Acne Extraction Methods That Don’t Leave Acne Scars | 4-Week Acne Master Course | Part 2

Acne Extraction Methods That Don’t Leave Acne Scars | 4-Week Acne Master Course | Part 2

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You do put on the patches! You were trying to hide the secret from us! I’m sorry… Hey guys, welcome back to Wishtrend TV. It’s your sister Eunice here, and I’m so happy to see you guys On week one, We left you with a question asking how to extract acne properly and if you extract them perfectly well That’s great However, if you do it improperly it can lead to infection and that can cause you to leave acne scars as well So if you haven’t seen week one yet You gotta go back and see the video and come back to see this one. Round one. Let’s dig deeper about acne. For the proper way to extract an acne. We went back to the dermatologist that you guys all loved So we’re gonna go back to today as well. So let’s go Alright guys, so we are back with Dr. Q and we’re so excited to see you again. How are you? I’ve been good. How have you been? Very good! We missed you! We made You’re wearing the same clothes. Yes, I am! Are you ready? Yes. Okay. What’s the most important thing about acne extraction Being sterile, I guess That’s one of the most important things. Because you don’t wanna get infected with another bacteria that will cause more inflammation. Right Okay. So the big question here is can you please tell us how to extract them like properly? I don’t think there is a textbook manual for how to extract acne properly. But disinfect it with alcohol swabs. For sure Use a sterile needle to make a passageway And then use sterile q-tips or whatever and get to squeeze on the sides and then Extraction! Is it removing the comedo which is the cause for the acne? Is that a very important factor as well? Are you asking me if you have to remove the comedo when you’re extracting? Yea! Yeah, of course. That’s what’s causing the infection. Right right and inflammation. All right, do you have to make like a passageway or a route for the comedo to be removed effectively? it’s usually helpful because and acne is caused by a clogged pore. Let’s say a pore looks like this. Pore is where a hair grows out from. And there is a sebaceous gland that makes sebum, If you had produced too much sebum, and not enough of them gets removed through the hole in surface your pore is going to get clogged with sebum. And when that’s even was infected with acne bacteria, that’s what a comedo is. So that’s where the bacteria lives and It’s the center of the infection. So if you have to remove it I’m sorry, was that your question? I’m sorry, I got caught up in my answer. Do you have to make like a passageway? Oh, yeah So, yeah, I was getting it What I was trying to say is that you don’t get acne unless the pores pretty clogged up. There usually is a hole on the surface that connects the pore with the outer world. But with clogged and inflammated acne, The holes usually clogged and so yes, it’s beneficial to make a passageway How do you know if you’ve removed that? The acne causing agent? You know it, like I just know it. That big white thing that you extract, that’s the thing. I think I know what you’re talking about. Sometimes when we see it. You could literally feel it, right? Yeah, and I’m sure everyone, I’m sure everyone’s extracted the blackhead before? And you know how when you squeeze on your black head you get that white disgusting thing Yeah, you want to get that out of your pimples. That’s the same thing. The same thing is in your inflammated acne. What happens when you extract the acne without making the route? So some people just do it with a lancet or a needle but some people just squeeze it with a q-tip, right? What would happen if you do it without making the route? Might have to apply a lot more force than making a passageway. Which means a higher chance of leaving a scar. So all my answers were not clear cut, But about this I can certainly say making the passageway is beneficial. Perfect. So what tools should we use to create a hole or the passageway on the pimple? Like I know that you have like the single-use lancets or you have the like little needles they can use What do you think will be the best for our viewers at home doing this? Or what do you guys use? We use needles So after extraction, can we put on an acne patch right after? I don’t know what type of acne patch you’re talking about exactly, but Like the ones a lot in the market that everybody can get at like Olive Young The circular ones? Yes! I don’t actually know what’s in them but Yeah, it’s a good idea to put them on because After you’ve squeezed your acne your skin’s been damaged right? So it’s prone to getting hyperpigmentation. But by putting on the acne patch, it’s gonna block the UV rays, so that It’s going to lower the chance of getting hyperpigmentation Can I ask then? What do you do after you pop a pimple? Of course, you’ll probably sanitize it and then what do you do? Do you just leave like an ointment on? No, not really I just put on one of those patches. You do put it on! Sometimes.. You do put on the patches! You were trying to hide the secret from us! I’m sorry.. So the last question for you is: Can we put on makeup or can we use skincare right after the extraction itself? No you probably don’t want to. Because you have a lot of holes in your skin right after extraction So if you put on makeup You might get some of the pigments inside your skin and that might leave a tattoo That’s kind of interesting because usually I think yeah, that’s um, I didn’t know that the pigment can go in it can leave some type of… That’s exactly what a tattoo is. Wow You know how tattooists use needles That’s what they don’t they they make a hole. Yeah, then they put inks in your skin will the needle. Okay, so that’s really interesting to know. Oh, thank you so much. I feel like I’m kind of awed by the things I’ve learned today. Because I thought I pretty much knew a little bit of how to correctly or pop pimples effectively, But now, hearing your tips, I think it helps a lot of us. So, thank you so much for your time Thank you for your time, and thank you for your time. Thank you Round 2: Post acne extraction care So some of you guys might be asking, unnie, what am I supposed to do after I extract the pimple? Now I’m gonna be sharing with you post acne extraction care. So listen up! First, use an acne patch so right after the extraction itself It’s really important that you use an acne patch What that’s gonna do is suck out the exudation and that after some period of time it’s gonna turn white That is telling you to switch up to a new one And afterwards you can put on a new one and it’s gonna help your acne to be protective to prevent acne scars So the second tip is: Apply the Blue Cream for 3-5 days when it’s still red, before using the Vitamin Drop! So the second tip is to use vitamin C drop and the vitamin E mask After your acne heals a bit, It’s really good to add in these two products. Vitamin C serum is going to help to remove dead skin cells gently, It’s gonna help with the skin texture, skin tone And also the vitamin e mask helps with the regeneration as well Vitamin C and the vitamin E added together creates a really good synergy effect. So it used them together. Oh and one more thing make sure after you use the vitamin drop Wait about five to ten minutes for it to fully absorb into your skin And then use the vitamin E mask If you want detailed information, check it out right here Alright guys, so how was week two for you? Was it helpful for you guys? If you have any questions, please leave in the comments below and we will answer for you guys Thank you so much for tuning in and we will see you in the next one. Bye

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  3. Now everyone, he may be very deadpan but he is giving us good tips! Thank you Dr.Q! 🙂 now I can get rid of my acne while avoiding scars!

  4. Euni!!!!!! I love her so much!!!! Dr Q knows alot–he's got great skin, so I'd trust him. Klair's blue cream is my most fave thing for redness and acne spots–I have it stockpiled!!! haha

  5. Can I please suggest a video idea? I’d love to see you guys do a at-home-facial only using products from (I’m from, by wishtrend, dear klairs etc)💕

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