Annoying Orange – Ask Orange #43: Pear-achu!

Annoying Orange – Ask Orange #43: Pear-achu!

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– Hey everyone, bad news
about today’s episode. There’s not gonna be any TNT cuz Pear made me promise
to give it all to him before making the episode. – That’s right, no TNT today, folks! If you’re looking for
explosions, look elsewhere. Today will just be standard,
boring old questions. Speaking of which, let’s get to them now! – [Voice Over] Is Pear
secretly a stick of TNT? – Ha, that’s ridiculous. I couldn’t be a stick of TNT… – Yeah, there’s no way your
stem could be a TNT fuse. – Um, yeah. – And there’s no way your Pear-shaped body could possibly be hiding TNT in it. – Well, I mean… – So naturally you’re not at all concerned that you’re standing
next to that open flame. – Um, yeah, totally. I’m not concerned because
I’m certainly not TNT. – Good to hear, cuz your
stem just caught on fire. – Huh? Ahhhhh! – Pear, calm down. Let me just blow it out. – But what if I am TNT? Orange, am I TNT? – No, but that sure is. – Ahhhhh! [Voice Over] It’s time for Ask Orange! What did the door say to
the other door on a date? – I don’t know, what? – [Voice Over] You’re a-DOOR-able! – Haha, I love door jokes so
much I can barely HANDLE it. – [Voice Over] I love Pear, Orange, Little Apple and Grandpa Lemon! – Awww! – Once again, I was not invited. – [Voice Over] Hey Orange, bowl a strike. – Okay, here we go. Wow, that hurt. Man, do I feel like a pinhead. Haha, owie. – [Voice Over] One like
gives the gang legs and arms. – Legs and arms for every like? That seems like it could be really handy. Hahaha! – Yes! This is awesome! – True, but what happens when a
second person likes the video? – Oh, yeah, I definitely
didn’t think about that. Aaaah! – [Voice Over] In every Ask Orange episode all of your jokes are super funny. – No, People think our
videos are too funny! They’re liking them too much! Aaaaah! – [Voice Over] Haha this is funny! – Okay, now this is getting out of hand! Hahahaha! – [Voice Over] Hahahahah! – Stop making jokes, dude! – Yeah, the more jokes you
make the more likes we get! – Me, stop making jokes? That would be quite a feat! Hahahah! Aaaaah! – [Voice Over] Hi. – Hi. – [Voice Over] Hey Orange, I want everyone to say “hi Kaylee.” – Ready everyone? One, two, three – Hi Kaylee! – Once again, I was not invited. Hi Kaylee. – [Voice Over] Hey Orange, pop. – Huh? Aaaah! Wow, it was just a dream. Haha, what a relief. I thought for a moment there
I was actually gonna… Pop? Aaaah! That was just a dream too? Oh, thank goodness. I definitely don’t want
to be done in by a… Pop? – It’s me son, your pop. – Dad, is that you? Wow, I’d hug you, but
I don’t have any arms. – Nya-nya instead? – Nya-nya-nya-nya – [Voice Over] Orange, look out! It’s a Pear-achu. – Sure enough! – Pika. Ow, hey! – [Voice Over] Orange,
can you inhale like Kirby? – Here we go. – Aaaaah! – Once again, I was not inhaled.

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