Acupressure Points for Excessive Saliva – Massage Monday #453

Acupressure Points for Excessive Saliva – Massage Monday #453

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Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. In the past, I have done a video on how to
increase saliva for a dry mouth and possibly halitosis from a dry mouth. Per viewers’ requests, this week I’m going
to show you acupressure points for excessive saliva or drooling. And by drooling I mean from the overproduction
of saliva, not from the lack of muscle tone around the mouth. he first one is located at the upper border
of hyoid bone. It is about a finger width above the Laryngeal
Prominence commonly known as Adam’s Apple. This is called Conceptual Vessel 23 or CV
23. Lightly press the point. This point helps to balance the saliva production
so it’s also good for dry mouth. The next one is on the hand. Spread your hand. Follow the valley between the index finger
and middle finger all the way to the wrist line. Press or massage to stimulate this point with
your fingertip however you like with index finger, middle finger supported by index and
ring finger, or hooked thumb. This is on an extra meridian line and referred
to as EM 33. The last one is located three fingers from
the inner wrist crease between the tendons. This is called Pericardium 6 or P 6. Press these points for one minute as you breathe
deeply. Repeat on the other side. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t
forget to subscribe.

9 thoughts on “Acupressure Points for Excessive Saliva – Massage Monday #453”

  1. Darn, could have used this a couple weeks ago! Had a bad sinus infection and it kept making me drool. Thanks for sharing, this is super helpful!

  2. Dear Yazuko, i'm a big fan of you and your videos. I Do this one inmediatly and IT works. Thanks your work inspire me a lot.

  3. Dear Yasuko have you done any videos for oral health especially tooth infection/pain/healing after extraction etc? Please guide.

  4. Thank You I feel like someone turned on a water faucet inside my entire body. I wake up in the morning skinny and by night time I look like i swallowed the ocean-I can feel the draining from the back of my throat when i lay back it gushes down my throat.

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