Anterior tooth composite buildup | dental filling |STEP BY STEP ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’Ž (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)


hello! this is me Dr. Hina Ullah and you are
watching *DentHina Vibes* so you are watching and you are thinking that how come this video
is coming after so long why it didn’t come before basically I was really busy with lots
of patients and different cases and I was not able to manage the time for editing BUT
one case that come and i have to request my brother specifically to shoot this video while
I am treating the patient and the reason is because you people have requested me for showing
a case where I am performing cosmetic dental filling and been able to show my hand movements
while doing it Now let me tell you a little about this case this patient fell in his childhood
and chipped his front tooth upper left central incisor and was not satisfied with consecutive
2 to 3 fillings one reason is that he is quite cosmetically conscious and the 2nd reason
is the he fell off again while playing cricket and chipped his filled tooth again so i have
to restored the tooth again by removing the previous filling and the secondary caries
and I will show the whole process further in this video like how you remove the old
fill how you give the bevel for lingual buildup by using minimal instruments because the hospital
where i work has limited instruments so i will show you that you should not have any
excuse of not doing proper filling because you don’t have a certain instrument so I just
used plastic instrument to complete this filling and do watch how I build the lingual side
of the tooth Now another thing is that i ave given
anesthesia only over this area because he requested for it as he gave history of sensitivity
when he went for filling by previous dentists and another thing is that the rubberdam sheet
I have applied I haven’t secured it with clamps as it was getting easily secure only by using
teflon tape and dental floss so do watch this video till the end to see the results that
what was the reaction of the patient and was he satisfied with his new smile or not so
do watch the video TILL THE END and if possible do SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL + LIKE IT and COMMENT BELOW as well … it means alot

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