All Breath of the Wild Lynel Crusher Animations and How to Counter

All Breath of the Wild Lynel Crusher Animations and How to Counter

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Hey, how you doin’ today? My name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by. Today we’re going to go over all of the different animations for a Lynel crusher. When you go up against a Lynel for the first time you don’t know what they’re going to throw at you. You don’t really know what attack they’re going to do and you don’t really know how to prepare yourself… until now I’m going to break down every single animation one at a time and show you all of the different options you have to be able to counter every single one of those attacks. By the end of this video you’ll know how to take down a Lynel without a single problem and you’ll be taking these things down one after another and you’ll be able to form them for parts you’ll be able to make expensive Lynel elixir recipes And you’ll be hunting down the Lynels for their very powerful weapons. The first Lynel that we’re going to be farming today is directly South of the Shrine of rResurrection at the Ishto Sho Shrine. Just below the cliffs is Osira Plains You’ll see I marked on the map right where the lionel is so let’s go ahead and travel there right now So from the shrine you’re going to want to go ahead around to the back right hand side The line is going to be down below the cliffs in the same spot every single time. So before you even go fight the Lynel let’s go ahead and get ourselves set up. The first thing that you’re going to want to get yourself set up with is some food because you’re going to want some attack buff and also, you’re going to want to have a couple of full heals. Just in case you do take a hit It’s going to take a pretty much all of your life. So you want to have a couple of those on hand. After you have your food squared away the next thing that you’re going to want to have is put on some Barbarian Armor. You want to have all of the attack that you possibly can have because it makes such a difference when taking down a Lynel I personally like to wear links OG outfit. The only thing is they have these silly little shorts that they make him wear for his full outfit And I think they look dumb. Let me know in the comments down below if you think that it shorts do not Work for you. I personally like using these Hylian Trousers So now the weapon and armor setup so first off pick a decent shield the next thing you want to check out is your bow And arrow. If you got a multi shot definitely go with a multi shot. You can use the regular arrows, but Lynels will drop electric arrows So you feel free to use those. I think they work a little bit better. After that you want to pick a weapon that does the most damage possible Because when you’re riding on their back your weapon won’t lose any durability at all. So you can use this to beat them down. After all that We’re finally ready for battle! We got our weapons set up We got our armor set up and an attack up recipe if you think you need it so go ahead and glide down here and The lynal will show up, and you get a little bit closer to the ground So just be ready for him to turn around and kind of move a little bit and just Land right on his back. From here You’re going to be able to hit him a good four or five times before he flings you off So be ready to do a slow-motion bow and Arrow shot right to the back of his head. If you hit him right in the middle the back of the head you’ll Get those critical hit shots that you really need. As soon as you land Tap the Y button once and change your weapon to a short sword or something that you can use with a shield When he kind of runs around in a circle like this, he will usually do one pass and then just be ready to press the A button at the right time to Deflect his attack. At the very least always hold the LZ button to keep your shield out So in that way if you miss a dodge at the very least you’ll have your shield out And you’ll only take a very little bit of damage. If you know a charge is coming you can also Stasis and that will also stop him in his tracks and give you a chance to deal a little bit of damage Again if you put the club above his head you know that he’s going to be charging at you And you can stop him in his tracks. Step out of the way, and you won’t be taking that damage I do not suggest trying to jump out of the way when he does one of these charges because it almost never works I highly suggest just keeping your shield up and pressing A at the right time to deflect his attack like you see here. It’s far more likely to work, and if he’s close by just be ready for the next attack. The swinging attack It is very very easy to mess up because it comes by so quick if you see him bring his club up at an arc, You know that you really need to just start back flipping out of the way So as soon as you see it just back flip, black flip, back flip That’s the best thing you can do. Try to make some distance between you and him When in doubt back up for the win. So the next attack coming up is the club smash and really I’m just making up the names as I go along So if you’ve got a better name other than club smash go ahead and leave a comment down below But what you really want to be doing is it’s jumping out of the way to the side because you’re going to get that flurry attack almost every single time if you’re really quick You can hit him with stasis and get a couple of quick hits in that way and after that the best defense I think is doing the shield deflect Just practice it will over over again, and you’re going to have it down in no time Another option is to quickly pull out your bow get a critical hit and then Mount the Lynel after you get a couple of hits in. Once you mount him you can get five hits on his back and then he will Fling you off where you can get another couple of shots with the arrow to the back of his head you can usually get about three of them Just don’t forget that as soon as you land to tap the Y button to pull on your sword and your shield out for whatever the next attack is going to be And if you didn’t know already you can actually change weapons in the middle of a Flurry Rush So you can actually use one of your bigger stronger Weapons that you wouldn’t normally want to use against a lionel because you want to always have that shield out The last thing I want to show you is that you can also use Urbosa’s Fury To go ahead and stun the Lynel . Which is always a great defensive option The best part is that you’re going to be able to hit him a couple of times, mount on his back, hit him five more times, And then hit him in the back of the head with a couple of arrows. It’s a really great combination If the Lynel runs away and puts the weapon behind his back you know that he’s gonna be charging directly at you pretty quick so there’s a couple of different options one is to jump out of the way so you get that Flurry Rush going the next option is to do a shield deflect or you can also put them into a stasis and then just jump out of the way The next attack I’m going to call the primal yell when you see him and do this large Scream you know that he’s going to send out a blast in a big area What I want you to do is run out of the way and also pull out your bow and arrow because you have the perfect opportunity to Get a critical hit It’s not going to happen every single time But when you get that critical hit again you have that chance to do the combination. Where you hit him on the back Mount him and then get a couple more hits in and then use your bow and arrow You’re going to get so much damage this way if you can find out how to do this Combination over and over again, you’re going to be set up The last attack I’ll be showing you today is the fireball all you need to do is run off to the side But also make sure you’re getting slightly closer to him with every fireball Once you get it all the way to the side you’ll be able to pull out your bow and arrow and get that critical hit That’s what you want to be doing over and over again is try to see how many critical hits you can get every time you fight a lionel because that’s how you going to take down the lionel as quickly as possible, so Next there’s a couple of things you want to watch out for and that is do not try to jump up in the air when you see an updraft. If you try to get up in the air with an Updraft he’s going to pull out his bow and arrow, and you do not want to get in a bow and arrow fight with a Lynel Even if you get a critical hit on him, he is going to tag you. If not the first shot the second My last tip for you today is do not fight a Lynel when you are up hill, because even if you do jump up out of the way His smash attack will do an area of effect damage, and you are going to get hit so Never try to be uphill from a Lynel It’s completely opposite of Sun Su’s Art of War. It’s video game logic it, and you just you just don’t want to do it So now that I’ve shown you every single Lynel Animation, at least for a lynel holding a crusher. You should be able to Just farm Lionel’s over and over and over again I really hope that you learn something from this video, and if you did please do me a favor subscribe to the channel and drop a like. I really appreciate it and thanks for stopping by

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  1. Video starts at 2:45
    Long intro to set up armor, meals and weapons. What can I say? It was my first ever video. I appreciate all the positive feedback. I may remake this with my new mic one day

  2. So, there is actually one attack animation that you missed, and it happens rarely under certain circumstances, but it does happen. The Savage Slam Shockwave. (Made the name up) Spear lynels aren't the only ones to do do a jumping slam shockwave. They all do it. Crushers are by far the absolute worst though because when they land the shockwave is MASSIVE!! I'm talking WOOOOOOOOM!!! Typically, if they run uphill on some uneven terrain, you can trigger this. I also learned that the higher the leap up and the further the descent, the bigger the shockwave. Pretty much like how Link's shockwaves work if you fly upon an updraft. Base shockwave ranges are small(Spear) Medium(sword) Ridiculous(Crusher)

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