Ancient Shield Myth Busters – Breath of the Wild

Ancient Shield Myth Busters – Breath of the Wild

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Hey, how you doing today my name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by today we’re gonna Take a look at some of the myths that are surrounding the ancient guardian shields including flying guardians can break the shield Using the shield against Ganon destroyed the shield in one shot and How many shots does it take for the ancient Guardian Shield to be destroyed? We’re gonna take a look at all this and more For those of you that don’t know the Guardian shield is Different from the ancient shield in that the Guardian shield is the one that you pick up from the test of strength shrines The Guardian shield will break to any sort of Guardian laser With one single shot the ancient shield is the one that can be created at the Akkala tech lab The first myth that we’re gonna take a look at is whether or not the flying Guardians can break the ancient Guardian shield in only one hit Based on a bunch of different tests I found that the angle of attack will decide whether or not the ancient shield is able to deflect a laser, but it will not actually break the shield A lot of this video is gonna be sped up because I don’t want to waste your time I also found that if you got to the same height as a flying Guardian You’re more likely to be able to deflect a laser right back at the flying Guardians Eye, thus doing more damage to the flying guardian It’s gonna take quite a few hits just to be able to take down the flying guardian You are able to take multiple hits from a flying guardian, or at a very steep angle this myth is busted the angle of attack will not automatically destroy an ancient shield and just as proof guardian shields cannot deflect flying guardians or regular Guardian lasers They will be destroyed in a single hit if you’re ever worried about the angle of attack From a flying guardian or a high up sentry guardian Just remember you can always get good and parry the laser right back at them For our next myth somebody believed that their ancient shield broke after taking one laser hit from calamity Ganon in the Final boss fight what I’m gonna Do is go ahead and speed up this entire fight scene to where we’re just taking laser hits what you’re gonna End up noticing is that we take a lot more than one hit once It’s all said and done we end up taking 23 laser hits from Ganon this myth is busted once again, I try using the Guardian shield to see if it’ll work, but Again the Guardian shield breaks after just one hit Our last myth has two different parts people on the note 1 how many laser shots can the ancient shield take in to? Somebody thought that their ancient shield broke after just one guardian fight Make sure to check out the poll on the top right and vote how many lasers do you think that the ancient shield can take? One thing that I love about the ancient shield is that you are able to parry multiple Guardian lasers at the same time this is something that you’re not able to do with a Hylian Shield or any other shield for that matter and Manually trying to parry lasers back. I don’t think that anybody is able to Manually shield parry 3 or 4 Guardian lasers all at the same time. Well if anyone’s gonna Do it, it would probably be Mety so Mety, challenge is on you If you didn’t know I try to reply to every single comment on all of my videos so Go ahead and leave me a comment down below and let me know would you rather: manually shoot parry Guardian lasers or do you prefer using the ancient shield to Automatically deflect Guardian lasers right back at them and give them a little taste of their own medicine I probably shouldn’t challenge you guys to leave comments cause I feel like you guys are just now gonna comment on All of my videos, and I’m gonna get just completely flooded and not be able to reply But you know what I’m gonna do my best challenge accepted I honestly thought that the ancient shield could only deflect 12 Guardian lasers, but it turns out It’s way more than that I end up having the fast travel over to central Hyrule We’re pretty much a majority of the Guardians live because the shield just does not want to break I’m sure most of you already knew this at this point But if you’re hunting Guardians make sure to pull out your stasis rune because that’s going to allow you to be able to tell which Guardians off in the distance or real Guardians versus which ones are just hunks of junk just lying there on the side of a mountain I got really lucky it when I was actually hunting these things down because midway through we got the Blood Moon This ancient shield was lasting for so long at some point I thought that I was gonna run out of guardians to attack and it’s a good thing that a Blood Moon came up because Central Hyrule has the most Guardians Centralized in one location and after that the Guardians get dispersed this myth is busted There is no way that the ancient shield would break after only one guardian Thank you guys so much for checking out the video if you learned anything Please go ahead and drop me a subscribe and leave me a comment like I said I do my best to reply to every comment Thank you so much for stopping by I hope to talk to you more soon

58 thoughts on “Ancient Shield Myth Busters – Breath of the Wild”

  1. Thank you to anybody who posted questions in the last video. There were a ton of questions about the ancient shield that I was not able to answer and I could not easily find online. I thought it would be easiest to make this video and show how strong the ancient shield really is. If you learned something please feel free to share. I appreciate all the support!

  2. I hate to be "that guy", but verification is not a proof. I have had the ancient shield break in one hit, why it happened, I dont know. But demonstrating 1 million examples that you're right is useless against one proof that you're wrong

  3. i love your channel but i like useing the ancient sheild more than parrying but i can parry more thane 30ish lasers no joke so to me it doesent really matter

  4. Guardian Skywatchers lmao.

    also once on my first playthrough I swear when I got my first ancient shield I remember using it for a bit, and it took a small amount of damage from fights, but immediately after I went to try it out on a guardian and as soon as the laser hit my ancient shield it broke. Idk why, maybe it's a glitch. but I remember getting pissed and I stopped using ancient shields for awhile because to me they couldn't even take one laser hit.

  5. I prefer to manually deflect blasts, I have a difficult time finding Giant cores and am saving up to upgrade the ancient set to max

  6. I sucked so bad at deflecting guardian beams back at them that bought three ancient shields. Idk if it was a coincidence or a confidence thing but after I started to use the ancient shield, I was magically decent at deflecting guardian beams back at them. 🤷‍♂️
    It’s definitely worth buying though.

  7. That's interesting, the first (and only) time I've used the ancient shield (haven't replaced it yet), it seemed to break in 4-5 hits. The first hit was very clean against a guardian stalker. The remaining hits were actually when I was trying to parry to death a guardian turret at point blank, but after the first parry it started doing their weird rapid fire shooting with no warm up and I tried to simply reflect the rest, but the shield broke very fast. Not sure if this is because some patch changed the durability vs lasers or if something else is off. I'll have to test it again.

  8. Are you sure? Theres 13 (give or take 1) guardians where you do your final shrine. Where you pick up the Wild armor

  9. A bit late since you posted this, but thanks so much for making this video. I love that this shield also makes it so you can fight guardians just to make more of the shield. Now to find a good Giant Ancient Core farming spot!

  10. Yeah I learned something….200 hours in the game of Breath of the Wild and I never once tried this. -_- XD I learn something new every day about this game and I've had it since launch day, have all shrines, all DLC completed, all map locations, and all korok seeds. Love it.

  11. Git gud!
    [ Edit V1] Tip:
    As shown in the video, if you’re not sure if a guardian is a guardian, use the stasis+ ability to see if it’s an enemy.

  12. The first ancient shield took so many Guardian shots like was nothing and probably broke in 20-30 lasers. (Didn't parry a single shot). The next ancient shield I got broke in 2 shots so…

  13. Here's the thing: The Ancient shield is supposed to deflect Guardian beams without the need to parry. I tried that on the guardian south of the tech lab. Worked like a charm. So I head on over to the Forgotten Temple and head in the south entrance. 4-5 Guardians come to life. I hold up the Ancient shield; I do NOT parry. BLAM! My brand new expensive shield was destroyed. Now, 2 or maybe 3 Guardians did get blown up, but several others did not and they proceeded to blast me, so I STILL haven't gotten in that temple! (I'm a coward.) So…why didn't you try that if you're really supposedly putting this "myth" to the test? Are you actively parrying in all these tests above?

  14. You are my new favorite youtuber because you reply and like posts and I don't see that much with other youtubers.

  15. me, a pro who dodges and parrys as close to perfect as possible. "LOL". oh, and I'll take up that challenge for mety 333.

  16. Depends, if i fight only one, mostly i parry it, if there are more Guardians, ( if i remember 😉😂 ) the ancient one.

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