6 Tips on how to hold your breath longer under water (for beginners)

6 Tips on how to hold your breath longer under water (for beginners)

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Hello, Christian Wedoy here with some tips on how you can improve the time you’re able to spend underwater without breathing But before we begin you should always remember you should never practice this without having a partner present So tip number one you should not be eating anything two to three hours before you’re planning to hold your breath. That is because when you are digesting the food, your body is working. That means it’s using some of the oxygen that you could have been using on your dive Tip number two; wear a diving mask. Not goggles, as you can see I’m wearing in this video. That is for two reasons. Reason number one is it stops water from getting into your eyes and nose The second reason for that is when you are diving down deeper than one to two meters then you are able to equalize the pressure inside the diving mask while if you’re wearing goggles you wouldn’t be able to do that. Which means the goggles would squeeze against your face, and that’s very uncomfortable Tip number three if you want to hold your breath for a long time, you also want to warm up your lungs and get your body used to holding its breath I do this by finding a relaxing position, then I breathe normally for about two minutes, before I hold my breath until I feel it’s slightly uncomfortable Then I go up and I breathe another two minutes. I can now try to hold my breath for about fifteen to thirty seconds longer than I did last time Then I go back up, I relax and breathe for another two minutes before I try to hold my breath fifteen seconds longer than I did last time Then I go back up. I breathe for another two minutes, and now I’m ready to hold my breath for a long time So I breathe as deep as I can three times before I go down into the water And I hold my breath for as long as I can It’s also very important that you do not hyperventilate during this If you hyperventilate it stops your body from telling you when you need to breathe That means it’s very likely that you can pass out underwater and you will drown Tip number four: if you lay totally still in the water, you will be able to hold your breath much longer Than if you move around like you can see I’m doing in the video right now Tip number five You will be able to hold your breath longer if you stay on the surface than if you go deeper into the water Tip number six if you don’t just want to stay on the surface, but you want to swim up and down in the water or stay on the bottom You might want to use a weight belt. I suggest you experiment with a weight belt to see how much weight you need to stay neutral in the water when you’re neutral you can move around more freely and you don’t have to spend so much energy to keep your body down in the water and you dont just float up. Thank you for watching. I hope you liked this video and the other videos on my channel I try to make new videos about once every week, so please subscribe and have a nice day!

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  1. I have asthma and that makes me have almost 2 times harder to breath than other people so I can only hold my breath for 1 minute😔 I love your channel!

  2. longest i held breath (while not beeing underwater) as a practise for get better lungs, the best was two minutes and five seconds.. 02:05,54
    i gonna try and beat my score soon.

  3. I broke my personal record for longest time by about a minute a few days ago at a swimming pool, and now i've watched this video I realise i used a lot of these things unconsciously. My personal record is about 2 and a half minute

  4. I wish I can be him so when it's summer I will beat my sister in the pool when I tell her if we can have a Challenge and then I will win 😀😀😀

  5. No you just strap a tube to one side of a fish’s lungs attach that to your lungs and the fish will get the waters oxygen do that to each side of your neck and you get oxygen

  6. one of the reasons you cant hold your breath as long as him is because you are on land. Humans have this skill called the diving reflex which is when you are submerged in water your body's heartrate goes down and your body tries to save oxygen.

  7. 1. Fill up a glass with water
    2.put the glass of water on a table
    3. Go under the table

    Congratulations you officially can breathe underwater !

  8. (1) Relax, go in calm and think of Happy Thoughts (something to take your mind off of being underwater, grocery list to hot women).
    (2) NEVER Hyperventilate beforehand (its a "trick" to fool your body into staying under longer, but results in Underwater Blackout = DEATH)
    (3) Use a timer, start at something manageable for YOU, and then increase at 10 second intervals as your comfort goes up, wait for the beep!
    (4) NEVER do this alone, even with a Lifeguard on duty, you MUST have a partner watching over YOU PERSONALLY, RIGHT THERE to help.
    (5) Practice out of the pool as well, where you can hold your breath for longer without the risk of drowning. When your body starts to involuntarily convulse (only do this OUT of the pool) it's time to breath again, and if you're going to hold that long, HAVE A PARTNER with you.

    I routinely train alongside military personal in swimming and underwater confidence (calm while doing tasks on a breath hold). It's about BUILDING UP to the skill level you want, it takes time and practice. Also, drills such as U/W knot tying, hypoxic swimming, "Brick Drags" (put 3 to 6 #10lb dive bricks in a plastic milk crate, and drag them with a 6 foot length of rope the length of the pool underwater on a single breath), "Bag Boys" (using 3 or 4 #10lb dive bricks, leap frog them over one another the length of the pool, usually on two breath holds, but more when you're starting), and for HARDER hypoxic swimming do laps and every other lap cross the length of the pool on a single breath, we usually do 500 yards with 5 breath hold lengths, the hard part is your heart is already pumping from the swimming and with NO REST you incorporate breath holds for the length (25 yards) of the pool every 4th length, it WILL kick your butt if done properly. GREAT TRAINING.

    This is me doing a Brick Drag … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01bU203Jlg0

    SSG. U.S.Army (Medically Retired), Infantry / Sniper / SOT-A, multiple tours

  9. No idea how I managed to do that bug at first try I got 1:12, after around 5 more tries I managed to get 2:22, and keep in mind that I'm a smoker, maybe it's because we used to have swimming classes when I still used to go to school ?

  10. 1) don't eat for 1-2 hrs before hand
    2) wear a mask !! not !! goggles !!
    3) warm up lungs and get used to it !
    4) don't move a lot !!
    5) stay on the surface and not too deep in the water
    6) use a weight belt

  11. Can somebody h3lp me wh3n i try to compress the air in my ears comes air out of my eyes out no joke i hade some problems with my ears wh3n i was small i cant sczba div3 because of this please help

  12. I have to take a deep end test tommorow and I have to swim to one end of the pool (the long way) and I can’t stop

  13. thx we do have a deep pool which i cant hold my breath longer so yeah thx for this i appreashate it keep up the good work bro

  14. A tip is try to be calm, being calm can help u a lot. Feel like u are light weight and the water is slowly caressing your body. However I do not suggest doing this in a wave pool. Lol

  15. i couldnt find a mask i have to have goggles and i am scared i will breathe and water will get in my nose oh my goodness..

  16. Wait… you shouldn't go into the water when your stomach is empty but it has to be empty if you want to hold your breath longer?
    My brain: explodes

  17. It's more interesting to know how long one can keep the breath under water when it's in the ocean, there's tall waves, it's winter time and below zero in the air, and you need to rescue someone who are trapped in a car that just drove into the sea. Then it's probably less than a minute for most people.

  18. They say you can hold your breath longer underwater, but for some reason I can hold longer outside water. About 30-40 seconds. Underwater like 10-20

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