#AskDrBob: Peanut Butter, Yeast Overload, Stomach Gas

#AskDrBob: Peanut Butter, Yeast Overload, Stomach Gas

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(soft music) – Hello Everybody, this is Dr. Bob DeMaria with another episode of #AskDrBob from Naples, Florida and Westlake, Ohio. Question number one. Dr. Bob, please help me. I recently was looking
at a few vegan recipes and they seem to be
against any kind of oil. What would you say? I am not exactly sure what
oil they are having you avoid. I do know that there are some oils that come from animal
sources, so more than likely, because vegans will
minimize their amount of oil from any kind of animal,
that could be a reason. I do know there are
healthy oils like flax oil, and you could use avocado,
and rice oil, and olive oil, which are all plant-based. I do know that oil is very, very important for optimal cell function. For yourself personally
you might wanna consider the Omega Test to
determine the exact layers and levels of oils in your body. You want to minimize omega-6 oils, because they can cause inflammation. That’s a very good question by the way. – How do you know if
you have yeast overload? Yeast overload. And what do you do for nail fungus? Well you know, it’s kinda
interesting, in my very first book “Dr. Bob’s Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days”, we talked about the sputum
test or the saliva test. And this can be for anybody
anywhere in the world right now. It’s a great test. When you wake up in the
morning first thing, you literally spit in a glass of water. The sputum should float. If it starts to sink, there is the potential you could have a yeast issue. Also, you could have
someone look at your blood under the microscope,
because you’ll see yeast under a microscope. And then it’s just questions. Do you have a fungus in your mouth? Do you have white in your mouth? Now, toenail fungus almost always comes from a chronic colon problem. There’s something called
a CBC with a differential. And if you’re basophils are
not zero, if they’re one or two, potentially you
could have colon issues. That was really important, by the way. You might want to listen to that again. – Dr. Bob, I have
stomach gas and I want to get it better without drugs. I use eucalyptus oil and another product from essential oil company. Any other suggestions? Well, we use a product called Hydro-Zyme, which is a digestive
enzyme, and we encourage our practice members to take it mid-meal. You have to watch your food combining. If you’re going to eat animal tissue, you don’t necessarily want
to eat a grain with it, because of the acid
and alkaline imbalance. Also, I know people can have gas issues because of a gallbladder challenge. Your gallbladder might not
be secreting enough bile. I’d encourage you to look at “Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide:
The Detoxification”, where I go to great detail. Simple rule of thumb. If you have digestive distress
immediately after eating, think lack of digestive enzymes. If it’s two or three hours later, it could be a gallbladder issue. And we talk about that also in “Dr. Bob’s Guide To Prevent Surgery”. Last question. All these questions have been very good. – What health issues are
caused by peanut butter? Well, if you would ask me that 20 years ago, I wouldn’t told you ADHD, because of the partially
hydrogenated oils. But they’ve taken partially hydrogenated oils out of peanut butter. But there is sugar in it. But I can tell you, most often
people who have a passion for peanut butter tend to
have chronic sinus problems. Very good questions. I’m Dr. Bob DeMaria.

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  1. Dr Bob, to touch on the first topic of Vegan. I’m super against a Vegan diets and I follow them closely and that whole life style, many Vegan doctors will say NO OIL of any kind, not just animal based. They believe in the craziness that oil is what causes arterial calcifications. Crazy.

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