Are You BREATHING RIGHT on the Rowing Machine?!

Are You BREATHING RIGHT on the Rowing Machine?!

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10 thoughts on “Are You BREATHING RIGHT on the Rowing Machine?!”

  1. Any comments on inhalation respiratory muscle therapy? This is breathing through a device that constricts airflow to strengthen the muscles. I use "The Breather", and it helps my swimming breathing (less out-of-breath issues), but not sure if I've seen any benefit in my rowing.

  2. My area of expertise this. Not half bad sir. You know what would be really really top class.
    Further this vlog with trained respiratory physio who can show how, why etc.
    You and the rest of the gang will appreciate the knowledge.
    I would also add, aside from breathing techniques, I would highly recommend climbing ( indoors for most people).
    This activity is by far the best for strengthening intercostal muscles. Fantastic cross training too, one all the family can do. 😬

  3. Well it must be just me, but somehow I’m left wanting to see you showing your breathing pattern while rowing at a slow pace. Long exhale on the drive, inhale, exhale, inhale all on the return? Doesn’t seem possible. Ok ok, I’ll go back and watch this again. This is huge by the way. I’ve long wondered wether my 2 breathes per stroke was correct AND correctly timed.

  4. This is a general comment, and yes, this segment on breathing was most helpful. For the past 4 months, 2 days a week, I have attended class at the very excellent Roworx in Long Beach. Workouts are dynamic, but time for "teaching technique" as your videos do, is extremely limited. So, thank you very much for teaching me more about how to row! "there is no perfect" but we can strive. Here's my question, what is good? I mean, you are an incredible athlete, and our instructors are as well, age 24-39. However, at 68, and always an above average athlete, how do I know I am at the top say 10% of my age group for watts generated, and time for 250m sprint, or how many meters for 30 second sprint repeats with 30 seconds rest. If you can let us know how many watts you do, or how many meters you rowed per segment, that might help. However, can you please direct us to some way to handicap our performance? For example, at the end of class we do 2 250m sprints with 1 min rest. I can do 51 seconds each. When we do 30 second intervals, 30 second rest, I can row 125 meters on the first 7 and then 130 to 135 on the last 3. Is this good??? Excited for the next new episode, appreciate what you do for the "Dark Horse" community of rowers….

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