7 Ways to Get MAX ARROWS – 1 IN 24 MINUTES! – in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

7 Ways to Get MAX ARROWS – 1 IN 24 MINUTES! – in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

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What’s Going on Boys and Girls what up world
deejay Torah from New York City and you check it out my boy the bro
Austin John place is I come he’s okay Austin John plays here and today I
wanted to go over every single efficient way currently in Legend of Zelda breath
of the wild to farm arrows now this is going to be spanning a couple of
different methods throughout a whole bunch of different arrows including
things that require the trial of the sword glitch and many various
alternatives of non trial of the sword glitch that way like if you watch this
in the future is still a viable video so we’re good almost good to be including a
method that you can do to get 999 arrows fire arrows ice arrows shock arrows and
bomb arrows within 26 minutes 26 minutes remember the first arrow farming that
you were in the field and you paying the camera up that took 45 minutes to get
999 we’re going to be cutting that time in half and getting all of the elemental
arrows at the same time in addition you’re also going to have plenty of
stuff to go get a gin arrows but those are cell P we’re not going to talk about
those so first I’m going to be going over all of your authentic ways to get
arrows that do not involve the trial is a sword glitch then I’m going to be
going over trial of the sword glitch then I’m going to be going over the way
to get full maximum arrows in under 26 minutes 26 Pat’s so stick around to the
end for every one of these methods I’m going to be including the time to do
this actual procedure how long it’s going to take for you to have maximum
arrows and if it’s going to require a glitch or no glitch the first one we’re
going to do is located just east of eventide island at the core go to that
shrine I’m sure everyone is super familiar with
this one you fly out to this little circle island over here and then you
just pull the chest out of the water open it up and you get ten arrows now
you can either set down the travel medallion and reward to your current
location or save the game reload the game you do not need the
trial of ass or glitch for this to work with perfect timing doing the entire
thing should take about 36 seconds which means that you need exactly one hour for
a full 999 arrows next what we’re going to be doing is for bomb arrows and it’s
located just north of skull Lake that’s where you first found Kelton head over
just north and make your way to my position that you see on the map right
here which is pretty much right next to the one tree in this North overlooking
area of Skull Lake we’re going to be relying on the rain to make bomb arrows
not blow up when they’re fired at you and you’re going to need this little
overhang of rock right here to make a campfire that way you can come back and
sleep so that the bombs refresh what you’re going to do is head on north from
this location get the tension of all of the bull Coughlin’s over here and then
you’re going to run back and forth and have them fire their bomb arrows at you
and as I mentioned because it’s raining it’s not going to be exploding you can
get somewhere between 12 to 20 bomb arrows so I’m going to round it for 15
as of right now this is the most effective way for free to farm bomb
arrows getting about 15 bomb arrows takes a total of about 92 seconds so if
you went from full 999 you’d be spending 127 minutes and no glitches are required
for this activate once they’re firing the arrows and nothing else is actually
landing on the floor they’re just disappearing
head on back over rest again until it’s raining again and then repeat the
process in arguably the most respectful way to get your hands on elemental
arrows it’s to hunt down silver lionel’s killing silver Llano could drop between
0 and 30 elemental arrows at a time all those having 0 is somewhat rare so I’m
going to round into about 20 arrows this is a pretty resource heavy procedure
because unless you’re really great at dodging and taking out lionel’s in
general it’s going to take about three minutes a couple of hearts maybe some
fairies and of course no glitch is required for this and you’re going to
get a whole bunch of great items when the lionel’s defeated so overall it’s a
great idea the silver lionel’s in the snow area is more likely drop ice arrows
so rely on those you need more tropical regions are more likely to drop
Karos there are some Lionel’s that can drop fire and bomb arrows but there’s
not a lot of them makes a great place for a quick stock up on shock arrows is
going to be palamas mountain now you know exactly where this is it’s part of
the zora quest line once you make your way up here especially if you have
majora’s mask or the lionel mask equipped you can get a total of about
twenty shock arrows it only takes about a minute and a half however these do not
respawn you have to wait for a Blood Moon for them to respawn and you don’t
even respond using the trial of the sword glitch so it’s a quick 20 arrows
you’re not going to get anything too fantastic and it’s not that effective of
a farming method now we’re going to be getting into glitches that require the
trial of the sword glitch I’m not going to be going over it too specifically
there’s a card in the top right corner if you’re not familiar with the trials
of sword glitch which do keep in mind can be done on a profile that has all
the divine beasts completed on the gray plateau just outside of the trial in
which you get Magni sious there’s a small pond that has a large metal piece
of metal piece of metal there and what you need to do is take that piece of
metal make your way over to this bog area and there’s going to be two chests
place your travel medallion in between them open them up you’re going to get
five fire arrows and five ice arrows to respawn and open both of these chests
takes approximately 46 seconds so if you wanted to max out both Fire and Ice
you’d be looking at spending a 153 minutes it’s not a very effective
procedure however in a pinch is a great place to get a few on the way with the
trial of the sort of glitch there’s a whole bunch of chests that for whatever
reason don’t respawn and I haven’t found any that respond a bundle of ancient
arrows to efficiently however one solid place you can go to is that Hyrule
Castle at the second gatehouse here once you defeat a Lionel a box of three
ancient arrows appears now keep in mind you just shoot the Lionel with an H and
arrow he disappears get the ancient arrows use the travel
medallion then you have to leave Hyrule Castle and then teleport back into
hyrule castle in order to defeat him again
with the cost of spending one ancient arrow you’re going to be getting
two-inch and arrows over the course of 90 seconds which is a grueling 749
minutes for a maximum of 999 again not too efficient but got some great news
coming up for you next I’ve done a lot of math a lot of math I’m figuring out
exactly what we’re going to be doing here to get all max arrows and you’re
going to need where’s the number OOP seventy-six thousand four hundred and
seventy-five rupees give or take but that is the magic number now in order to
get seventy seven thousand rupees well you can use the trial of the sword
glitch to get all the diamonds after doing the fifty-five rush rooms which
takes about 36 seconds for the whole respawn which means that you need 91
minutes to get all 77 thousand rupees or right on the grand plateau that ancient
Guardian then I made a video about I’m flipping him over if you can flip him
over and get him to drop course that’s going to be your money now depending on
the items that are coming out of the Guardian that’s going to be how
efficient and how well the game is going to be able to process exactly what’s
going on so say for example right here you see how I have gears
I have shafts and I of course my frame rate was horrible I’m averaging like six
frames per second and that’s going to make it about 20 to 25 minutes to form a
full 999 course however as you see right here I have Springs screws and cores
with mostly screws and core showing up springs being the least common of the
three which is fantastic getting it in the perfect angle you’re going to get a
constant flow of each acres that are coming out now this isn’t the exact
footage I used for a full run of only ancient cores however doing the math it
takes a solid eight minutes to get a full seventy six thousand rupees in
order to get all the money we need to do what we’re about to do and of course
this is trial of the sword glitch mode only a requirement for this is also to
make her way to Tarrytown do the entire Tarrytown questline which
I’m sure you’ve done already if you’re now trying to figure out how to farm so
many arrows of course sell off any materials that you have especially your
precious stones your diamonds or sapphires your rubies your topaz send
your travel medallion down for one edge of the arrow table and you’re going to
be buying five bundles of ten arrows each of all shock ice fire normal and
bomb Arabs the shock ice and fire arrows are all going to cost 700 rupees the
regular arrows are going to cost 175 rupees and the bomb arrows are ten times
that at 1,750 rupees so by the way I did these numbers for a total of 950 arrows
999 because I don’t want to waste any money so for total of 950 arrows of
shock ice fire regular and bomb arrows you’re going to be spending a total of
76 thousand four hundred and seventy-five rupees and in order for you
to efficiently get all of the arrows and respawned to the location is going to be
a total of 16 minutes combine that with the eight minutes that you use to form
all of those ancient cores and that’s going to be a total of 24 minutes in
order to get a full 999 arrows of all five types now of course just do the
whole ancient Guardian thing again flip them over and then get parts that you
want to make away to the Acala h a tech lab in order to get the ancient arrows
but I was mostly focusing on these five it is worth mentioning that it is
slightly cheaper to purchase bom arrows in Gerudo town in which you’re going to
buy three bundles of 20 bom arrows at a cost of 600 per bundle meaning a total
of 1,800 rupees for the entire purchase which comes to a total of twenty eight
thousand five hundred rupees compared to teri town’s thirty three thousand two
hundred and fifty rupees now you’re going to be saving a little bit of money
however in my opinion the cost on time of going to two different locations not
worth it so there you have it boom every single way to get arrows right now now
of course we’re trial of the sword glitch you’re probably going to find a
test of ten elemental arrow somewhere yes you could totally just respawn in
that same one location and get those but this is by far the most efficient
methods ever ever created to get full maximum arrows in a very short amount of
time I’m personally proud of this one so guys if you love it
if you’re going to be doing this drop a like drama comment if you’re new to the
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Austin John out oh by the way leave a comment are you guys getting married
Plus Rabbids because it looks pretty awesome
you’re sure to like this video and subscribe I’m going to be giving you
guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days and weeks till next time
Austin John out

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  8. Or other options for those playing in emulators, install a cheat engine. I personally dont like to break the game which can break the experience too.

  9. kara kar cooking pot with a 3 or 5 shot yelds 150 to 300 arrows per bow. light the arrow then shoot it pick thme up before they burn free normal arrows.

  10. Sad part is people that bought the travel medallion probably don't even need these glitches the people without need them more

  11. this is patched kara kara pot with a muliti shot bow is the only way to do it now. also faster in theory youo get about 100 arrows a minute. glitches concerning dlc on the new version, at least the one i have been patched. my next one to try is the mooon jump. cover that linkus7 has a video

  12. The guardian glitch still works. This video shows how it's done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrpJ9VkURuQ

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  16. Ok ? Getting nervous, every shop in my game is out of arrows ? And has been for 6 or 7 blood moons ? Everything else has respawned but not purchasable arrows ? I love screwin' w/this game but its not as much fun when your arrow count starts getting under 50 ? Anyone ?
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  19. This procedure is way to fkn arduous. The best way is to buy them, all you need to do is hunt Farosh dragon horns. Light a fire just near the waterfall where farosh spawns every morning, and within a second you'll get an updraft to shoot for its horn. With a fire weapon just relight the fire and wait till morn.
    Do this over and over. You'll get 30 horns in about 10 min if your quick. That's 9000rupees and you can get up to 200 of each arrow around the map at that price.
    Zora Doman
    Gerudo valley
    Tarrey town
    A few places that stock them arrows.
    Keep going if you wish.

    Also – the quicker and cleaner you kill a guardian in any of those moderate test of strength shrines, the more parts they give you. Mark them all on your map with a marker, and after each blood moon they'll respawn.. go kill them all and get parts for arrows at the tech lab.

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