100 thoughts on “Annoying Orange – CREEPY PASTA #Shocktober”

  1. Once upon a time there was a fat grapefruit so fat he was not cool and he battled toilet monster and when he won he got poo all over him .the end.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. You’re hiding the fact that passion fruits are tiny berries that are smaller than little apple. That means little apple isn’t the smallest one in the kitchen!

  3. Since you’re a fruit, you’ll eventually turn into a 🌳, so will all the other fruits in the kitchen, except for Passion who will turn into a small vine!

  4. Do the midnight game with orange,pear, little apple,grapefruit, passion fruit,marshmallow,and grampa lemon

  5. Hey Orange, you should make a video game on platforms like PC, IOS/Android, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch called “Annoying Orange RPG” based on your tv show and TV movie, it should also have your video games as mini games

  6. I want to tell the story about the orange that work on the cargo train station there was once an orange on the train station working to put cargo then suddenly every single time his manager told him not to get near the tracks but then but how can i hear i have no ears hahaha

  7. But he never listen so one time he was a working near the tracks but suddenly over her bump into him and fell on the tracks and then the manager said look out a train nearby kill him so that's why never get near the tracks but orange said

  8. Worker not her so orange side . So ridiculous so he hang out with his friends in the train station and change the entire story

  9. Btw orange when will Knife get a Best of Supercut? He's been with you guys since the beginning and who can forget No More Mr. Knife Guy

  10. mmm…

    batang pasaway
    at lahat sasabay
    hanggang mamatay
    dadalin ko hanggang mamatay.

    *if you didn't get this song, you're an 8-year old.

  11. That reminds me one of the episode from your TV show,"the high frutcose adventures of the annoying orange","Spaghetti West".

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