#AskDrMONQ – Is It Dangerous To Inhale Essential Oils?

#AskDrMONQ – Is It Dangerous To Inhale Essential Oils?

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There can be very substantial dangers in
inhaling and concentrated essential oils that’s amongst the reasons why with MONQ
the MONQ diffusers are using very diluted essential oils and in fact
there’s a four to one ratio of organic vegetable glycerin to the essential oil
blend furthermore with MONQ we don’t even recommend inhaling but rather
bringing the essential oil mist into your mouth and then gently exhaling out
through your nose thus the quantity of essential oils used
with each breath is very tiny and in fact we have made certain that the total
quantity used with MONQ diffusers is substantially less than is listed in any
safety profile that is by far the most effective way of using aromatherapy

13 thoughts on “#AskDrMONQ – Is It Dangerous To Inhale Essential Oils?”

  1. I am returning my Monq exactly because of the vegetable glycerine. The most effective way to use aromatherapy is inhalation through the nose, where the olfactory bulb is. The glycerine has got to go! For now, I will stick to direct palm inhalation and inhalers.

  2. I breathed in the essential oil in my mouth to to deeply now im having a hard time breathing am I gonna be ok?

  3. I healed myself with essential oils after years of treatment with conventional medicine. And I inhaled them. So fuck this guy. He is shill.. by the way, why the fuck he is mentioning monks? Wtf is this?

  4. i used one and accidentally breathed in. i have asthma and didn’t know they had an asthma warning on their website. i’ve been having a hard time breathing for 3 days now and i’ve been using rescue inhalers nonstop

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