#AskDrBob: Iodine Allergy, Dry Mouth, Vitamin B for Women

#AskDrBob: Iodine Allergy, Dry Mouth, Vitamin B for Women

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– Hello everybody this is Dr. Bob DeMaria with another episode of #AskDrBob, from Naples, Florida and Westlake, Ohio. Why don’t you join me? Here we go, “Dr. Bob I
have an iodine allergy and most of my conditions are likely due to an iodine deficiency.” So imagine that, sensitivity to Iodine. What do you do? A: Well, we actually have a
product that we use that’s based in a in a parotid tissue
called Cytozyme-Parotid. And we have used it to
help people work through the iodine deficiency or sensitivity. But often times you can be
toxic in Bromine, Florine and Chlorine and that’s
why Iodine might bother you because the Iodine is pushing those toxic materials out of your body. Q: “Dr. Bob can you reply on the ALT or talk about the ALT and the AST tests, which are liver tests,
and does it tell you if a liver is overloaded.” A: Now the word is
physiologic and pathologic. We have seen enlarged livers on films but the tests are normal. On the other hand, you
could have no body signals and your liver enzymes,
which I just mentioned, ALT and AST can be elevated. So you really need to have a history. We use films we do the test
if your ALT and your AST are increased you have the potential to have toxic liver overload. There are other markers
but that definitely are the two most important,
or very important. Q: “Dr. Bob which is better,
B-complex or B-12 for women?” A: There are a lot of
different kinds of B vitamins. We usually encourage our
patients, our practice members, to have blood chemistries done. If your uric acid, for example, is low, we might supply or supplement with B-12. If your carbon dioxide is low,
we might use Thiamin or B1. If your liver enzymes are
low, we may in fact use B6. So there is a variety
of factors that we use to determine what a person needs because everybody is different. Q:”Dr. Bob I’ve been reading
your book about women and menopause and I
have thyroid symptoms.” You get cold and you get fatigued and you wanted to know
what foods you could take and that you have some sensitivities. A: What I would encourage you to do is first have a Thyroid Panel done. Maybe a Urine Iodine Loading Test to see if you have enough iodine. But the reality of it is
we can do a test called the FIT Test for food sensitivity. It’ll tell us about 130 foods that you might have issues with, and what we do is find out what foods you might have a sensitivity
to, let’s say eggs. Well we would encourage you
to stay away from all poultry for about 3 months letting your
body get a chance to reset. Very good question. “Dr. Bob I’ve been dealing
with dry mouth and low saliva.” and you’ve taken some
over-the-counter medications for some time and you have this dry mouth that still won’t go away. Well there’s something called
the sympathetic nervous system and if you have a lot
of stress in your life, the sympathetic nervous
system will speed your body up and your mouth and your body will be dry, including dry eyes. The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, moistens the body up. So we would need to determine
where your body’s at. We use a variety of blood chemistries, the Opti-Chem, we look at your calcium and phosphorous ratio. That would tell me if you
need some phosphorous. So there is testing that we can do but I know that your body tends
to be sympathetic dominant, your body is speeding up. Last question: “Dr. Bob I have
a 13 year old granddaughter and an 11 year old granddaughter.” And you’re having some issues because you want them to have some
blood chemistries done and they don’t want to have it
done, because of the needle. Well if you were to
contact us, there is a lab that we can send you a kit
for that we can actually, in the comfort in your own home, use a little lancet, get
some blood from that, put it on a little cardboard,
send it off the lab they’ll send us the results and we could have some conversation. Tremendous questions, I know they’ll make a difference. I’m Dr. Bob DeMaria.

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  1. Like that you address multi topics. Also change the light, makes me smile, you are a nice looking fellow but the lighting and that (please forgive me to say) cheesy grin at first is so unnecessary. Again thank you for the information, you mention a wide array of tests that I have never heard of – appreciate learning something new. Blessings.

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