ALL-IN-ONE DENTAL | Dr. Daniel Hatch Takes Out His Own Tooth and Places an Implant.

ALL-IN-ONE DENTAL | Dr. Daniel Hatch Takes Out His Own Tooth and Places an Implant.

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The Implant has been Restored. To see the Final Product from Start to Finish Visit my Channel.

88 thoughts on “ALL-IN-ONE DENTAL | Dr. Daniel Hatch Takes Out His Own Tooth and Places an Implant.”

  1. Haha. This is crazy. Half way through I said to myself that was a easy- then u starting putting a implant in Wtf! Nicely done

  2. You are insane….but a great job !!   I wish I could place implants as well as you do on yourself.  Perfect positioning.  Dr. O Merritt Island, Fl

  3. That was awesome! What brand implant was that and what type of crown will you restore it with? Just being a curious dental tech..

  4. I replaced amalg fillings #28 DO, #29 O with composite, no local just topical. My friends thought I was crazy. I don't know if I have the balls to pull my own tooth out…not to mention do my own implant placement. You are definitely bad a** doc! 🙂

  5. Dan, flawless surgery. Very impressive.
    What was the rational for a 4.7 for a lateral? Could you post your restorative as well? Looking forward.

  6. Dentist Extracts Tooth, Places Implant and Restores Tooth. ALL-IN-ONE DENTAL | Dr. Daniel Hatch  You can Now watch the Full Process from Implant placement to Restoration!

  7. Which branch of the military were you in, Marines, Navy Seals, French Foreign Legion, CIA…? One tough SOB! The Chuck Norris of dentistry. 

  8. First sir are the Chuck Norris of dentistry. You wield a drill like Michaelangelo wields a brush.

    That do know that proper brushing and flossing may have avoided this and the other implant..right ?

    Ha..just kidding…awesome job.

  9. Your video has amazed me.  Chuck Norris is a VERY appropriate comparison.  I have to ask: Did you perform the root canal too?

  10. First of all, kudos to you for being able to do this. You are a really good surgeon. Existing apical infection, hx of previous surgery, anterior maxilla esthetic zone, immediate implant on yourself is pretty daunting.

    You went large with diameter, too! Do you have any tips for angulating correctly in making osteotomies? What landmarks do yo use?

    How is the implant doing?

  11. he could numb his not fkn fair. we common folk have to take pain damn evil bastards..yal foget there trained to do this duh!! not impressed!!!I would be impressed if dentist did some charity work for those less fortunate eyyy!!

  12. Excellent sir …. My hubby recently placed an.implant all by himself , he even did root canals all by himself …wud like to share experiences with u …. Kindly send us ur mail id…

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  14. my uncle who was a dentist also took his own teeth out once not all of course crazy but if he were to do a vasectomy that takes balls ha ha

  15. insane, it’s great an all but you didn’t even follow the tiniest rules aka working in an completely isolated area

  16. once i got a tooth pulled and the dentist must've sucked or something because he didn't really even do this pulling out of the tooth like youre doing he basically just like clamped the tooth with something and i heard a crack and the tooth fell apart in my mouth.. is that normal? Was maybe the tooth really decayed or something and it just fell apart when he tried to pull it? I didn't think to ask any of this at the time lol. It was the very last tooth on the bottom right side… not right in the front like yours maybe thats normal with those wisdom teeth or whatever theyre called.

  17. hi dr. are you practicing? what state? need a dentist, i know this is about 4 years old but i just came across.

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