Annoying Orange – Breathing Fire Supercut!!!

Annoying Orange – Breathing Fire Supercut!!!

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(yelling) (intense music) (rock music) – [Apple and Hot Sauce]
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! – Uh, guys? – Oh bro, chug! – Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! – Uh, guys, do you really
think this is a good idea? (Bottle clinks) – Woo-hoo! (laughing) – Whoa, running on empty over here. – I know what you mean, I’m not feeling so hot. (laughing) (stomach growling) Uh-oh. – I’m not going to say I told you so, but, I told you you so! (screams) (fire alarm beeping) (shouting There’s so much fire! – What’s going on? (everyone screams) – There’s so much fire! – Orange, shut your mouth! (fire alarm beeping) (coughing) – Is everyone… (coughing) Is everyone okay? (Apple coughing) – Yeah, but I don’t know about Orange! – What did I tell you? What did I tell you? (yelling) (explosion blasting) Oh no, it’s happening again! All right people, battle stations! I need you to be professional. – No sweat, Boba Fett. – Whaa? What now? – I said, no sweat, Boba Fett! – Um, is that a new catch phrase? – Um, maybe. – Whatever happened to neat-o burrito? That was aces. – Totally over it! That catch phrase was not catching on. – Dude, you gotta give it a chance. – Pear! I think I’ve got something. (shouting) – Look sunny, it’s a dragon! Yay! – All right, lets get this
catastrophe up on the big screen. (growling) Dude, that’s the wrong catastrophe! – Wait for it. Wait for it. (Orange shouting) – Whoa! Whoa, that was ho-ho horrible. (yelling) – What the what? Is he in space? – It gets worse! The radar is picking up a UFO. – [Apple and Pear]
Unintentional flaming Orange. (laughing) – People of Earth. Surrender your planet now or be destroyed! (explosion) – See ya later, Darth Vader! – Come on, that was totally
a neat-o burrito moment. – Oh, forget about the catch phrase! And look at these numbers! – But, but at this rate Orange could turn time backwards! – Whoa! It’s just like Superman the movie! – Ah, dude, I loved that scene. (sound drags to a halt) (squeaky rewinding) (yelling) (explosion) – Wha, what, what just happened? – Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! – Same old, same old. Hot sauce wants to party. – In your mouth. – Ew, gross. – But, but, where’s Orange? – Beats me? I haven’t seen him since forever! – So I says, Tyrannaoaurus,
you should meet my wife. (laughing) (Orange shouting) – Hey what is that? (explosion) – Hey there fruit lovers! It’s Hot Sauce Challenge time! Little Apple and I are
going to test our medal against a variety of hot sauces! You ready little guy? – Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess. Well, I don’t normally do spicy. (laughs) – Well this first sauce
won’t be much of a problem. This here is Grandpa Lemon’s
Sleepy Time Hot Sauce. It’s a level one on the spicy scale. Put a little of that on
your chicken wings there. What do you think? (crunching) – Mm, it’s good! Not too spicy! (burping) (laughing) – Big burp for such a little guy. Yeah, this hot sauce ain’t
nothing in terms of spiciness. – Is that sweat I see on your forehead? – Me? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no. I’m fine. I’m super tough when
it comes to spiciness. Let’s kick it up a notch, and
do the next one, shall we? – Sure thing! This one was suggested
to us by Baby Carrot. It’s called, Come On Baby
Light My Fire Hot Sauce. (laughing) I like the label. – And I like the hot sauce! – Um, Grapefruit? Are you standing in a
pool of your own sweat? – Of course not! This is a mere level three spice, bro! And I told you, spice does not affect me! What do you think of this sauce? (crunching) (burping) Sorry, chicken wings make me burp. – That was kind of cool. There was a little smoke with that one. These must be getting pretty hot, not that I can tell because, again, I’m impervious to spice! – Then this next one
shouldn’t be an issue! It’s called Orange You Glad You Had
That Water Handy Hot Sauce. This is a level five spice! – Good old Orange and his puns. You want a glass of water? – Nope! I’m going to do this
one unaided, no water! – Oh, totally, me too! (nomming) (burping) (screaming) – Whoa! That was pretty spicy. (laughing) – Bro, you just went full on dragon on me! If I had eyebrows, you
would’ve singed them off. You’re telling me that
was only a little spicy? – Yep, yep, yep. Go ahead and try it. – Oh yeah, sure! I’m not scared! (crunching) Delicious! – Are you crying? – I’m not sure. I think I might actually be
bleeding from my eyeballs. – Well, we got one more sauce to try. – There’s nothing above a level five! – Apparently there is now, a level six! – Six? That’s never been done! – Until now! I give you, Ghost Pepper Apocalypse! Ya scared? – Actually I’m not sure. I might have just piddled myself, but that could also just be
a pool of sweat or blood. – Here we go! – Wait, bro. You said chicken wings always make you burp, right? – Right. – So put it on something else. Something that doesn’t
make you burp, ya know? – Ah, totally great idea! – Yeah, who would’ve known
what would have happened if I put it on chicken wings. (laughs) Yeah, I’ll just put it on this burrito. – A burrito? – Yep! (crunching) That is pretty spicy! – A lot of beans in that burrito? – Well I’m sure, it is a burrito. – Huh, okay then. Here goes nothing. Grapefruit is going to chow
down on some Ghost Pepper. (farting) (yelling) – Little apple! Aim for the skylight! Aim for the sky light! – Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, choo-choo! (laughs) – Boy, when little apple
said, let’s buy a train, I thought he was nuts! – Yeah, like totally loco. (laughs) – But now, I’m starting to see the appeal. – For sure! With this sweet set of wheels, we’re going to have the
best adventures ever! (air horn blows) – All aboard! – So, um, where do the tracks lead? – Beats me, I’m just a conductor. – Yeah, and I’m just an orange. – And I’m the caboose. – Yeah, and that’s a
creepy deserted tunnel. (record scratches to halt) – Did you just say, dessert? Yay! (suspenseful music) – Aw, what a rip off. I didn’t see any cupcakes. – Where the heck are we? It looks like, like… – The Land beyond the kitchen. – You mean the bathroom? – No way! Everybody knows that’s just a legend. – Nuh-uh, I’ve been to the
bathroom plenty of times. Ha! Still think it’s just a legend? – I know, I know, I know. Best adventure… – Ever! Now prepare yourself for sights
you’ve never seen before. – What? You mean like those guys? Hey, hey apples! You’re in the way! The rail-way! (laughs) – Welcome, off-worlders,
and thank you for visiting. – [Apples] The land beyond the kitchen. – Which is, ah, temporarily closed for repairs. Come back soon. Thanks a lot, bye-bye now. (groans) – The bathroom is closed already? Man, talk about a potty break! (laughs) (groans) – I can’t believe we
came all of the way to– – The land beyond the kitchen. – And now we have to turn around. – Yeah, and I didn’t even
get a stupid t-shirt. – I know, I know, it is kind of a bummer but there is something
you need to know about… – The land beyond the kitchen. – Yeah, you see we’ve got a little issue with our Dragon Fruit. – Yeah, well, we’ve got a
little Apple with our train. Wanna swap? (laughs) (Dragon Fruit roars loudly) – Uh-oh, was that my tummy? – Watch out! He’s getting closer. – Oh man, we’re all going to die! (screaming) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are you apples so
scared of this Dragon Fruit? – Oh, no reason. (chuckles) You know, besides the fact that he’s a fire-breathing monster that destroys pretty
much every village in… – The Land Beyond The Kitchen. – And he’s recently gone totally insane, so, you know, that’s a bonus. – You mean, loco! (laughs)
(air horn blasting) It’s still funny! (Dragon Fruit roars loudly) – Well, uh, thanks for having us! But, we should probably
get back to the kitchen. – Hey, how about a lift, yeah? – We’ve got gas money too. – Guys we can’t just
leave, that’s desertion. – Ha, that’s the problem with apples you get a lot of turn-over. (laughs) – Well okay, you call it whatever you want but we’re not going down in flames. (groans) – Fear not lovely lady apple! For we shall slay the Dragon Fruit, and restore peace and prosperity to… – The bathroom. – That’s really very sweet of you but… – Sweet? Bah, not nearly as sweet
as you, fair maiden. – Oh!
chuckles) Stop it! (people screaming in the distance) – Yay! It’s just like a trampoline. (dramatic music) (fire crackling) – Holy schnikies! – It’s Gourd-zilla! (laughs) (screams) – Put it in reverse, put it in reverse! – It’s a train not a Mitsubishi. (apples scream) (exhaling) – Say uncle. Say uncle, say uncle. – Yeesh! Talk about a hothead. (laughs) – That’s it! It’s the knife. Dragon Fruit’s not crazy, he’s in pain. (nervous laughing) – I want to go home, I want to go home! – Pear, stop! – Oh no, now you’ve done it! – Say uncle! Say–
(screams) (chuckles) – I feel much better. – Whoa! Dragon Fruit can talk? – Hmm, and who might you be? – Bee? I’m not a bee, I’m an orange. – Um, what my friend means is,
we are seekers of adventure. – Adventure! I love adventure. – Did you see the look
on that Dragon Fruit when Bob jumped on his tail? – Awesome! Bob’s all like, “Yar!” And Dragon Fruit, he’s
all like,” Oh no, rawr!” – Rawr! – Rawr! – Rourr! (roaring)
(screaming) (laughs) – It’s like they say, All’s weld’ that ends ‘weld. (laughs) – Seriously guys, this has got to be… – [Everyone] The best adventure ever! (roars) – Hello, and good morrow
my internet friends. I am Grapefruit. – And I’m (coughs) kind of sick. (laughs) – Well, today’s challenge
ain’t nothing to sneeze at. (chuckles) Today we’ve got the one chip challenge. Here’s how it works, each of us are going to eat
a Paqui Carolina Reeper chip. Understand that these
things are hot, okay? – Well the box is seriously
shaped like a coffin? – Yes. – Oh man. – Fitting, considering you’ve been coughin’ so much lately. Am I right? (laughs) – Yeah, good one! – When Orange isn’t around somebodies got to pick up the slack. (laughs) Lastly, we’re each going to have a glass of milk standing by. Milk will make the pain a little better. So, whoever caves first,
and drinks the milk loses. Got it? – Got it. Oh man, I’m scared. Uh, maybe this will clean
up my sinuses at least. – Oh yeah? Ya feeling stuffed up? – Yeah, that plus all of
the coughing and sneezing has me feeling kind of, uh, uh… (sneezes) Aw, I’m sorry. – It’s okay. (coughs) I think a little dust from your chip may have gottten in my eyes, but its really no big… (screams) – Grapefruit, are you okay? – Where’s milk? The milk! – Gah, you knocked over the milk. – No, the pain, the pain! – Grapefruit, Grapefruit,
Grapefruit, Grapefruit. Calm down! Just open up your eyes real quick. Let me see what’s up. – Okay. (flames crackling) (shouting) How’s it looking? – Um, maybe just close your eyes again. – Cool, good call, good call. (sizzling) Ahh, relief. – So, maybe we shouldn’t
go through with this. I mean, that was just a little dust. I can’t imagine how bad it’s going to hurt if we eat the entire chip. – Yeah, maybe I’ll just
start with a little nibble. – Well, I’ll get the milk ready. Okay, three, two, one. Here goes nothing! (crunching) – That’s spicy. – Yeah. – Really spicy. – Wha-ha-ha. I’ll say. – I’m glad we didn’t do the whole chip. – Same here. (screams) (splashing) (burps) (glass shattering) – Okay, there is no way I
am doing the whole chip! – Agreed, that would be crazy! – Insane. – Possibly the dumbest
thing possibly we could do. – Although.. – I don’t like the sound of that. – Well, its just, we’re going
to look like real weenies if we back out. – I guess there are a lot of
people watching this video. – I bet Passion’s watching. – You’re right. If I don’t do this one chip challenge, it kind of wrecks the years of ground work I’ve been subtly laying with her. – You’ve been laying
ground work with Passion? – Oh yeah, real subtle stuff. She’s going to fall in
love with me any day now. I’m sure of it. – I’m pretty sure she
doesn’t even like you, dude. – Nu-uh, I just told you. I’ve been subtly laying ground work. I could turn it up anytime I wanted and she’d instantly fall in love with… Would you just get the milk already? – Okay, jeez, fine! (glass clinking) – Three, two, one, go! (crunching) – How do you feel? – Good, not great. – Same here. – Say is it me, or do you seem
a little more red than usual? – A little more red? Was that a size joke? – Um, no. – Oh, well yeah, I actually feel a little more red than usual. – As do I. – Interesting. – Indeed. (screams) – Howdy, howdy, howdy, fruit lovers! A to the O here with Grapefruit! Today we’re doing another
Hot Sauce Challenge. – Last time I did a Hot
Sauce Challenge, I, uh, well, let’s just say it
could have gone better. – Yo, what you talkin’ bout? You got straight up smoked. (laughs) – That’s one way of… – Roll that footage. – Wait! – Are you crying? – I’m not sure, I think I
might actually be bleeding from my eyeballs. – Yeah, you might say the last challenge didn’t go so hot, for old Grapefruit. (laughs) – Fantastic! So, for today’s video we went out and got some super intense hot sauces, and also got some really mild hot sauces. (laughs) – Shock-nado. Born to be mild. I like these names, very pun-ny. (laughs) – I’m glad you like the names. Keep those in mind cause
they’ll be important later. Now then, here is how the challenge works. We each get served a hot wing. One hot wing will have an
intense hot sauce on it, and one will have a mild sauce. We don’t know who is
going to get the hot one. Could be you, could be me. – Like a game of Russian and chew-lette. (laughs) – Uh, anyway, if you can
guess the brand just by taste, you get to drink a glass of
milk for sweet, sweet relief. If you guess wrong you’ve
got to live with the pain. Make sense? – Nope, but I like it that way. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. – Okay, let’s get this show on the road. Thank you mysterious waitress hands. Ready Orange? – Not yet. (burps) Okay, I’m ready. (laughs) – Then one, two, three, hot wing! – Mm, this is pretty good I think I got the mild one. How ’bout you Grapefruit? (screaming) – Wow! Looks like I’ve got the nice one and you’ve got the spice one. (laughs) – I need milk. Milk! – Ah-ah-ah, you’ve got to
guess the name, remember? Dem’s the rules. – You’re right. Okay. Uh, amid fiery pain and I think I detect the essence of avocado. So, I’ll go with Fire Festival? (buzzer sounding) – It was, Blistering Hipster. – Ah, I should have known. The blisters already
forming inside my cheeks should have been a dead give away. – As for my hot sauce guess, the taste makes me think of kazoos, which makes me think of Kazakhstan, which makes me think of my friend Stan, which makes me think of
what a fan of nature I am. So my guess is, The Call of The Mild. (dinging) Woo woo! Bottoms up! – I don’t really follow your logic but, I guess if a broken
clock is right twice a day. (burps) – Round two! What say you? – Whatever gets me closer
to a chance at milk. Thank you mysterious waitress hands. – Oh wow! Did you do your nails
since we last saw you? Love them! – Enough chit-chat. My lips are magma. One, two, three, hot wing! (crunching) – Mmm, wow, okay this
one might be the hot one. Maybe. It has a little spice to it. Is yours as hot as the last time? Mmm, I can’t tell if this
is the hot one or the… (screams) – I guess that answers
that burning question. (laughs) – Milk! – What’s your guess? – Uh, I taste burning but that
could just be my own tongue. I’m going with, The Seven Deadly Sins. (buzzer sounding) – But close, Sergeant Pepper’s
Lonely Hot Sauce Brand. (growls) – I want that milk! – Now, for my guess. Hmm. – Please hurry! My throat is an oven. – So, chicken wings make me
think of rubber chickens, which makes me think of
rubber baby buggy bumpers, which makes me think the
name of my hot sauce is, Red Headed Step Mild. (bell dinging) (laughing) – How the heck did you get
so lucky twice in a row? – Hmm, I don’t know how lucky I am, but all of this milk is starting
to give me a tummy ache. – My large intestine is a furnace. I would do anything for milk right now! – Then lets get thee to round three. (laughs) Whoa, Hey! Did you get engaged since we last saw you? I thought I noticed something different. It’s gorgeous. Congratulations. – Later! We can talk about this later when my innards aren’t melting. Okay, this one has to be mild. No way I get three hot ones in a row. One, two, three, hot sauce! (crunching) – Oh, yeah, you’re right. This one definitely has more
kick than the last two I had. (screams) – Wow! Whoa, round three just got lit. (laughs) – This one is definitely the hottest yet. Man, I gotta guess this one right. I just gotta. Um, okay, what name sounds the hottest? Infinity Hot! Don’t know what it means,
but I’m going with it. (bell dinging)
– Correct! – Yes, give me that milk! Come to daddy! – Um, sorry, I guess I drank it all. (burps) – You’re sorry? My entire body is a
kiln, and you’re sorry? – Well, not as sorry as I’m gonna be. – Why’s that? – Uh, that was a whole lot of– (puking) – Mark my words. I am never doing a hot
sauce challenge again! (Orange screaming) (upbeat music)

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  11. 2:34
    You know, INSTEAD of talking about Superman doing that, you could have stopped Orange from doing it in real life!

    Then again, we'd still have dinos roaming around, so…eh, can't win 'em all.

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