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Everyone wants fresh breath but sometimes it can be a little more difficult to achieve than you would think. Let’s take a look! You might think that using a lot of mouthwash would get rid of all your bad breath right? Wrong. If the mouthwash you’re using has alcohol in it you can actually kill too much bacteria, drying out your mouth and causing bad breath. Typically, if we think we have bad breath and aren’t home to brush our teeth we’ll just pop in a piece of gum. But you need to be a little more careful than you think. The sugar and carbs in gum will leave a film on your teeth and bacteria will latch onto it causing bad breath. When you breathe through your mouth your mouth becomes very dry. This is especially a problem when you are sleeping. When your mouth and tongue are dry, bacteria forms causing bad breath. We all know it can be a pain, especially when you’re super tired and you just want to get to bed at night. Go ahead and trash flossing and then smelling the floss. That alone should motivate you. There’s bacteria between your teeth that not even brushing can remove. How long has it been since you switched out your toothbrush? Old bristles are not only less effective, but they also might be holding a lot of bacteria. Having a dry mouth is the leading cause of bad breath so stay hydrated and drink a lot of water, not soda, and you will replenish your saliva and get rid of the bacteria in your mouth. Lastly, maybe you want to prevent bad breath by skipping a meal before you go somewhere. Bad idea. Skipping a meal can lead to unpleasant breath from ketoacidosis, the breakdown of body chemicals from when you skip meals. And if you are planning on kissing any boys, I would make sure to watch out for these tips. Thanks for watching!

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