Are Onions Good For Diabetes?

Are Onions Good For Diabetes?

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Hello, I’m Ty Mason from,
researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I’m going to answer the question, are
onions good for diabetes. But before we get into that, make sure you
download my free diabetes management book which also includes a diabetes grocery shopping
guide (foods to eat and avoid) by clicking the link below. Onions stink, they make you cry and give you
very bad breath. BUT, a new study says that onions could very
well be a key to lowering your blood sugar. Researchers found that the extract of onion
bulb, Allium cepa, strongly lowered high blood sugar and total cholesterol levels in diabetic
rats when given with the antidiabetic drug metformin. Anthony Ojieh, lead investigator of the study,
said in a statement, “Onion has the potential for use in treating patients with diabetes.” The study found that two doses of onion extract
strongly reduced fasting blood sugar levels in diabetic rats by 50 percent. Allium cepa also reportedly lowered the total
cholesterol level in diabetic rats, with the two larger doses again having the greatest
effects. “We need to investigate the mechanism by which
onion brought about the blood glucose reduction,” Ojieh said. “We do not yet have an explanation.” Onions have a very low Glyemic index number
at 10 which makes their glycemic load extremely favorable to those with diabetes. Onions are high in vitamin C, a good source
of fiber, and with only 45 calories per serving, add abundant flavor to a wide variety of food. Onions are sodium, fat, and cholesterol free,
and provide a number of other key nutrients. So, are onions good for diabetes? Yes they are. But be sure to not to confuse raw onions with
a stack of onion rings at your favorite restaurant. We are talking about raw sliced or chopped
onions. I don’t think many of you are going to sit
down and just eat an onion like an apple, so you must be creative in how your incorporate
onions into your diet. Salads, on sandwiches, in soups, etc. Find your best fit but incorporate onions
into your diet. It has so many benefits for those of us with
diabetes. I hope this answered your question are onions
good or bad for diabetes. Don’t forget to get your diabetes management
book by clicking the link in the description box below. Let me know if you have any other diabetes
related questions. Thank you
I am Ty Mason

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