Astonishing Tonsil Stones Removal and Treatment

Astonishing Tonsil Stones Removal and Treatment

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  1. Tonsil stones can be real scary when you first discover them, I though I had puss oozing out of my throat til I learned what they were. Get rid of them as soon as you can cos they give you bad breath…

  2. The white substance in your tonsil area is calcification and food debri not puss, and yes halitosis is certainly a symptom of tonsil stones.

  3. Tonsil stones cause me so much trouble when I was in school, got teased something awful until I got rid of them.

  4. @melgarby Yes kids get teased because bad breath is a nasty side effect of tonsil stones, even if they clean their teeth the smell does not go away. Suffered for years myself and had no idea, eventually got rid of them though.

  5. yeah….i still have these. they give me bad breath and i'm afraid to go near people because of them. anyone know what i should do? i dont want to get surgery. if anyone has a home remedy or an effective way to get rid of them, please let me know.

  6. @Dav4809 I went to the doctor about my tonsils probably 2 years ago. He told me that I had chronic tonsilitis and tried to prescribe me long term antibiotics, like Erythromycin for 6 weeks. All that happened was I got a yeast infection in my mouth because the antibiotics killed off all the good bacteria in my stomach, and then the tonsil stones removed. May I ask what your home remedy was that your Aunt showed you? Thanks

  7. Surgery is the BEST OPTION I HAD MINE TAKEN OYT ON THE 7/5/13 n u recovered well. Plus it was worth tht thn hvn bb 24/7

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