A Rant: Storytime Youtuber? *gasp*

A Rant: Storytime Youtuber? *gasp*

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Hey guys what’s up, I’m Raven Bug as you may know if you’re a returning subscriber and if you aren’t a returning subscriber,
welcome to my channel! *Snap* So, this isn’t usually the type of video I do, I usually
do kind of like…kind of like sketches and stuff but I’ve been kind of bored
today so I kind of just wanted to make a video since I want to the last few
days I noticed my friend started a YouTube channel and I started watching
all of their videos and it really made me want to make more videos so, hi. Here I am.
So I’ve been, oh, so I got a new phone. You can’t really see it
since I’m filming with it right now because I don’t have my camera with me
currently and um, well, here it is hi, so um, yeah I mean it’s pretty chill,
I’m pretty cool with it Um, it’s been a lot of fun. So I’ve been
doing my math homework and it’s really boring it’s a lot of fun and I’ve also
been writing a story called “Autumn”. You can’t really see it cuz you know filming
with this isn’t the easiest I’m so used to carrying around a camera but you know
it’ll work it’ll work it’s chill I know I look like complete trash right now I’m
literally just wearing my pajamas totally rockin the teen, lazy, teenage,
teenager, child, person, thing… I know how to talk to people. Yeah, life’s
pretty good Hopefully he doesn’t see this, but I tried
to talk to my crush the other day… didn’t go as well as I thought it was going to,
but you know what, it’s okay. Maybe I’ll try again later. But this time hopefully
I won’t chicken out halfway through be like but I don’t- I don’t want to say
something stupid and then not say anything for like half an hour, it’s fine
like I said, I know how to talk to people. So there’s this spider outside of
my window, and it’s kind of rainy today so you can’t really see it but,
that’s her web she’s a cutie and yeah you can’t really see her right now I
don’t think he could see her I can barely see
but she’s been there for a while and I still don’t have a name for her so I’ll
take requests in the comments below because in my head I’ve been calling her
Deborah and I don’t feel like that’s a good enough spider name I’m pretty sure
it’s a girl so or if you want to name it a guy go ahead I’m taking any requests
and I’ll pick the best one and I’ll let you guys know which one I picked. Oh my
god I keep getting these stupid notifications I don’t care that you made
a new video I’m trying to be a famous youtuber okay hmm
get on my level. So yeah life’s pretty great. Me and my friend started this bus
group chat and it’s been really fun cuz you know like I have friends now, that’s
good. There’s been some school drama I mean you know we’re teenagers, that’s
kind of what goes on you know drama, “this person likes this person” or “these two
people like one person and they’re trying not to fight over it but they’re
fighting over it anyway even though they agreed they wouldn’t”. So I thought I heard
the other day that my crush liked one of my friends and I don’t know if it’s
completely true but I don’t know I kind of got a little worked up over it and
then I was like you know what who cares I still like him anyway
Wow I’m a teenager so I remember one day I started filming a video here this is
my mom’s house it doesn’t look anything like over at my dad’s house don’t you
guys have seen in videos before if you haven’t go watch some of my other videos
I would link them in the description but I’ll do it if I have a chance but Tom
yeah we just rearranged it it’s kind of messy but you know it’s chill I’m loving
it don’t mind my and my really messy bed it’s fine
so I started filming a video and I never ended up finishing it because like I
don’t know I just felt like it was getting kind of stupid and I felt weird
getting in the like the car at one point and like filming in the cars people were
like walking by my driveway like that was really embarrassing yeah my favorite
part of my room is the little like desk area over here I’ve been loving this
because it’s like a little chill area you know you know it’s cute it’s fun Wow I feel like it’s really cute I put it
like my hair was really messy I just put this up in this because my other bun was
super messy and I was like you know what my friend just sent me something I would
go with it but I’m filming on my phone okay why are you running out of things
to talk about again I’m such a great youtuber Wow no wonder I haven’t been
recognized yet well there’s that in the fact that I barely ever make any videos
it’s fine this video is probably gonna go up later today it’s currently 2
o’clock right now and I’m gonna have to edit this on iMovie I know so Jenny yeah let’s go look at the rain ladies
and gents I keep sitting down and standing up again but you can’t see that it’s really hard satisfying with of my wet backyard look at those flowers though those are
cute suddenly turns into an ASMR Channel oh
so some people have been kind of making fun of my friend on the bus who’s a
grade lower than me which I don’t find that big of a deal because I mean she’s
still a person and she’s my friend shoutout to her I love you you know who
I’m talking about if you’re her watching this video right
now oh my god I’m just kind of explaining a little bit so I’m hoping
the people who said this to her won’t watch this I’ll try not to be like you
know I’m gonna take it out but like I don’t know whatever if they watch this
hi I think it was kind of rude so let’s just say a B P and C so um my friend I’m
just gonna call her buddy because that’s what I always call her so my buddy she
tried to sit in the back of the bus and since she’s in seventh grade 8th
graders have to allow her to sit in the back of the bus and I let her sit in the
back of the bus with me every day that she’s on so I said to her when she went
and went back there I thought seventh graders weren’t allowed to sit in the
back so I’m going through editing this and I forgot to mention that I wasn’t on
the bus yet and I don’t think they understood that I let her sit back there
every day even if I’m not on the bus yet and she was like oh well Raven invited
me back here so I’m allowed to sit back here she invited me and they wouldn’t
say anything and so then she looked back at me and she was like beef and she was
like hey this isn’t my fight and I was like okay so then she started to move
like back in front of the line where the 7th graders are allowed to sit and I
walked on the bus and I was like hey why are you sitting up here and she’s like
well they kind of told me to leave they were like don’t move I was like well I
invite you back there and she was like I would go back there when I’m scared
they’re gonna get but I’m scared they’re gonna yell at me and
so I was like okay I’ll just sit with you up here and like two minutes later
if they let a seventh-grader back there who is see there let’s see sit back
there and I don’t know it was kind of annoying to me I wanted to yell hey I
thought seventh graders weren’t allowed to sit in the back but I mean I didn’t
like yell it but I I said it I don’t think they heard me but it doesn’t
matter it was kind of annoying it kind of peeved me off cuz you know what I
hate when people make fun of my friends and it doesn’t help that pee she used to
be my friend and she was just too dramatic she she was just a pain in my
butt she was super dramatic and during our fight she was like why do you always
treat me like this even though I was the one who was constantly listening to all
of her stories and I barely ever got to talk about myself but it’s okay I don’t
hold grudges okay but yeah she got off the bus like she was like giving a buddy
a dirty look like the whole time that it was going on I was like okay it’s fine
and her and s another one my friends will just go that’s okay buddy and s
they were like making jokes there were like no we should just take
like pictures you feel like you know selfie you like to her cuz she kept
giving us a dirty look and I was like okay whatever fine
give us the dirty look all you want you’re not cool I’m kidding I guess
she’s cool what am I talking about no she’s not as
P was getting off the bus buddy looked outside and he looked up and was like as
she looked out and I was like I swear to God P gets on my nerves shows started
calling her P P okay I’m an immature child thanks for watching subscribe my
face got like all red it just gets me so angry don’t make fun of my friends K
that’s a PSA – anyway for my school who options us Jesus
Christ started raining a lot out there again well we got this open the top one I don’t
know what I’m doing wait is there a thing up there do I have
to like push this and this holy jesus that’s not what you do I think I just
broke my window okay I’m trying to vlog here cheese so on Fridays at school we
have this thing like after we have our first period of the day we go back to
our homes it’s called charge block this time
around it was a thing about offensive things people say people are just making
jokes about it it’s mostly about just like how some people say racist things
how people make fun of people’s genders and we had to get a paper and any time
anyone said anything offensive in any of those religion that’s another one
anyone that anyone says anything offensive to any of those categories you
put a tally mark so I couldn’t say Jesus Christ Oh yesterday and since I don’t
swear that’s what I say instead of swearing because I’m a good child who
doesn’t swear between everything like Jesus Christ like that’s what I say and
I know that’s kind of offensive to people but like that’s what I say I’m
sorry if anyone said oh my god I’d be like oh
that’s a tally mark that’s offensive to my religion
that’s a tally mark it was kind of a joke going around the school and even
one of the teachers made a joke it was like oh did you see that that’s a tally
mark I was like oh my god my teachers saying it now they forgotten around
school that fast that was kind of entertaining so my sister just got a
snapchat that’s cool this is like the only thing of social media that I know
that she has anymore and I would put her in like I’d put it in the description
below but she might get mad at me for doing
that wow I’m boring that was a burp by the way excuse me I’ll just read a
little a thing from autumn like it’s literally just like a little section of
it that wow that was disgusting excuse me
I left my coffee downstairs let’s go get my coffee do you want to say hi to
everyone on YouTube hi that’s my brother I came down and get my coffee I’m
filming a video for you being judged by my own family how dare they
I got my coffee so we’re gonna go get a coaster I can’t open the door because no
one wants to just stare at that and cry autumn is a simple 15 year old girl from
California her and her dad had to move to New York because of his job he’s a
businessman who works in advertisement I’m already running out of breath I’m
not winded thank you send me something to drop Olivia come on now kinda busy um
he got a promotion it was brought to New York to advertise for a magazine company
due to them moving autumn had to move away from all of her California friends
and make new ones this was tough as you can imagine for a
girl as young as her to make new friends considering her awkwardness am i dying
or something I literally can’t read a sentence without getting winded her
friend from Cali Mia was the one who she was going on the subway with and got
left behind would you say true friendship if I read
the beginning part of it it would have made a little more sense and so far it’s
six pages long and I’ve been working on this for like a few months now so six
pages come on oh you probably clicked off the video 20 minutes ago and I’m
boring but it’s okay it’s fine to everyone who
stayed here hi I shout out you to everyone who has stayed and watched the
whole video I support your love for me honestly like dying in here and let me
turn up my fan that was eventful I think I am dying I don’t know how to breathe
anymore so to anyone who has stayed to the end of the video thank you for
watching this video pump down below any names for my spider
and come down below any future videos you want me to make because I’m not
creative enough to come up with anything for myself to make as videos kid who
goes to my school I should say said that he wasn’t creative because he was blond
and I was like ice I consider myself creative no I’m not creative I don’t
know what I’m talking about it’s not just a blonde thing oh I just squish my
fingers that was painful speaking of which have you ever tried mini bagels
they’re literally like 1/3 of a bagel and they’re small and they’re stupid
insert picture of me eating one here yeah they’re stupid
I literally burned myself trying to get them out of the toaster I burnt myself
like three times on my thumb you can’t really see it but it hurt it hurts anyway Thunder fun thanks for watching this
video like I said comment like this video for
support I like support and subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell for not hit
it don’t hit it we don’t like violence here
lately tap that notification thing to get notifications every time I put up a
new video even though that’s barely ever it’d still be nice to know I have
supporters another thing should I need to come up with an outro like a good
outro thing like you know how people have like cool backgrounds and like
pictures and they’re like subscribe click here BAM like I need one of those
so if anyone’s willing to help me out with that help me out with that sometime
that’d be great okay thanks

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  1. So you know this is Ava and I’m A and well I guess I’m sorry but I didn’t know that she was sitting with you because she always just takes seats. If you were there before I wouldn’t of said anything. I was there before “C” that’s why I invited her I have no problem with either of you guys. I’m sorry that you feel that way but I spoke my mind and I have every right to do that. I would expect that you would do the same thing. Also I never “made fun” of her, no one did we told her the rules thats was all.

  2. ThAtS OffEnssIVe TO my ReliGion I'm An wHiTe JewIsh AmeRIcan!!

    But seriously though everyone at school was basically making fun of the whole thing. Like I'm pretty sure Ms. P was like "WHY IS THERE SO MANY TALLY MARKS! IS THIS SCHOOL THAT OFFENSSIVE TO BE IN!?!"

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