7 thoughts on “7 ways to reduce dry mouth”

  1. every morning I wake up time my mouth inside have spitle and it will make too bad smell. how is it avoid? why like this coming.?please give a solution ?

  2. I drink a lot of water a day. I drink 30 bottles 600ml a day, I have a dry mouth when I'm sleeping I'm always having a mouth full of water then I go back to sleep one hour later i do it all night, through the daytime I'm thirsty all the time, my doctor is not good. I done the sugar diabetes test I will have a Echo for my heart but it is my mouth is dry I did have leukaemia yes I did do treatment I was thirsty than I was doing my treatment I'm finished my treatment over 12 months ago and I'm getting sick off drink of water all the time I'm going to the toilet all the time day and night, I'm from Sydney Australia. I just need some help have they got anything to help me with tablets will work

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