ANNIHILATION Official Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman Adventure Movie HD

ANNIHILATION Official Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman Adventure Movie HD

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Can you describe its form? No. Was it carbon-based? I don’t know. Did it communicate with you? It reacted to me. You really have no idea what it was. Did your husband contact you
at any point while he was away? No. It was his decision to go in. Why did my husband
volunteer for a suicide mission? You have to tell me where he was,
what he was doing. I need to know what’s inside. I could save Him

100 thoughts on “ANNIHILATION Official Trailer (2018) Natalie Portman Adventure Movie HD”

  1. I just finished reading the books and it leaves a lot of things open to interpretation but it pulls off creepy and weird really well which I hope the movie does

  2. really curious how they'll handle this story in movie format to be honest…the book was…out there a bit. a bit more abstract than i think a movie is prepared to handle.

  3. Guys, this is based on the first book of a science fiction trilogy called The Southern Reach Trilogy. I'm on the second book right not. They are REALLY good. Highly recommend it. I can't wait for the movie!

  4. Interesting. It's like an alien Neural Network rebuilding reality trying to learn about it. It's assimilating the information contained in form itself and creating new ones based on that. It's like Google's Deep Dream.

  5. Looks compelling. I never read the Nebula Award-winning novel that it's based upon. Love Natalie, but I can't tolerate the movie theater scene nowadays, so I'll just wait for the Blu Ray release which most likely will come out mid-Summer or sooner. I might check out the trilogy in the meantime.

  6. Another movie about plants taking over…..probably because they're pissed off at mankind for "destroying the environment". Getting real bored of Hollywood ineptness.

  7. Is this going to be one of those times where when the characters discover a fantasy land and they see a pretty creature, instead of being amazed and happy at how pretty it is, they instead go, "weird looking animal! I'm gonna shoot it dead!"? I hope whatever Natalie's character is shooting at 1:28 wasn't the creatures with the flowers on their antlers unless they turn into vicious killer creatures.

  8. Arrival looking movie with awesome 2nd time director and great cast. I'm in (although that's what I thought about Elysium and look what that did to expectations).

  9. This looks really good and its intriguing and it look like an Oscar nomination. This movie look like a weird sci-fi with good CGI and the camera angles but for me it’s not an original movie because it’s based on a book. Because people who read it knows what happens or knows the story, also the movie can change some things which can be a good thing or a bad thing, but anyway I’m going to see it.

  10. for the love of God, its form is that of soap on a window people! how is she not getting this? i feel everyone will turn into trees at the end…

  11. The first book of the "Southern Reach" trilogy that this film is based on is great and genuinely creepy. Book two and three are a waste of time and kinda shite. I threw them both in the bin after reading them, largely out of frustration.

  12. movie:send groups of female soldiers
    reality:send whole army with tanks,helicopter,planes,flame throwers or us chemical weapon or better nuke them

  13. Was really looking forward to seeing this(at the flicks)but I read a report that, due to some disagreement between the studio & director regarding altering Natalie Portman's character, it will be a strictly limited release with most countries missing out & will be on Netflix only. I sure hope that isn't correct.

  14. Paramount does not want to promote this globally? but it looks pretty good. nevermind. Netflix bought rights for it for global release~!!!

  15. Why are they portrayed as women special forces….lol I'm fucking laughing too hard… it does look like a decent movie however

  16. Seriously they don't know how to make original movies anymore, it's like creativity left them longtime ago,… This is indeed a predator lookalike, remake nothing original here,. I see a lack of next gen gadgetery and unique ideas in games and VR games on the steamstore. Only a few games are okay but they use older locomotion methods and they use older gadgetery and ideas.
    I mean if you don't even see these next gen ideas and gadgetery I have in mind in the latest blockbuster
    movies or other movies then I believe it says enough ! As I mentioned before many many years ago, I will
    say it again today, lots of sheeps lately mimicking and surfing on old concepts and following and trying
    to guess what the new trends and concepts will be in gaming and lots of other segments of markets,…

  17. If you saw the movie and didn't understand it, then you weren't paying attention to the very last scene, both the Kane replicant and the altered Lena had the shimmer in their eyes.  They had their DNA rewritten and became advanced humans, or aliens.  Which is what the shimmer asteroid came to do, continue a species that had ben annihilated.

  18. Une grosse merde ce film pire tu peux pas faire cest vraiment de pire en pire les films de ce genre netflix film ne produit que des films de merde

  19. I wouldn’t recommend this, it offers a free headache, not because how crazy it was for me to understand but the rainbow blurry effects throughout the whole film

  20. The bear scene was fucking
    Creepy shit..
    Horror films usually suck
    About 90% of the time.
    This wasn't bad at all
    Definitely one that will stay
    With you forever..
    I'd recommend watching
    It to any horror or syfy fan.

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