Are Frozen foods Safe to eat? | #aumsum

Are Frozen foods Safe to eat? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. Are Frozen foods Safe to eat? Yeahh. That’s why I eat Ice-creams. Ohh dude. In food industry, there are two processes
used for freezing, mechanical and cryogenic. In mechanical freezing, chilled air is passed
over food items. Causing them to slowly cool down and freeze. While, in cryogenic or flash freezing, food
items are either directly sprayed. Or immersed in refrigerants like liquid nitrogen
or carbon dioxide. Thus freezing the food instantly. Frozen foods do have certain advantages. Firstly, nutritional loss is almost negligible. Secondly, while transporting and storing fresh
food items. Harmful bacteria can grow and contaminate
the food. However, this will not happen in case of frozen
foods. Because bacteria don’t usually grow in low,
freezing temperatures. However, some frozen foods may contain stabilizers
and trans-fat. It is believed that these additives can either increase the risk. Or worsen certain preexisting health conditions.

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