Amalgam (Metal, Mercury) Fillings – Are they BAD OR DANGEROUS?

Amalgam (Metal, Mercury) Fillings – Are they BAD OR DANGEROUS?

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– What’s up, guys? This is Dr. O from Innovative Dental. Super excited to talk to you today about something that’s going
to pertain to almost all of you except for maybe the lucky
few who don’t have fillings. I’m gonna talk about whether
amalgam or composite is better. And, if you’re not familiar,
amalgam is metal fillings that are placed within teeth and composite would be
tooth-colored fillings that we use to restore teeth when they have tooth decay
or wear or damage to them. And, I wanna compare those two. That way you know kinda what to want and what you should
request from your dentist and what you should be
looking for as the best. First off, before I get started, I wanna say, this is purely my opinion. Hopefully I back it up with evidence that you can kind of follow and go, “I understand what you’re saying, “I agree with what you’re saying.” But if you don’t agree with me, you’re entitled to your own opinion. I hopefully can back mine up. Let’s go ahead and define
the six main criteria that we’re gonna use to compare these two and see which one is
ultimately the best for you. The first criteria is
going to be esthetics. And, it’s like, that’s
not even a battle, right? I mean, amalgam, you look
hideous, you look bad, you look ugly, you’re dark, you’re gray, you look nothing like a tooth. Sorry man, you lost. Amalgam, no chance on this one. Esthetics-wise, composite wins. It’s beautiful. With technology that we have today, we can blend it in with teeth and make it look really natural. It’s obviously, I’m gonna
assume, what you guys want. Patients, myself as a
patient, all of our patients. I don’t know if I’ve
ever had a patient go, “Yeah, hey, can you put
one of those black, gray, “I wanna see some black
and gray right here. “That’s gonna look really good. “So can you just do that for me?” I’ve never had that, doubt I ever will. So that’s another reason,
maybe, esthetic-wise why patients prefer
composite restorations. The next one is gonna be longevity, because quality and longevity
is really important. We don’t wanna just so something esthetic, and then not have it last. Traditionally, composite has not lasted as long as metal fillings. And there’s some reasons for that, I’ll hopefully get to that
here in just a few minutes, but amalgam does win this one. It does last longer by
most people’s studies and evaluation of it. So, I’m gonna say that,
in typical placement, amalgam does last longer. The next would be compatibility. So compatibility with your tooth, right? Amalgam just is placed within the tooth, and it does leak and break
down a little bit over time, that’s why teeth get
stained by amalgam fillings. The amalgam itself also
expands and contracts differently than your tooth. It’s kinda like water or ice in a road where it’ll cause a road to crack. Amalgam’s can do the
same thing to your tooth, it just takes time, and
it can be very damaging. So amalgam’s not super compatible. Composite has a very close
thermal coefficient of expansion. I like to use fancy words,
it makes me feel smart. And you know, my professor’s
gonna be so excited I used that word, thermal
coefficient of expansion. Yeah, I think I got it right. But it is the amount of difference between the expansion of
the composite restoration and the tooth, and there’s
hardly any difference. And so when you have ice cream or coffee, you’re not gonna see
the pressure or strain put on your actual tooth from the resin. Another thing is the resin is
bonded to the tooth structure, so there’s a little bit
of a connection there, chemical connection that’s helpful to keep that filling material
in and keep bacteria out. So there’s your benefit of composite. Composite, you win when
it comes to compatibility. Now we get to ease of placement, and ease of placement, we’re definitely gonna
have to give it to amalgam. You have to have a dry
environment with composite, you don’t really have to have
a perfectly dry environment to get a good result
from the metal filling. Same thing when you’re talking about the actual placement itself. So forget about the moisture aspect, but when you place a composite filling, you have to actually layer it typically, not always, and I’m gonna get to that, but you have to typically layer it. So you have to place it in
two millimeter increments, and when you do that,
composite’s like Play-Doh, wants to stick to the instrument and sometimes it will come
back and leave little voids, and I have lots of patients I’ve seen that have voids in
their composite filling. And so the technique
sensitivity, and the moisture, causes composite to lose the
ease of placement argument. That’s another on there for amalgam. Then it comes down to cost. So we get to, where does the
dollar and cents line up, right? Amalgam, as any material
that’s been around for over a hundred and sum odd years, it’s cheaper, of course. So amalgam is much cheaper
than it comes to composite. Now when it comes to the patient, the patient fee is not
dramatically different. It might be 20, 30, 40 bucks, maybe, for a restoration from amalgam versus, composite versus amalgam. I know we pay quite a bit more for a composite filling material than we do a metal filling material. And then I left one out here, I kinda left it till then end ’cause I know people are probably curious, and that is toxicity. There has been so many studies on whether or not amalgam is toxic or causes issues with the brain and memory and disease and the body, and
they have been inconclusive. And I don’t think there’s any study that really can support with evidence that amalgam is the cause of a
certain condition or disease. Therefore, the toxicity within the patient that has the filling, not certain I would give that to amalgam. Now given the opportunity, obviously, maybe avoiding the chance that amalgam is gonna be a problem. The main concern would
be for the clinician, so the dentist and the team, because as we drill out
those metal fillings, there’s lots of vapor, mercury vapor, so we have to use proper
isolation as you can see here, to make certain that as
we remove that material, we don’t have it being inhaled and getting in our eyes and in our lungs. So that is an important
thing that we do that. It’s also for the safety of the patient, but obviously the patient’s there for just a little bit of time, we’re there day in and day out, so it’s pretty important that we protect ourselves from that. And then the environment. We have a trap, so we capture
all the metal that we get, and we protect our
environment by doing that. So there’s your toxicity,
environmental discussion about mercury and the amalgam fillings. I know some of you are probably like, “Hey, what does the
dentist think about that?” There’s my opinion on it, and I think that that’s backed up by studies and evidence there for you. All right, so now we’re down to the end, and now we can have a comparison, right? Which one wins? Well, if I did my calculations right, I believe, really, it’s like three for three, right? Three of ’em and three of ’em, and that stinks because now we have a tie and we’re like, “Thanks,
you talked for five minutes, “and I don’t have any idea
what you think is the best.” Well there’s definitely no tie here. There’s some benefits that
I haven’t quite alluded to that we can overcome the disadvantages that you find in composite. So I believe hands down,
composite’s the restorations that we wanna place. It’s what our patients want. There’s ways to make it last along time by doing quality dentistry with it. So how do we overcome
these disadvantages, right? So the main disadvantage, what is the first loss for composite? And that was longevity, right? And how do we do that? Well, the longevity aspect actually comes from the ease of placement. So the ease of placement, I mentioned that moisture’s an issue and the layering aspect is an issue. So how do we get over the moisture problem to make sure that these
fillings bond correctly and stay in a long time? You have to use isolation. I can’t tell you how important that is. If a dentist is placing
composite fillings, And yes, I’m gonna get some people going, “I can’t believe you’re
talking like that.” If you get a composite filling and your dentist doesn’t
use an isolation device, whether that’s a rubber dam,
or an Isodry and Isolite like you see in these photos, I will tell you that the
quality of that filling cannot be what it should be because there’s moisture in your mouth and there’s absolutely no way that you can protect that
tooth from the moisture. And because of that,
you’re gonna get a filling that is substandard and it’s
not going to last very long. So if you know that your dentist is using tooth-colored material and not isolating your tooth, that’s a problem and you’re
not gonna have fillings last as long. And so, that’s just the truth. I wanted to help people there, and that’s what this channel
is about, is helping people. I know some dentists are gonna be like, “I can’t believe he’s telling them that, “may patients are,” You know, that’s just the truth. I wanna help people out. Avoid a dentist that doesn’t use isolation because you’re not gonna
get the best filling when it comes to a tooth-colored filling. How do you layer it in in a way that doesn’t leave any voids? Composite is kind of like a Play-Doh, so it’s hard to get into all the voids. Wouldn’t it be nice if
we could make it flow? Enter SonicFill. SonicFill is phenomenal. It’s a handpiece that
vibrates the composite at a certain frequency so that
way it fills all the voids, allowing us to get the
benefits of flowable composite with a highly filled composite. So we get our strength, we reduce the shrinkage in the corners, and now that tooth is a lot
more likely to last long term, just like the metal fillings,
but looks beautiful. I would encourage you
to go to a dentist that A, places composite fillings
with proper isolation, and B, uses a material called SonicFill. It’s a handpiece that
is used in our practice. Now dentists, there’s a lot of them
who don’t use SonicFill, you can still do quality
fillings with that, it’s just a lot harder. You’re gonna have to layer it, and I can promise you that
there’s a lot of people out there that aren’t layering it great, and so you see some voids
in the filling material and that’s why we choose to use SonicFill, because it allows us
to avoid that issue of, are we gonna get voids, is
there gonna be air pockets or areas where the
material didn’t quite fully seep into all the corners? And obviously, we wanna fill every little nook and cranny of the tooth and SonicFill does that for us. Well, man that was a long
discussion about fillings. I bet you’re like super thrilled. If you stuck around
till now, you probably, maybe you have some fillings coming up and you’re like, “I wanna
learn more about fillings.” Or maybe you got something,
that you’re going to a dentist, trying to pick a dentist out. Anyways, I know it’s mundane
to talk about filling material, but hopefully it helps you understand what’s going into your tooth, and help you make a decision
on what’s best for you. Well there you have it. The winner is composite. And if this video helped you understand how to better choose your filling material and maybe a dentist, would you mind, give it a like, smash the thumbs up button if
that’s something you’re into, consider subscribing
if you haven’t already, and you know, if you’re
looking for a dental practice that uses the best
materials and techniques and really innovates for our patients, definitely consider coming
to Innovative Dental. Our phone number is 417-889-4746. You can also do some of your
own research on our website at Otherwise, you have an awesome day. Thanks for watching and until next time, you keep smiling. (upbeat electronic music)

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    Then you scared me! Saying the dentist should use isolation, mine just did half of the job, and the second have should be done next week . But didn't use any isolation, how should I talk to her about it?? I will ask her if she's using the Sonic vibration thing!


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  18. What about the bacteriostatic action of amalgam fillings? These fillings last a long time because the bacteria are prevented from causing further erosion of the tooth by the metal in the filling. Composite fillings do not have this effect on bacteria and failure of the tooth around the composite filling requires continual composite replacement in an ever growing area of tooth erosion due to caries. I have both types of fillings and the amalgam far outlasts the composites for this reason.

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  21. The 1st criterion ain't no esthetics- it's your health. The vapor from mercury fillings can be measured- it's there, and it's damaging.

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  25. you lost me when you said amalgam and not mercury amalgam,

    as people know mercury isn't safe,

    come on guys you know your own body,

    can you remember your health took a dramatic down turn on or around when you got you first amalgam filling,

    think hard it may be 20 years ago now or god forbid a lot longer than that, but you can remember not feeling so depressed and lacking in energy, right,

    you have exhausted all avenues with traditional medicine when the ROOT cause was staring you in the face, literally,

    and the amalgam is inert ?, i don't think so, when eating doesn't it rub the surface, isn't mercury constantly venting from the filling when you eat or drink hot food,

    Dentists believe root canals are safe as well, there is mountains of evidence to show they are not, Even documentaries in fact like "Root Cause"

    the tooth is dead remove it, we don't leave dead tissue anywhere else in the body,

    Most dentists leave highly toxic mouth bacteria in tooth extractions when removing teeth,

    they don't remove the peradontal ligament or drill out the bone they leave this bacteria in your jaw to slowly dissolve your jaw, and they certainly don't use ozone to sterilise the jaw bone, 

    this effects the rest of your body as you have a raging infection that your body can't heal,

    If you are worried ask for a dentist who can do a 3d cone beam x ray so they can see what a mess was left behind, and make sure they check the wisdom teeth,

    I can never set foot inside a normal dentist who pushes toxic filling material,

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  33. Sometimes it is about cost, and what some state Dental Medi-Cal programs pay for. In CA, Medi-Cal covers amalgam most of the time. Plus, even with private insurance, amalgam is the cheapest choice. Given that so many Americans dont have proper dental care, if I was in that situation where money was an issue, I would prefer amalgam over not having anything.

  34. Well, for all those who aren't sure whether mercury is toxic. I haven't lost my mind or memory and I've had 3 mercury fillings in for the last 20 year's, and there's nothing wrong with my memory. Besides I don't know what all the fuss is about, my memory's fine.

  35. Because my local dentist did not protect me from mercury vapor while removing an old amalgam filling, mercury went into my brain. I encourage you to attend one of the meetings of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology so you won't do the same thing to one of your patients. Their protocols will also help protect your patients, your office staff and yourself from mercury exposure.

    Of course, you are there day in and day out, but I started getting mercury placed when I was a child of 12. By the time I was poisoned at the age of 51, I had a total of 11 fillings (10 after one was extracted.) They were in my mouth 24 hours a day vaporizing over my entire lifetime every time I would eat, drink hot liquids, chew gum, brush my teeth, get my teeth cleaned, get dental work done, starting at age 12 up to age 51. They were in my mouth 39 years, and I doubt you are that age yet.

  36. 2:22 amalgam leak and stain, and expands/contracts like ice cracks roads, it'll do same to your tooth over time. re compatability, composite is more similar to tooth in expansion. 8:30 avoid dentist who doesnt use isolation ex. isodry/isolight. 8:45 use dentist who uses sonicfill with composite fillings.

  37. Hey sir. Please suggest some good type of fillings that remain on toots for a longer time. What to ask to a doctor to use the best material so that my fillings do not wear off frequently. Mostly about molar tooths.

  38. Composites are too soft to resist chewing forces. So they are good to fill minor to medium damage at the
    incisors. But the best choice for the molars are ceramic inlays which are quite similar to enamel. However there are different types of ceramic, most of them are harder than the natural enamel causing the opposite tooth to abrade. So make sure you get a proper ceramic if needed.

  39. I just got an amalgam filling in my back molar and I'm horrified that it's going to give me problems 😥 I dont want my tooth to crack and I've heard about mercury poisoning. Should I get it removed and replaced?

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  41. amalgam is toxic i wonder why it is still being taught in dental schools and is widely used in dental clinics…just like chemo and radiotherapy still being taught in med schools even if they are found to be highly toxic and with very low success rate…such a sad world we live in 🙁

  42. Dentists are not Doctors.. You have no science degree, you have done zero experiments or studies on the long term effects of amalgam fillings… They are puppets for profits..$$$

    Dentists belong to a society that is separate from the medical community. All medical fields share and have readily available access their patients health records, except Dentists.

    Dentists have no access to medical records, nor do Doctors have access to dentist records..
    Dentists work outside the boundaries of the medical field.

  43. I just got a filling and I was really upset.she said it's a Mercury filling. But it's not completely silver. It's a grey line then the rest is a dirty white. Wtf is this shit. Should I just get it pulled it's my very back moler

  44. I had deep cavities and my dentist said since the cavities were so deep and close to the gums, that silver fillings were best. But a friend of mine said his dentist recommended white for the same reason?….can you clarify maybe? I wish I could come to you for my dental needs!!!!

  45. so i´d just like to say thank you for explaining the two, i believe health care is a choice and we should be educated and by you explaining the two i´m able to easily decide what i want! As a provider giving patients education and choice is so important, loved this

  46. I am 25 and having 7 cavities filled…is it normal to have that much of cavities in this age???? I am so worried …

  47. They already know roughly how much these fillings release per day- even if you have 10-12 you're still going to be at WHO and FDA safe levels of toxicity for mercury. Don't trust all the fearmongering out there, there's millions of dollars being made from scaring people out of their fillings. The removal of these fillings can be millions of times more dangerous if not done correctly (as the dentist in the vid stated). Anyone that claims they've had drastic recovery after removal needs to read up on what the placebo effect is.

    -I'm not saying mercury fillings are good for you but that there are probably other things you should be worried about.

  48. I believe I’m allergic to all my fillings and my 2 root canals. I’ve been diagnosed with so many random things and I cannot wear any jewelry except white gold. I need to get these out 🙁 the pressure swollen tonsils pain sinus issues respiratory etc on and on for months

  49. Hello! One of my wisdom teeth which could only grow half (because there is no space for it cause of a bone) gets infected a couple of times each year. Trying to clean it causes bleeding. Next to it i have a huge amalgam filling.. i am wondering if bad toxins from that filling can be easier absorbed when my wisdom tooth is wounded.

  50. Who the fuck cares if there are studies that prove toxicity. It’s mercury, the second most toxic substance on the planet. Drilling is not the only thing that releases vapor, so does drinking and chewing, something you do every day. You will inhale the Vapors and the Hg will be stored in your fatty organs and tissues (brain, liver, intestines, kidneys). Mercury fillings wrecked my life.
    2 years after safe removal and 65 rounds of chelation . I’m getting better with each round.
    This fucking guy is clueless.

  51. I had metal fillings applied when I was in the Army (Army Dental clinic on base) over 2 decades ago, and I now have 2 cracked/broken molars that were otherwise healthy (I always practiced good oral hygiene, daily). NOBODY….not the Mayo clinic or anyone else can tell me metal fillings are safe. Like you mentioned, temperature changes CAN and DOES create cracks in teeth.

  52. I had 4 amalgams removed in 2014. I went in heavy metal detox for a year after then rebuilt with raw animal foods. All I can was I did use my life into two segments. Pre amalgam and post amalgams. After removing them I experienced life in potentials I could never before had even fathomed. This is destroying the life of everything individual who has them. If you can’t use saunas, eat/juice well and follow discipline don’t take them out. You will worsen your symptoms. This stuff is dangerous. I can equate the experience if removal is as if a dark cloud clears from your mind, life brightens up.

  53. "opinions" are just anyone's view foolish or not. "Perspective" is how its viewed like knowing "mercury does not belong in the mouth" . Lead does not belong in the mouth, Flouride does not belong in the water we drink! Dental associations are poisoning us with mercury, lead and flouride. Its about time we stopped having "opinions" and start having perspectives". Most opinions are utterly foolish and not worth wasting it on other people's time.

  54. This guy is a FUCKING IDIOT…..



  55. For anyone who wants to see exactly what Amalgam/Mercury fillings do in the teeth and when they are removed/replaced, watch this video ==> Smoking Teeth

  56. Is it ok to completely take tooth extraction out ?? I wanna take my tooth out because don't have safe procedures in Pakistan

  57. My parents have them and i murcury poisening turned them into hollow shells of the wonderful ppl they used to be…..i need like a co dependant meeting or something for it. thats how insane they are now bc of it… mom was in the dental field her whole life and i only just found out they both had them done in kansas…..the year after i was born…..uhg

  58. I'm allergic to stainless steel and I have bad tooth decay on a tooth and go back to the dentist in a week what should I do

  59. Ok so you have be cautious taking extra precautions like your dealing with a hazardous material when taking out metal fillings for your safety but patients biting down on it for years and year having it expand and contracted even staining teeth as you said poses no health issues? They tell pregnant women not eat certain fish because they contain mercury but people can have it sitting in their mouths for years years with no issue? Wow so much for putting 2and 2 together. If studies show inconclusive supposedly but you have to take all these other precautions for your safety I think it’s quite clear that mercury fillings or metal fillings as you call them are for sure dangerous 🙁

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