a comeback, and have a whole dungeon designed around darkness. Something akin to that trial where you had to light the torches.
    -A musical item definitely needs to return. Be it a harp, a flute, or what-have-you.
    -I liked the different types of weapons in BOTW (swords, spears, greatswords) but they need to stop breaking, or at least acquire some specials ones that never break as you progress through the game. They don't have to be the best damage wise, but they at least never break.
    -And not exactly an item, but it would be nice if horses, or mounts in general, would be made more useful, or just tied into the game better. The vertical scaling of BOTW, mixed in with the abundance of quick-travel points, made horses virtually unnecessary or impractical.
    -Similar to the last as it not being an item, but a dungeon in the next game should have a boss that you fight flying around on the back of a Rito (Teba?) as a sort-of throwback to loftwings.
    -And, importantly, all items should have more practical uses in the over world as well, beyond the dungeon they are found in. Looking at you Twilight Princess

  12. Mirror Shield – yes but that may be hard due to the item breaking mechanic so maybe a mirror type of shields?
    Fishing rod – OMG yes give me the fishing and plenty of fishing areas. Like let me also take a boat out on the ocean and just sit there fishing.
    Iron boots – they'd be cool but I eant underwater exploration.
    Lens of Truth – would be cool to see a modern equivalent made by the ancient Sheikah from 10,000 years ago.
    Clawshot – give me a double one and let me swing on it like Spiderman.

  13. New items I would like to see in BOTW2, the Boomerax (a one-handed ax that can be thrown like a boomerang), and the Cavalry Sword (a one-handed sword that doubles its attack power when used on horseback).

  14. I also wish we’d had a true fishing item in BoTW, but that said, I did think it was hilariously overkill to throw bombs in the water to get fish for meals. This Link is commonly portrayed as being the most extra of the incarnations, so it’s oddly fitting for him to wildly jump in the water or apply an unnecessarily OP/whacky method for catching fish.

    Zelda would want the rod, though.

  15. Mad lad. Almost gained another 2k subs! #BRINGBACKTRADITIONALITEMS I could for sure see the MS working similar to the ancient shield. Maybe it could only reflect one guardian blast without deflecting or something? 110% need the fishing rod back. Oooooo the LT would be dope to get back. They could use it as a replacement for the Sheikah Slate view or something including the lens mechanic it normally has. MAN!! I didn't even think of the CS. That could work as they need to latch onto something instead of like the HS that can basically hook into anything with a wood surface. You're killing it brotha! Keep it up.

  16. I just had this visual image of Link standing over a smith's forge and hammering away to upgrade an item and … an NPC waiting in line lol. My goodness all the possibilities. 😉

    There were surfaces in BOTW that we couldn't climb – maybe that's a way to incorporate the clawshot.

  17. If the Champion Abilities don't return there are similar things that I'd like to included, the Medallions from "A Link to the Past" (Bombos, Ether and Quake) and maybe the Canes of Byrna and Somaria.

  18. Definitely want the fishing rod over fishing by hand. The Zora Tunic and iron boots are needed for underwater exploration. The clawshots could be useful for getting to places impossible to climb due to overhangs or smooth surfaces.

  19. I miss the magic meter. It makes it more of a challenge. Seems a little overpowered to have
    Link just be able to spam elemental arrows and runes willy nilly like he could in botw

  20. The ancient shield automatically reflects guardian lasers and the guardian shields automatically reflect guardian scout lasers.

  21. (BotW really should’ve had the fishingrod, even if you didn’t get it straight away. That game DEMANDED you forage, yet…it’s either handfish or Hacks? SHENANIGANS. Even moreso than not having underwater and underground exploration! Like, fishing actually had a use in that game!)

    I see your iron boots and raise you… Retiarius underwater combat, ideally taught by the Zora, as they already fight with various polearms and are an aquatic people. I am NOT a fan of iron boots for swimming…plus Rust Much?! At best they’re a hack to avoid actually animating Link Fighting-While-Swimming. So…just upgrade his swimming by adding in Actual Underwater Combat. (SMH the closest we got to that was the mermaid suit in Oracle of Ages! Which, LA and Oracles had clunky-but-doable Underwater Fighting, but it was best utilized in Ages with the tail (and actually Link could go FASTER than he would with even the pegasus seeds)

    Really, the only time I thought the iron boots were Remotely Clever was in TP’s Goron Mines where you’re actually magnetized and fighting gorons. Now THAT was badass, and NOT a hack.

    The lens of truth is…okay…but I honestly preferred LBW’s use of the lantern and the nervewracking feeling of needing to completely extinguish your light in order to see the Paths (but still getting your ass handed to you by enemies because THEY aren’t visible instead). That was such an ingenious juxaposition. And the lantern even got important use in that dungeon’s bossfight. Which…a lantern would ALSO be Very Useful in underground and other Dark areas.

    (PleasepleasePLEASE have lots of Underwater and Underground regions and dungeon segments…)

    The Beetle’s a clever item for recognizance, puzzles/switches, and simply grabbing out of reach items. Honestly, outside of 2D Zelda? I don’t use the boomerang and I certainly didn’t miss it in SS (although the MotionControls often screwed up, but it generally wasn’t that big a deal with that item vs others). Really…the only 3D Zelda I used the boomerang as a StapleItem was in Windwaker.

    The clawshots should definitely return, but as an over midway item. BotW’s biggest strength was being able to climb EVERYTHING. I’d hate for it to lose that. It would, however, be satisfying for the clawshots to be introduced as a faster way to climb (like, say, with something chasing you as well as being a way to fight it off midclimb vs being vulnerable)/only way to climb certain things like in TP …but the gyroscoping aiming for TP and SS was a pain in the butt as you had to wait for the mechanics to recognize what you were aiming at if you couldn’t just TargetAim instead, so that’s something to improve.

    Oh. Enchanted Items
    Rings, Masks, Armor. They’re fun to collect and many of them are useful (although I’m completely okay with some of them being Novelty Gags or Completely Cursed. It adds to the variety like the HarryPotter jellybeans.)

    Elemental Arrows/Weapons.
    Just…that added such cool variety.

    Disposable/collectable weapons. Okay. So the shield thing in SS really bugged me. But in BotW that was the entire point, with “hey look I can use anything!” and the goal to find BETTER gear. Obviously at some point you should have a Non-Breakable Sword, Shield, Bow, and Polearm* (*refer to Underwater Combat Wishlist). But the Limited Durability Ones should still have some perk over the Permanent Ones to make them Fun vs Outmoded Junk.

    They’re just…fun. (I like setting stuff on fire, okay???) Although they shouldn’t work on Everything. Certain enemies should still be required to be fought with Sharp Pointy Things like arrows, blades, and thrusting polearms. But for AoE and CrowdControl? Yeah. Rods are fantastic. laughs maniacally in LBW

    Musical Instrument
    The only time I didn’t love this addition was in SS. (They turned it into a freaking rhythm game just to continue the freaking motion controls. You don’t get to control the pitch!!!!) But playing Songs to have certain effects or just to derp around? That was fun. Even the extremely limited ones where at best you got to select which song was played…or it was a single button due to hardware limitations. (Why yes. I do like the Zelda1 Recorder over the Goddess Harp…as I didn’t have the same expectations attatched.) ST and OoT had the best Instrument Mechanics (although the DS microphone was just as touchy as the Motion…which Fix That.)
    I’d love to see the Goddess Harp return as it has a lot of lore attatched to it since it’s used by both Hylia and Zelda/Sheik. But again…fix those mechanics. Pluck (buttons) vs strum! But woodwinds always work well—as a recorder and pennywhistle player? The button orders legitimately feel like fingerings. The ST panpipes also felt nice since those work by blow&slide.

    Bombs. Just…bombs. Athough the Sheikah Slate bombs were very nice. I don’t really see these as a Weapon so much as a Weaponized Utility. And “animated bombs” outside of PH’s use of bomchu (recognizance) are absolutely useless. Standard vs Waterproof bombs were very nice tho. But…more use for Waterproof bombs, please!

    Paraglider. Easily more useful than the Dekuleaf and Roc’s Cape. And being able to auto jump/flip/manual jump has long replaced the need of the Roc’s Feather

    Basically…I’d love to see More Wearable Items, and minimal gear but the gear that IS there is VERY well used. I despise having items that are only used once (especially in their own segments) or have such a loooooong windup time that you’re left open to three attacks in the space that it takes a single attack to release&connect (glares at ball&chain and hammers). I want the items to feel organic to combat for several different fighting styles as well as used in Clever ways.

    Also…for the Indestructible Items? Rupee-based upgrades, or upgrades after you maintain materials. For Destructible ones? Repair and Recovery. Instead of completely losing it, you pay fees to repair it depending on how damaged it is. If it’s completely broken, it’s not lost but you can’t use it again until after it’s repaired. (Oh, and probably add in DamageDealing and Durability and Other Effects in there, too.) So, you start with wooden and iron shields that have the same pros&cons as they do in SS (that was brilliant). Then have the Hylian Shield as your Standard, with the extra bonus of it being Unbreakable and capable of repelling magical attacks. Then later you get the Mirror Shield, but only use it in specific situations (like Reflecting Light puzzles, redirecting light to attack certain enemies) but its durability is comparative to the Wood&Iron Shields since it’s…well…very smooth and malleable metal. (Too many dents and it Will NOT reflect a beam until given some TLC.) Plus, getting scolded by RepairNPCs is always funny

  22. From what I've read, the Camera Rune has some Lens of Truth capabilities as it can detect enemies and discern the real version of bosses.

  23. The Mirror Shield & Clawshots would make it easier…which may be why we might not see them in the sequel…but I believe the sequel can provide separate challenges. It's like how in the sequel we already have the Master Sword so I want to have the Champions' Abilities & Master Cycle as well. That would be incredibly fun!!

  24. Also yes I would love to see the Skull Hammer & Lens of Truth return!! I loved using them in those games! I miss having both a hammer & hookshot when they are Zelda staples. With the possible enchanted arm mechanic it would be an excellent way for those to return
    Concerning the Lens of Truth, it would be great to see that again, particularly with all the new potential thanks to the dark tone of the sequel and greater development of the Sheikah Tribe. We could get the best uses for it ever made!!

  25. bombchu, the various musical instruments within the Zelda series, deku seeds, ball and chain, whip, double claw shot, sling shot/scatter shot, fishing rod, bug net, Hawk eye mask used in conjunction with bow so we can snipe enemies, various boots in the Zelda series that gave other effects besides the ones in BOTW, gloves/bracelets (that allows Link to lift objects heavier than he can actually lift).

    Lastly BOTW lack sword skills like the ones in Twilight Princess. Also it would be cool if Link can use the lightning during a thunder storm like he did against Demise in Skyward Sword. Magic should be also brought back like dins fire.

    I would also like to see other species that were in the various Zelda games.

  26. If that hand thing shown in the trailer for BOTW 2 plays a part in Link's arsenal, it could gain clawshot-like abilities.

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