@AnthonyPadilla’s Ass Skills Are Put to the Test – Sit on It

@AnthonyPadilla’s Ass Skills Are Put to the Test – Sit on It

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– That’s just my Tinder profile. My butt cheeks were the
perfect form for this object, trying to get away
from that (ass). – Where is it? – Touchdown, and then
like my big victory dance is like that. (upbeat music) – Today you’re gonna sit on a
bunch of stuff with your butt. – I’ve been preparing
for multiple weeks. – Oh really? – Yeah. – What have you been doing? – Well you know, lots of squats, which is creating
more surface area. Surface area is best
that you can feel more, you know what I mean. – So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna calibrate your butt, just to see where it is in
your perception versus reality. (upbeat music) I’m gonna put one of
these under your butt, you’re gonna lift your body up, I’ll tell you when to
sit, and you’re then, going to figure out what
on Earth you’re sitting on. – I don’t know where
you’re going around me, but I’m just gonna
let it happen. – Yeah, I’m back,
okay, go ahead and sit. Okay you’re already very good. Okay you can open your eyes, ’cause you’re just
using your butt. – Toothbrush. – Oh wow, okay go
ahead and have a look. Incredible. – Amazing, amazing. And you can brush your teeth
with it, if you would like. – Yeah still very clean. – Dual purpose. – Before we officially play, we gotta pick our pants. – Of course. – Wow. – Wow indeed. – Truly incredible. – I feel like I’m
finding myself. One step closer to my true self. – For sure, I mean football
but also like ballet. – Yeah a little like a, I’m gonna be like touchdown
and then my victory dance is like a (mumbling). (upbeat music) Celebrity. – Ooh okay. – I’m trying to figure out if
I should put said celebrity object vertically
or horizontally. And there ya go. – Okay, my time starts
as soon as I sit. – Oh there’s contact. – Okay, and it’s
slipping away from. – It’s trying to get
away from that (beeping). – Okay well it is slippery,
I’ll tell you that. – It is. – I feel like if I
sit up, it will fall. – Absolutely it will. – Yep. – And it did. – I’m not looking,
but I’m just gonna get statue of some kind. (ringing) Yes, okay yay. A league of their own. – What the (beeping). – Good, okay. All right come this way. And go ahead and sit. And you can open your eyes. – I was feeling,
with my eyes shut, when my senses, okay
so this is just like a lot of pressure on my taint. – Okay. – Feels round, baseball? – Yes. – I don’t know a single
goddamn thing about baseball, but now I know what it feels
like to have a baseball smashing my taint. (upbeat music) Your category is synthetic. Wait for it. – Okay, and okay synthetic. Definitely feels synthetic. – Doesn’t feel real. – Okay, I wanna say, it’s soft, and I’m able to move
it around very easily. It’s not making much noise. It feels like I’m just
sitting on a little pillow. – Can we narrow it down? – Yeah, give me another clue. – It’s for style. – Synthetics, scarf? – No – Synthetic. – Okay, I wil give
you another hint. I will say product. – I got nothing. (buzzing) Okay what is it? Oh wow. – I said product
because of hair product, and I realized that just
sounds like I’m talking about any product in the world. – Really broad, I
will say nature. Behind his butt, okay. – Things that exist out there. – Exactly, alright
go ahead and sit. – Can’t find anything. Oh that just went
right up the crevice, it was like my butt cheeks
were the perfect form for this object,
and now they’re one. Got it, what do you
think it, what are you– – Literally my
butt’s moving around, it’s just staying in the crack. – Okay well the noise
feels like it’s… – Nature? But it’s squeaking? Oh, rubber ducky. – Yes. (upbeat music) Can you get it out of there? – It came out eventually,
but it was definitely like trapped, the head was… This head has seen some things. (upbeat music) – Building.
– Building. Okay, I would like
it horizontal. (laughing) – It is horizontally placed. Go for it. – Oh dang, okay well
you said building, so I’m thinking keys? – No. – No? Okay so it is tough. So sometimes the
trick is to pick it up and then you drop it. – Clench it, release. – It’s too small, I can’t. – You can’t clench and release? – I cannot. – I’ll give you
another hint, toy. – Toy, building… – Yes. – Building, not keys. It’s a leggo. – Yes. – Yeah! – [Anthony] Wow. – That’s all you,
that was clues, those were very good clues. Your category is down
the stairs it goes. No, that’s not allowed? – Okay, I think I
know what it is. – Yeah, okay, really? – Yeah, is it a slinky? – No (laughs). (laughing) Down the stairs it
goes, get it right away? – What else, yeah what
else goes down the stairs? Besides someone
falling to their death? (ringing) (upbeat music) – Okay you’re in the lead. – I like the sound of that. – You are in the lead,
so you came in hot, and you’re still hot. – Thank you. – And forever will be. So now that means
you get to decide, do you want to go first or
second in the final round? – I feel like I gotta go second, because I gotta know what
I’m going up against. (upbeat music) – The category is things
found in a kitchen. (ringing) I only have one touch
allowed per item, before I must guess what it is. – Sit your buttocks. – One touch. Okay, I’m gonna go with spatula. (buzzing) – Close, egg beater. – Egg beater, okay,
well (mumbling). And okay well that
is an egg beater. (buzzing) – Or another whisk. (Laughing) (mumbling) – This is good, ’cause now
we know this whole thing could be ten whisks. – Okay this one will be
leftovers, all right and go. – And okay, Tupperware. (ringing) – Yes. Happy hour. – Happy hour? Okay that’s a good clue I think. – Sit the buttocks. – Sitting down
and martini glass? (buzzing) Damn. – You’re clue is scoop. – And, oh, okay measuring cup. – Yeah. Hot? – Oh oh. Hot? Um okay, ooh an oven mitt. (buzzing) – No. Your clue is sip. – Is sip. – Oh shoot that just rolled off. – Oh okay that’s a clue. – Sit. – Okay. Where is it? (laughing) Okay sorry one
touch, okay straw? – Yes. Dirty (beeping) counter. – Okay, and– – Sit. – Okay, there’s a lot
of give and up I go, I guess sponge? (buzzing) – No, paper towel. – Oh, that felt really nice. – This will be dough. – Oh I have two ideas
of what it could be. – Okay go for it, sit,
hope that one feels good. – Okay, and I roll ’cause
it’s a rolling pin. – Yeah, mmmhmm wow. – That was good, good clue. So it all comes down to this. – This is the moment. – I got six, all right,
which is the devil’s number. – Please Satan, help me as well. – This is things
found in the kitchen is still your category. Your clue for the first
one is happy hour. – Happy hour? The hell. – And? – Is it like a mixer,
like a martini mixer? (buzzer) – No, I’m already too
nice, it’s a pitcher. – Oh for beer. – Basting I think? – Okay. – Go ahead and take a seat. – I feel like I’m just sitting
on an empty chair, excellent. Is it a turkey baster? – I don’t think so. – How do you not
know what this is? – I don’t know what this is. Citrus. – Citrus, okay. – Okay, go ahead. – There’s a lot going on there. Okay is it one of those
things where you put like either a lime or lemon
in and you could squeeze it. (ringing) – Correct. – Yeah. – Your clue is soup. – What the hell is that? Doesn’t feel like a can opener, but I feel like it’s gotta be, I’m just gonna say can opener. (buzzing) – No, trust your butt,
it’s a, I don’t know. – What, oh come on, that could
be used for so many things. Soup is the last thing
I’d put in there. – You’re right, a hat. – That’s too small for soup. – Messy boy. – What the (beeping). That’s just my Tinder profile. I feel nothing. – Manners. – Okay, it’s either
a napkin or a bib. – Yes, it’s a napkin. (ringing) Messy boy was the perfect clue. Flip. (upbeat music) – Oh the pancake flipper thing. – Yes, I believe spatula. Your clue is if you don’t have
one of these in your kitchen, let me do it. That’s your clue. There’s a million
things in the kitchen that usually go in a
kitchen, but we’ll find out. – If you show up
to a dinner party, and they don’t have this,
you’re like, was this a prank? I’m gonna go with slurp slurp, I’m gonna go with
monster soup energy. – Is it a spoon? – Yes. (ringing) (upbeat music) So you are the official winner. (clapping) Wow. – Woo, yes. Wo oh my God. – Now you get to
take as promised, any piece of trash home. These are great for any home, this is good… – Spatula here, I do
not have a butter brush. I’m gonna take it. – Wow, yes. – When I’m making my bread
rolls and I gotta (popping) right on the top with
a little bit of butter, I do not have one
of these for that. Feels good on the face,
feels good on your food, and on your butt,
I can confirm that. Bye world. (upbeat music)

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  2. Me wondering what the next Padilla vid would be on CC:
    Me now: well I'm not surprised considering the circle jerking episode

  3. My ass is so fat I wouldn't even know there was anything underneath me for like 15 minutes and even then I would have no idea it was a toofbrush 😆😌

  4. Finally you got a good guest, every time I watch these videos I'm always sitting here thinking how hard could this really be? He crushed it!

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    Japan : 𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐃 my beer! comes up with feeling things with your butt guessing game show idea

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