50 Article Ideas in 2 Minutes

50 Article Ideas in 2 Minutes

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Hi, I’m jason I’m the video production coordinator here
at EzineArticles.com I’m normally the guy that’s behind the cameras but today, it’s kind of a special reason that I’m in
front. You see I was going to work in a video that basically is to help get ideas
for new articles. so say for example if you have a writer’s
block you don’t know what else to write how you can overcome that and continue to write
articles. But instead of making it a normal video I’m actually to go and put Marc the Communications
Manager on the spot. He has no idea what’s about to happen We’re
going to catch him completely off-guard. But basically I’m going to go and see if he can come up with fifty article ideas in two minutes. Okay, fifty article ideas in two minutes. So, let’s go see if he can do it. [sound effects] Jason: Hi Marc. Marc: Hi Jason Jason: What are you doing?
Marc: Working
Jason: Okay well I’m going to come
and bug you. Marc: Okay
Jason: I have a challenge for you, do you think you can come up with fifty article ideas in two minutes? Marc: Can I use the blog? Jason: Yeah whatever resources you want feel free, but fifty article ideas in two minutes.
Marc: And you’re recording this? Jason: Yeah this is for our viewers, for our membership. Marc: Ok
Jason: Alright, awesome! You ready? Marc: uh let me yank up the blog here quick. Okay! Jason: all right in three, two, one. Marc: Okay if I had to come up with fifty
ideas in two minutes for articles I would first of all go to the blog and I would go to the article templates. Now the article templates, if you click on the right side article templates
that’ll bring a up seventeen different article templates each
one is an idea in itself and I could write one article, I could many on each of these but
uh we’ll call that seventeen ideas. Jason: Seventeen in thirty seconds.
Marc: Okay, next
would be uh I’d probably go with this one if you type in the search here, I think its… repurpose. I’m looking for a little feather duster here uh there it is. You find this article, five ways to
repurpose content and it tells the five different ways that
you could uh repurpose old content and to create new
articles. And uh so again this is probably be uh fifteen to twenty but we’ll count this as
five is that ok? Jason: Yup, that’s fine.
Marc: so that we’re at twenty two. There, there’s a link has another idea here’s twenty, if I click on this link. Article
article topics to get you unstuck. uh this was a two-part blog and each one has ten different article ideas
to get to unstuck. Like what challenges are my potential customers facing? Do I have
any advice for them? uh, and just writing articles to these ideas. uh so that the twenty more so you were at
forty, forty two and twenty seconds left. Ok, uh the next one let’s see here. I would just go to probably hit a month uh one of the months here. Jason: Ten seconds Marc: and I would go with article sets, and tips to retweet. There it is! Tips to retweet, we’ve got um thirty tips right there. [Buzzer] So seventy, uh what would that be, forty seven, no
forty two plus thirty seventy two seventy two article ideas in two minutes. [cheering and applause]
Jason: Wow, nice job. So seventy two in two minutes.
Marc: Thank you! Jason: Fantastic and all you did was…
Marc: I hit the blog uh the EzineArticles blog. It’s like a, just um, its the treasure trove. That’s what we always tell people
if you want information. Go to the blog. Go to the blog. You can search up by Chris Knights picture right underneath, there’s
a search field that you can search.
Jason: Fantastic! Now in traditional EzineArticles style what’s kind of the lesson
or the take away message for the viewers? Marc: The take away is probably, there is no excuse
for not having article ideas. There are numerous numerous ways to get article
ideas and find ways to generate multiple articles
and uh again first stop is the blog. just go there you should be good for more articles. Jason: What should they do now? Marc: They should go wright more articles which
is the whole point. And what you should do now his lead me alone!

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  1. ok, well I thought there was going to ideas to created 50 different articles not 50 different ways ways to spin out one new article.

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