Ask Mojang #3: The Villager Prank

Ask Mojang #3: The Villager Prank

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“@BURNSTHEBEST: Why is Mojang called
Mojang? How many times have you seen someone mess up pronouncing Mojang?”
Oh so many! (Laughs) Mojang comes from a word in Swedish called “mojäng”, and it’s basically a word
for like a “thing”, like if you don’t know a word for something like, “Could you
reach for that mojäng over there?” [MARC] I think Google tries to translate it directly as “gadget”. [FREDRIK] Yeah gadget is good. [SIRI] That’s a very advanced word for it, but yeah, sure, we’ll go for that. [MARC] And do people mispronounce it? Constantly! [SIRI] All the time. [MARC] Internally. [SIRI] All the time. [MARC] It’s Mojang. Okay this is from Google… “Does Minecraft Steve have a beard?” In merchandise, I wanna say yes…but in the game, does he really? I think it’s like some kind of stubble. No? It’s a goatee, I want to clarify that. This is from Marina. “Is it true that the Creeper was created by an accident?” [OLEG] I think it’s true. [FREDRIK] Yeah. [JOËL] Do you know? [MARIA] Yeah, I know. Yeah, it was an accident. [JOËL] (Gasps) Was it? [MARIA] Yeah, it was like… Well we had a lot of issues like
creating models in Minecraft because we don’t have a proper system for it, so Creeper was supposed to be a pig, and it got messed up and the dimensions were
I think rotated or something like that What, is that true? It ended up being a really awkward and
creepy pig, and then they re-coloured it and it’s become the face of Minecraft!
[FREDRIK] Yeah, and we don’t call it an accident, we call it a blessing. Ah, @TYTEEN4A03, “Ocelots or wolves?” [JENNIFER] Wolves. [PAULO] Wolves. [ALEXANDER] Wolves. Okay, on three. One, two three- [SIRI] Ocelots! [MARC] Wolves? [FREDRIK] But in what context? For what?Like…. [MARC] Your instructions were simple! @ATOMICBLOM “What is the best prank that ever got played in the office?” Ooh – I can answer
this one! [ALEXANDER] Okay! So we got some walkie-talkies that we put in the big
Villager behind Nathan, on the Java team So we took the other one and just like “hrrmm” and then like the entire day we just went around and “hrrrmm” and they were like “What is that sound?” (Laughs) [ALEXANDER] That one is really good [PAULO] Yeah that’s pretty good [ALEXANDER] That’s probably the best. Jove Rogers asks on YouTube, “Confirmation on the raid horn
being a corkscrew didgeridoo…somebody told me it sounded like a conch shell” I didn’t know that it would look like this! It’s actually a corkscrew! Lung strength is not a Mojang requirement. No. Damaloma asks, “You’re a very international crew by now, so I’m assuming the office language is English I’m also assuming a lot of you spend
your social life here in Sweden speaking with other English-speaking people. Does
Mojang in any way support learning Swedish? [SIRI] Yes, we do. [Speaking Swedish] I speak a little bit of Swedish, but it’s good! [Speaking Swedish] It’s very good! Have you done the class? [Speaking Swedish] I am Swedish now!

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  1. Mojang I have been send from the furniture to tell you to make the cave update not the bee update in 2037 Minecraft will die but if you change this Minecraft will live forever but if you don’t fortnight will can back and kill Minecraft I trust you will do the right thing

    Rebbet: and maybe when Minecraft dies in 2037 the world will be owned by A.I and I maybe the last human alive but the dose not matter I need my Minecraft


  3. #askmojang

    When do you add rice in Minecraft 🍚🍙🍛🍙🍚🍙🍚🍙🍚🍙🍛🍙🍚🍙🍛🍙🍚🍙🍛🍙🍙🍛🍚🍙

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  7. #askmojang. Can you guys make a cave update? And we want new bosses, and more blocks, and mobs! For Java and Bedrock Edition

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