A Fistful of Molars — a dental horror-ish short


TV: We now return to ‘Spy Dogs’ Mommmmm! SARAH: Really? MOM: It’s true! MOM: And if you leave them under your pillow You’ll find money in the morning. That’s what the Tooth Fairy leaves
kids who leave their baby teeth. Why does she give money for baby teeth? I don’t know. I never thought to ask. Okay it’s time for bed! Unless you don’t want the Tooth Fairy to visit… MOM: Finish up kids! MOM: Mommy doesn’t want to
be late for her presentation. And I still have to get you guys to school!
Come on. Come on. Lemonade? SARAH: Want some? Five dollars please! Fine! BOY: Choking sounds MOM: Keep losing your baby teeth
and you’re gonna be rich! [DOORBELL] Ah! Finally! Okay guys, be good while
mommy’s at the office! It’s not easy getting baby
sitting on a Saturday… Ready?! MAN: Ahhhhhghgh! MAN: Ugghahgh! Huggh… SARAH: On my 9th birthday my mom
decided it was time to put a stop to the whole money
underneath the pillow thing… SARAH: It’s okay though… I realized there was a demand
for my unique skill set. SARAH: I still feel so indebted to her for teaching me the value of a dollar. [MAN coughing and choking] SARAH: If anyone knows a
thing or two about debt… It’s probably you. Hey! You don’t need to be asleep
for the Tooth Fairy to visit… I’m already here. SARAH: Now open up… SARAH: Say “ahh”… MAN: Aghh!… AGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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