A Visit To The Dentist!

A Visit To The Dentist!

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– It is important to keep
our teeth clean and healthy. So, today I’m visiting the dentist. (playful music) Here we are. This is my dentist’s office. I wore a special shirt. Let’s go check in. Hi, I’m Caitie, I’m here
to see my dentist Cathy. – Hi, nice to see you again, Caitie. – Nice to see you. – Cathy will be with you in a few moments. If you’d like to have a
seat in the waiting room to wait for her? – Okay, great, thank you. – Okay. (playful music) – So, we can wait here until it’s our term. Sometimes in the waiting room there’s magazines and toys too. – Hi Caitie. Are you ready for your dental appointment? – Yeah, hi Cathy. This is Cathy my dentist. A dentist is a special person who looks after our teeth. – That’s right. – And Cathy has been
looking after my teeth for a long time. – Since she was a little girl actually. – Real little, yeah. – So, come on back and
we’ll do them today. – Great, thank you. – So, Caitie, come on in. You remember my special chair? – Oh yes, I remember this chair. This chair goes up and down and back and forth. – Remember that? – Oh yeah. – You used to love to do this when you were a little girl. – It’s still fun. – And back and forth. It moves in many different directions, so I can adjust it, so I can see perfectly. – Great. – So, let’s put you back. – Okay and I remember
this is a special light. – It’s a very special light because if I wanna look in your mouth, it’s a pretty small space and it’s dark and I can’t see very well. With is my special light
I can see very well. – It’s bright. – It is bright. But before we do all that, we need our safety equipment for you and me. Safety glasses for you. Safety glasses for me to protect our eyes and the next thing we need is my mask and then I put on my gloves. – So, you have the mask
and the glasses and gloves all so we don’t get germs. – [Cathy] Exactly. Okay, Caitie, so let’s clean your teeth. Are you ready? – Ready. – [Cathy] Good, so let’s get
my nice sharp bright light so I can see and here are my instruments. All right, let’s start
with your front teeth. Open wide like a lion. Oh, you’d make a very good lion. You can open very wide. And now I’m gonna start. How does that feel? – Fine. – [Cathy] Good. And the good news is
you’re looking very good. It looks to me like you’re brushing them. Are you? – Yeah, twice a day, morning and night. – [Cathy] That is wonderful, good for you. And what about floss
to clean between them? Are you using that? – I try. – [Cathy] Good girl. It’s important to try to do that every day to keep them very clean. – [Cathy] All right, so now
that we’ve cleaned your teeth now it’s time to polish them. Are you ready for that? – Okay. – [Cathy] Okay. – Make them nice and shiny. – [Cathy] Yeah and you
remember my polisher. There’s a little rubber reel on the end which is very soft and gentle. Now we’ll put a little polish on and I almost forgot Mr. Slurpy. We need him. – Mr. Slurpy? – [Cathy] Yes, because
there’s saliva in your mouth that gets in my way when I’m trying to polish, so Mr. Slurpy turns on and it’s like a straw that
suctions the saliva away. If I took a little cup, put some water in the cup, you can see how it actually works. See how it’s taking away all the water? – Yeah, it’s like an elephant trunk. – [Cathy] It is. Water gone up the slurpy. So, that’s what we’re gonna do, okay? So, you sit back, I’ll put my nice bright light so I can see what I’m doing and open and Mr. Slurpy into your mouth. And let’s polish them. I’ll start in the back corner there. How’s that? It kind of tickles. You notice that? And then we use a little bit more and around we go until we have all of the teeth polished. There. Teeth polished and now, all that gritty taste we’ll let you rinse out, so I will put my mirror up. – Oh, okay. – [Cathy] Put the chair. – That’s easy. – [Cathy] Yeah and you can have a drink and rinse out. – Okay. (playful music) – [Cathy] They look fantastic. Good for you. Okay, now we can take off all of this. My gloves. Here, let me take those from
you, you don’t need them but one more thing, you need a new toothbrush. – Oh yeah. You get a toothbrush when
you come to the dentist. – [Cathy] You do. But what color do you want? – [Caitie] Let’s see. There’s orange and green. Blue is my favorite color, can I have the blue one? – [Cathy] Then blue it is. There you go. – [Caitie] Thank you very much. – [Cathy] And you need to floss. – [Caitie] Yes, of course. – [Cathy] Let’s give you one of those too. – [Caitie] Thanks, Cathy. – [Cathy] You are very welcome. So, your dental appointment is done. So, let’s go on out to the front, we’ll finish up. – Great. – Okay, Caitie, it was so nice to see you. – It was nice to see you too. – Look forward to seeing you again. – Bye. – Bye, bye. All done. Now my teeth are clean and healthy. Hey everybody, it’s Caitie. Thanks for joining us today. I’d love it if you would subscribe to our Caitie’s Classroom channel and I’ll see you soon. – [Child] Whoa.

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