5 Sources of Body Odor That Aren’t Just Sweat | What the Stuff?!

5 Sources of Body Odor That Aren’t Just Sweat | What the Stuff?!

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– This is not bowling,
this is “What the Stuff?!” There are rules. (hard rock music) Body odor usually starts
with perspiration, which feeds bacteria
that happen to excrete gross smelling chemicals. Regular bathing and a
deodorant or antiperspirant keep most of us smelling so ♫ Fresh and so clean clean ♫ But some body odor has
nothing to do with sweating. So, trimethylamine is a chemical
excreted by the bacteria in our guts that help
us digest certain stuff, like eggs, liver, soybeans,
peas, and some fish. Those bacteria are great, but trimethylamine, well,
it smells something like rotting fish, or urine, or both. Most of us have a digestive enzyme that breaks down the chemical for us, but in a rare disorder
called trimethylaminuria, if you’re not into that
whole brevity thing, your body makes too little
or none of that enzyme. The result, you give off a
very strong fish-like smell. There’s no cure, but
avoiding the trigger foods and taking certain supplements can help. Researchers at the Monell
Chemical Senses Center found that elderly people
have a distinctive scent. They think it’s caused by changes in aging skin’s glands and secretions. It may have developed to help
early humans differentiate between younger, stronger potential mates and older, less healthy ones. On the plus side for old age,
the volunteer smell testers in the study rated the
body odor of old men as less unpleasant than
that of middle aged men. That’s right, spicy foods can cause more than just bad breath. Some spices, like garlic,
are metabolized by your body to produce sulfur and
other stinky chemicals, which are then excreted
through your sweat, and hot and spicy dishes
can make matters worse. Capsaicin, the active
chemical in hot peppers, can stimulate the nerve
receptors in your mouth and trick your nervous system into thinking you’re overheating, which, in turn, makes you sweat more. When untreated, diabetes can
cause diabetic ketoacidosis, which means that, lacking the insulin to regulate your metabolism, your body is unnecessarily
breaking down fat for fuel. It causes a sickeningly sweet aroma, sort of like decomposing
apples, on your breath and coming off of your body,
and it’s one reason why, when patients seek
treatment for body odor, physicians may order blood or urine tests to determine whether an
underlying issue is at fault. That’s all the body odor
stuff we have time for today, but to learn more about
some of the conditions that contribute to body
odor, from typhoid fever to psychiatric disorders,
check out our article “10 Sources of Body Odor
That Aren’t Just Sweat” on HowStuffWorks.com And hey, I wanna know, what do you think about body odor? Tell me in the comments. If you liked this video, make
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  1. I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Sweatozilax Miracle (just google search it). But Im not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular excessive sweating home remedy?

  2. I don't know which of the two happened, it smells so bad.. so deadly… the worst smell of my entire life.. and it came from ME… i binged on meth for a few days… the clothes i sweated in are beyond repair… i have spent the entire day throwing up. Quit? I couldn't touch it again after today if I wanted to, that is how strong odor affects us, I feel I should in prison not for the drugs, not for the smell of the drugs.. but the smell of my body after the drugs. Oh my fucking lord… it is beyond piss+shit+vomit combined.. it is hell.. inhuman. Never again. I feel really badly for anyone who goes into the laundry room today, but at least they don't know it came from a human and probably assume a dead animal lies somewhere or somebody's cat died on their bed. I shaved every fucking hair off my body or I'd be gasping for my last breathe of air. This was an unreal experience I will never forget. I locked what remains in my washroom as if they were a wild animal attacking me. I'm afraid to go back in for final disposal. I now own almost no clothing. Lesson learned. I can't forget this.

  3. Without the "clever" over-production and the distracting din of music this would have been a good and informative clip.

    I could not understand some of what the hostess was saying. I am not clear why you used an active bowling alley as a background. It drew attention away from the message.

    The intro was awkwardly drawn out with its unnecessary pause. She says, "…there are rules." and what was the connector supposed to be to that command? The hip hop music cut was unintelligible so I missed the point of that sentence. I do not know the song so there is no relation either.

  4. the music is waaay too loud as someone who isn't native in english it's really hard for me to understand what she's saying.. I can't imagine how hard it must be for someone who is hearing impared..(and the subtitles don't work properly either)

  5. I don't think I have ever just not been able to watch a video because of the background music besides this one.

  6. Wtf is this bullshit?! Title says 5 causes and they have one and most of the video was useless intro and asking you to rate, subscribe and leave comments! False advertising and a fucking waste of time! Flagging this sit!

  7. I have Trimethylaminuria(TMAU for short), it is something that you don't even wish your worst enemy to have.It is something depressing.

  8. The body does not sweat and that all persons stand the heat, I would very much difficult, not to sweat and fever, the body heats up jata for it, please tell if any measures…

  9. Another sellout channel. Promoting the idea that many herbal remedy foods are somehow bad for you beauSe they add some odor to you. Well, I'd rather smell a bit instead of developing tumors at full speed. Foods like garlic are great for you people don't listen to these sellouts of the elites ideas and propaganda.

  10. Ancestors on Earth all had so-called "body odor", you can even imagine how spectacular it was when they all together , you could even smell the odor probably beyond a few miles away.
    However, by about 2000 generations ago, after our ancestors went out of tropical Africa, into temperate Asia later, ABCC11 gene of chromosome 16 in the middle of the first 538 bp gene mutation, resulting in a large reduction in the secretion of sweat glands. So, it started we did not have the body odor.
    ABCC11 mutations mainly occured in East Asia, because sweat is reduced, better adapted to cold temperate climate, a genetic advantage. So after 4o thousand years of evolution, the mutant gene of non-body odor in East Asia has become a majority. Among the people in China, it accounted for about 95% of the population. In north central region of China, it is accounted for more than 99%. Therefore, in China, the majority of people are variants, body odor guys has become a handful. Chinese people escaped the fate of living in the body odor surrounding them.
    Population in other parts of the world would not be so lucky as Chinese people. In East Asia, Korean, same as Chinese people, almost 99% have no body odor. But only 84% of Japanese do not have body odor, 16% of people have body odor! Ah! There is one in six people! What you feel when thinking about the scene. This is not the worst miserable. If not in the East, it is even worse! Only 30% of indigenous Oceania have no body odor, while only 10% of whites do not have body odor! Only 0.5% of blacks do not have body odor! That is, except for East Asians, almost everyone has body odor! There is a very interesting thing, body odor can also be used to track the migration of ethnic origin. Indigenous American Indians of North America mostly have no body odor, indicating that they were from Asia, "illegal" over. The Japanese have body odor of people concentrated in the indigenous Ainu people, rather than Yamato, the dominant nation of Japan, indicating that the two different origins.

  11. Every video says how rare this is, but you can find 50 videos about TMAU. Also I don't know how much most of it is actually tied to sweating, bad smells just come right out of your pours and sometimes when you sweat you actually smell better because the water seems to dilute the odor. Too bad there is no cure and some people are so ignorant, including doctors.

  12. oh great i'm currently eating pasta with garlic – third time this week – i must smell like a natural antibiotic
    oh well people will have to bear with me the next three days

  13. I started noticing a strange discharge odor from my face oils. I am doing a week long liver cleanse and have noticed a decrease in that odor.

  14. hy please help me. after washing whether after pooping or just peeing within 5 mins my anus smells fecal odor? how can i stop this?

  15. not in depth enough, wast of time. sort of thing people talk about over a drink. where is the science side of the info like if you have bad blood from an internal condition.

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  17. I have a member of the family which has smelly breath. Her mouth can be closed and the smell comes through her nose. She did not find any help from popping tic spearmint gum and breath mints. Nonetheless, she was greatly assisted with this bad breath treatment “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it). I`m very glad that it neutralized her breath. .

  18. Guys I have a question. Sometimes when I go outside to sunshine I can smell a type of smell from my skin and I don't even know that smell to compare with and only I can smell that. Once I asked my friend to smell my skin he said nothing.
    Is my nose is sharp or something else ? Please guys suggest me something…

  19. I’m a very clean person but I always smells like poop. I don’t know why and it seems to be getting worse

  20. I started this bad breath remedy “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) only Two days ago however the difference has been incredible. There is a girl I`ve wanted to ask out on a date for months but I was so paranoid about my breath I couldn`t risk the rejection. I have become more confident than ever. Have this space watched! .

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