8 ‘Fear Factor’ Teams Prepared To Drown For $50K | MTV Ranked

8 ‘Fear Factor’ Teams Prepared To Drown For $50K | MTV Ranked

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– [Ludacris] Start the water. (water splashing) – Oh–
(beep) – [Ludacris] The water is rising, feel it. It’s coming for you. – [Corrie] Laying in
the box with the water coming in your face, water over your neck, I started hyperventilating
because my biggest fear is to drown. – [Ty] It felt like I was in a cage, it was keeping me down, I
couldn’t lift my head up, I couldn’t breathe. – [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go. (water splashing) Starting the clock. – [Jennie] When the hose starting running, I was still freaking out. – You’re good. – [Jennie] But I kept hearing Hanna like, oh you got this Jennie,
just happy thoughts, think about the money. – You’re okay, you’re okay, yeah. – Oh that’s fast bro. (tense music) – That’s a big ass water
fountain, that’s all it is. There’s your phone, 50 Gs of the phone. – [Hanna] I felt pretty confident about it ’cause we practiced for this,
you know, so we’re good, but I really have my
phone every single day, what am I going to do without my phone? (phone vibrating) – Hanna, I think your momma’s
calling you right now though. I’ll just tell her you’re
busy don’t worry about it, I got you. Oh! – Oh. (tense music) – [Hanna] My phone was completely
submerged in the water. – Don’t worry about your phone floating in the water right now. – But I still had to like act like I was fine and brave for her, you know? You’re okay, breathe. – Breathe, breathe. – What are you going to do with the money? Make more money. – Remember at any moment if you’re ready to tap out, pull that Fear Factor flag. – Hold your last breath. – [Ludacris] Hold your breath. (tense music) They’re not giving up yet, no giving up. – She’s about to tap, she’s about to tap. (tense music) – [Ludacris] Pull it. (laughs) Alright. (audience cheering and applauding) – Hanna you pulled it, not me. – I know. (gasping) Just breathe, Jennie you’re okay. – [Shay] I feel like
really, really nervous about being shackled
down and not being able to like get out. – [Ludacris] Fill the tank. – There’s a little anxiety, I’m having a little anxiety about this. – [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go. – Put your hand in the air,
(audience shouting) go down, down, no, no, no, no. Come out of the screen. Go down, down, no don’t touch the screen. Go down, don’t touch the screen. – Left, you’re wrong, no, no, no, no, no. – Move your, push your hand–
(audience shouting) Down, down, go diagonal. – [Ludacris] That water
is rising really fast. – Up, keep going, keep going, good. – [Mike] I’m kind of freaking
out because it’s cold water freaking freezing. – Up, up, up, up, diagonal, right, up, up, diagonal, diagonal, diagonal, diagonal– – [Ludacris] One wrong
move and they’re gonna have to start all over again. – Good, good. Now like up, up, up, up, up, up. Nine, two, seven, four. Nine, two, seven, four. – [Ludacris] Alright he’s got the code. – 13! – [Ludacris] Now he’s got
to get those locks off to get to safety, it’s
getting to his head. – [Mike] I’m really good
at holding my breath, through singing and vocal training, but man, the water is rising, I don’t have that much
time, every second counts. I’m like, oh my god I have
to get this lock drill. – [Shay] Come on babe, you’ve got this. – [Ludacris] It is impressive though, he hasn’t come up for air yet. Alright he’s got it. – [Shay] Come on. – Oh he doesn’t have it. – [Shay] Nine, two, seven, four. What is happening? You have the numbers, why
isn’t it going through? My whole body was going to be under water, so I’m just hoping that my
husband’s coming to save me. – He doesn’t want to be responsible for letting his wife drown. – Come on babe, come on, come on. – Just keeps repeating the
code over and over again. – [Shay] I still have
a little bit more air like my chin is up so I can breathe but the water is rising, it’s very scary. Pull the lever, pull the lever. – [Ludacris] He’s got it. Alright he’s looking for the key now. – Open your eyes. – [Ludacris] I don’t
know why he’s swimming, he should be floating. – Open your eyes, open your eyes. – [Ludacris] Alright he’s got the key. – [Shay] Come on, come on. (tense music) – [Ludacris] And time. – Oh! – Remember this is good for
your spines, going down. Make sure you grab hold of that rope. Alright, start the water. – We’re not going to drown here, okay? – [Ludacris] Time will start
when the water hits their nose. – I’m going keep getting us
out of here, so be ready. – [Zach] It was ice cold, immediately makes me short of breath. I mean your body just kind
of freezes for a second. – Deep breaths in. Relax, breathe now, breathe deep now. As long as you can, brother. – [Ludacris] Alright,
the clock is starting. – Take a deep breath while you still can. Keep breathing. – [Ludacris] Looks like
Zach is underwater, he’s already holding his breath. Cody’s still got his mouth above water. (beep, beep) – Panicking, he’s panicking. – [Ludacris] He’s still not under yet. Water is rising fast, Zach is starting to struggle a little bit. – I can’t do this. Zach’s really freaking
out, I’m really terrified. I mean this is like Fear
Factor on a whole other level. (dramatic music) (beep) – [Guest] Good job guys. (suspenseful music) – [Tyree] We’re gonna like,
compete to the finish. It’s gonna be hard. Gonna sit in the cockpit
and hopefully not drown. Come hell or high water,
gonna do all we can to win this 50,000 dollars. [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go. It is off. – Let’s go man, let’s go, let’s go. Find it. This side, this
side, this side, this side. – The water is filling the cockpit fast. – Left to right, left to right. Done the work. – This is the one that gave you
a lot of trouble right here. – It’s the first one. – [Ed] Technique with going left to right just helped me go through each lock. – Left to right, left to right. Go, go, go, go, go. – Alright he’s got the first lock. – [Guest] He got it, he got it. – You got it man! Woo, this water filling up fast. Come on man. Got a little nervous ’cause I was like, probably a little bit heavier, so I was sinking a little faster. Come on man, come on man, work! Come on, come on. – This plane is sinking fast. – [Guest] Oh, he’s
struggling, he’s struggling. – [Tyree] Come on, I’m
going under, come on! – Alright, he’s got the third lock. And the plane is sinking fast, Tyree and Ed just have
three more locks to remove. – You got this, you got this bro. – He’s gonna get stuck. – Yeah, gonna get stuck. – Come on, the water’s going up! You got this, you got
this bro, you got this. – Oh, he’s slowing down from– – [Both Guests] He is slowing down. – [Tyree] Come on! – [Ed] Okay, okay. – [Ludacris] They need to pick up the pace if they have any chance of
beating Hannah and Hayley’s time. Come on! – [Tyree] I’m going under
man, I’m going under. – [Ed] Our strategy is to
keep as calm as possible. If you’re trying to swim too fast, you get tired really quick. – [Tyree] Last one, last one, last one! – But also, lose if you go too slow. – [Ludacris] Oh, he’s
definitely taking his time. – He is struggling. – [Tyree] Push through! Push through! (beep) – [Ludacris] Time is ticking. – [Tyree] Open, open! (thudding) – Oh, he can’t open it, he can’t open it! – [Ludacris] He’s having
difficulty opening the door. (water splashing) – [Ludacris] Tyree’s gotta grab that flag to stop the clock. (dramatic music) – [Ludacris] And time! – [Nick] We’re good. You got it. – [Ashley] This corkscrew
is the last thing before we get 50,000 dollars, so we know we have to conquer this (beep). – Otherwise I’m gonna drown. – Alright, time to time to beat is one minute, eight seconds. Three, two, one, go! – Don’t start, don’t start yet! He did not say go! – [Nick] God, you got it. Go, go, go! Pull your legs up. Lift your legs, lift your
legs, lift your legs! Knee up, knee up. – [Ludacris] They’re sinking fast now. – [Ashley] When we were
under the water more, I was literally floating. I don’t know how but I was, just started going with the
screw, and it made it easier. – [Ludacris] Wait, she is
way ahead of him right now! – [Male Guest] Oh man! – [Ludacris] Focus, focus. – [Male Guest] Hey Nick,
you about to drown. – Don’t leave him behind! – [Ludacris] Reach under water. They’re starting to struggle. – [Ashley] Come on. – [Nick] Keep going. – Keep off the track! – Come on. – When I was underwater, I was thinking I was
definitely about to drown, but I just had to go as fast as possible, hoping that I keep my head above water. You got it. – [Ludacris] Is he gonna– Oh, he tried to reach the
flag and couldn’t get it! – Grab it Nick! Grab it! – We already won, just give up. – [Ludacris] Hurry up. – Grab it, grab it, grab it, come on! Come on Nick! Come on! Can I grab it? Go, go, go! – [Ludacris] This is gonna be close. – Go baby, go! – And time! – Come on, come on, come on, let’s go. Come on, come on Cooper,
let’s do this bro. – When I was above the water, I was just trying to stay
calm and stay focused and think of a strategy
to go as fast as I can. – Let’s go baby, let’s go. – [Ludacris] Women versus the men. – Let’s go. – [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go. – Here we go. – [Ludacris] Alright Daiquan and Cooper, the time to beat is one
minute, two seconds. (water rushing in) – Oh–
(beep) – [Ludacris] He’s off! – Come on Cooper, come on,
come on, come on, come on. Come on Cooper, come on, let’s go bro! (dramatic music) – First key doesn’t work. Alright, throwing that one away, he’s going for the second one. – Come on Cooper! – [Cooper] Trying to get him out was really a big priority for me. He doesn’t small spaces and
he doesn’t like water at all. – [Ludacris] Alright
he’s got the second key, he’s going for it. How you feeling ladies? – Nervous. – Come on bro, come on bro, come on bro. – [Ludacris] Second key does not work. 30 seconds down. – Come on, 30 seconds! – [Ludacris] Throw it away,
going for the third key. Uh oh, he’s struggling a little bit. He’s gotta catch his breath,
he’s trying to come up for air. – Come on Cooper, come
on Cooper, let’s go bro! Come on Cooper! – [Ludacris] Alright he’s
coming out for the third key, this could be it, it’s the third key. Oh he got it! – Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! – [Ludacris] He’s swimming for it. – Come on, come on, come on! – [Ludacris] Time. – Holy–
(beep) – I’m definitely a little freaked out. To be scared of drowning
and then to be trapped in the water is definitely
gonna be a challenge. Oh boy. – Mind over matter. (metallic clanking) The poles were really tight
on my neck, on my chest. – I was definitely freaking out. – Yes, trust me–
– No, the– Trust me, trust me, trust me. – [Ludacris] Alright, start the water. (water splashes) – Oh–
(beep) – [Ludacris] The water is rising, feel it, it’s coming for you. – [Corrie] Laying in
the box with the water coming in your face,
the bar over your neck, I started hyperventilating
’cause my biggest fear is to drown. – It felt like I was in a
cage, it was keeping me down. I couldn’t lift my head
up, I couldn’t breathe. – [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go. That’s one pole. – That’s smart. – They’re doing different ones. – [Ludacris] That’s
two poles. Three poles! Oh, doesn’t go that way,
it goes the other way. Get him out, that water’s filling up. – Wrong way. – Wrong way. – We had the chance to
watch Ty and Corrie, and we were just picking up little things that we could do a little bit better. – Be careful, hurry up. That’s one. Two! Time! – 50,000 dollars! – [Carlos] As real as it gets. – Aw, this is the real deal, here goes. – Good luck boys. – [Female Guest] Sink or swim. – [Max] Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. (yells) – [Ludacris] How cold is it? – [Carlos] Real cold. – Did I not tell you that? (laughter) – Are you guys ready? – [Both] Yeah! – Release the sharks! – Oh–
(beep) – [Ludacris] No, I’m joking,
I’m just messing with you. Three, two, one, go. – [Male Guest] Oh jeez. – [Female Guest] Oh, the
breath, the last breath. – [Ludacris] Oh, they got a strategy. Max is at the top,
Carlos is at the bottom. Oh, Carlos already got one off. Max is having trouble
turning that top wingnut. – [Female Guest] Oh it’s stuck. – Alright Carlos, wow. Carlos is going hard in tank right now. He’s got three wingnuts so far. I can’t believe they
haven’t taken a breath yet. They must be short on air. (gasping) Max is up at the hole, alright. Max finally got his wingnut off. That makes four. (intense music) Uh oh, Max looks like
he’s hurting at the hole. Max looks like he’s breathing
in more water than air! Uh oh, Carlos needs to breathe, but Max took the closest hole. – Uh oh. – [Ludacris] Trying to keep
the water out of his face. Can they even breathe,
what the hell is going on? This can’t be good. Can they even breathe? They are struggling to breathe, they struggling to breathe though. He’s in trouble, he’s signaling for help. Pull up now! – Help! Carlos quit. (dramatic music) Yo, what happened, what happened? – There’s too much water, can’t breathe. By the time I got some
air and came back down, I noticed he still had most
of the wingnuts on there, so at that point I was
like, oh I’m a one-man team. I just, I panicked, and I had to quit because
I couldn’t breathe.

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    I gonna get buried alive or drowned 😂

    Hmu on insta @xeliciarose

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    Her phone fell and it can cost 30 min alive in the water but if its 40 mins or more, it dies

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    “How extreme/dangerous do you want this show to be?”

    Fear factor: yes!

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